The girl

a girl goes into 7th grade when she ends up getting lost in depression and it gets bad but it all changes by one person.


1. First day of school

          Today is my first day of  seventh grade I am really nervous because I won't know barely anybody there. I was told my bus came at 6:00 AM but I didn't know if it came by my house or I had to go to the bus stop. Me being me I stood outside with my mom and my dog while she took picture after picture when I seen a girl walk out and she was just standing there so I walked over and Introduced myself "Hi, I'm Clementine but you can call me Clem." she kindly stated "Nice to meet you Clem I'm Stella." I loved her name the way it sounded it was really beautiful we continued to talk as she completed my appearance. She knew I was a new student right away since I didn't know to go to the bus stop, she sat with me on the bus since I only really knew her but then I began to recognize  some people like my friend Tessa she waved me over but didn't talk to me much when I said hi. Finally we got to school I was so nervous as I turned to a random stranger and just was shocked knowing I was here. As I walked into morning meeting I was really confused I didn't know where to sit or what to say. I didn't listen much in morning meeting because I was too busy staring at this guy he was so cute and I couldn't believe it but whenever I looked away he stared at me too. I ended up making two friends already which were Jasmine and Elisabeth we had just met but already became best friends and we all had first period together jas and I were in the same advisory too. as we were walking out of morning meeting jas and I went to advisory together as I turned to her and asked "Who was that cute guy in morning meeting?" as the replied "Oh you mean the guy you were all eyes for, that's Noah." I loved his name and his face I wanted to learn more about him as soon as possible. I questioned "Is he single?" Jas stared "Clem are you really trying to get with him honestly!?" I couldn't get him out of my head I had to try. " Jas, you never know till you try he may like me too." then we had to go to first period I was happy I got to see Liz but worried who else was gonna be in there I was hoping it wasn't him. Jas and I walked into the classroom and Liz was standing in the back as she waved for us to join her we all got our seats from the teacher as she called Liz and Jas to sit I hoped to be next to them and I did we all got very excited then he walked through the door my heart stopped as the teacher said "Hello Noah glad you could join us you're just in time your seat is right behind Clementine!" my mouth dropped to the ground.

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