The girl

a girl goes into 7th grade when she ends up getting lost in depression and it gets bad but it all changes by one person.


2. Noah

         It took me a while to recover then I finally snapped out of it I still couldn't believe this happened that he was sitting right behind me Jas and Liz were shocked but laughing. Then Noah began passing notes up to me he sent one  that said "I'm Noah you must be Clementine, you're really beautiful!" I was shocked that he thought someone like me was beautiful. I quickly wrote back "Thanks, I love your name its so handsome." as he smiled and laughed " Do you have Kik or Instagram?" I blushed "yeah its Clementine_love" as I turned around to give him the note our eyes locked and we just smiled at each other as I couldn't help to thank that he was the one. hours later we went to the mall after school  I told Liz and Jes everything they didn't believe me until my phone buzzed and said Noah requested to follow me on Instagram and sent me a message in kik saying "Hey babe!" then they was freaking out along with me as they kept yelling "TEXT HIM BACK, TEXT HIM BACK!!!!!"  I quickly opened his message and replied "Hey with a smiley face and heart." we kept talking off and on while I shopped and then that night we had talked all the time he was so nice and I started to truly fall for him and he fell for me too after a three weeks we started dating. Things changed with him but I didn't mind really and I don't understand why we were talking one night when he said "I want you to call me Daddy" I was shocked and felt uncomfortable doing that but went along with it then he admitted to doing drugs I was finding out things I hadn't know before. I still loved him though but he didn't anymore he broke up with me I was really hurt because I  really did love him. I told Liz and Jas they weren't happy at all I wasted two months on him. Then everything just began to get worse one of my best friend Camila hated me I never knew why but she turned Liz on me too. Over Christmas break they facetimed me pretending to be my friend and then they texted me "Haha you fell for it go suck you dirty little girl" I was really hurt that they kept saying those things to me because I never did anything I ended up crying every night I literally cried myself to sleep every night as i got text over and over saying I was worthless and how I  should kill myself I didn't know what to do.

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