Head over Heels (18+)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


26. Two Thousand Seven Hundred And Ninety Six Miles Away From You.

All night I couldn't sleep. Still thinking about what Justin said that replayed back in my head. 'Spread your wings, your legs or whatever else you want to spread' I sniffled, starting to shed a few tears. Justin wasn't behind me to ask me what was wrong, to pull my body close to his. I got up sliding on one of his shirts on going downstairs. 

"Hey, you're not coming to bed," I asked. 

"No. Just gonna put the leftovers in the fridge and wash dishes," He says without making eye contact with me. I nodded and leaned on the wall crossing my arms figuring out what to say.

"Justin. I know that you don't want me to leave, but I'm letting you leave. You have a tour to attend, and I don't want to be in the way of that. You do what's best for you and your fans; I'm just so confused right now. I wanna know if we're okay."

"Yeah, we're okay Adrian. I just got a little emotional y'know." 

"Me too. It'll be okay. Okay?" I said walking up to him grabbing his hand. He nodded slowly; I pulled him into a hug kissing his cheek. 

"I think the hardest thing about this is seeing you go." 

"You don't have to be there, we can just say our goodbyes and be on our way," I said. He sighed cleaning his face from the crying, hugging me again. "It's gonna be okay Justin; we will see each other again eventually." 

"Yeah. I love you, Adrian." 

"I love you too Justin," I said with a soft smile. After a couple of weeks, I was finally packing to go to school, Justin was headed to get on the tour bus for his tour. It sucks that we couldn't see each other leave. My phone started to vibrate, I picked it up, and it was Justin face timing me. 

"Hey," I said with a bright smile on my face. 

"Hey, you're leaving?"

"Yeah in a few minutes. I just want to say thank you for everything you've done for me. You've done so much more than I have, and I love you so much for that" I said trying not to burst out into tears.

"I'll always protect you, Adrian, you mean everything to me. I'm on this tour bus right now, and I can't stop thinking about you it's driving me crazy, you drive me crazy, and I love it when you make me feel like that. Wow...you just made me reach my climax by seeing your gorgeous face. Any guy would be lucky to have you."

"Yeah, and you're every girl's dream. I hope you find her" I said cleaning my face.

"Whoever it is...she will never be you. Please don't cry because I'm trying not too; it's hard."

"I know, it's only temporary. I hope you have fun on tour, make the best of it. You're an amazing singer, and I believe that you can do this without me." 

"Maybe. See you soon."

"See you soon," I said smiling hanging up. I cleaned my face grabbing my things putting them in the car. 

"You are not leaving me without saying goodbye" Kathy, and Drew says walking up to me, I started to cry this time hugging the both of them. 

"I will miss you guys," I said giggling. 

"We will miss you too and maybe instead of me just taking you to Paris. All three of us can go" Drew says. 

"Wait a minute, are you two dating now." 

"Yeah. I mean Troy and I  totally broke it off yesterday because he left so yeah, we're dating" Kathy says. I smiled and hugged her. I'm sure she thought I would be angry that she went after my ex-boyfriend but I'm not. They're cute together, but I still can't get over Justin. 

"How are you and Justin, he's leaving today too," He asked, and I nodded. 

"Yeah, he left. We're not together anymore but, it's only temporary. So I hope you guys stay in touch" I said. 

"We will don't worry; we will miss you," Kathy says. 

"I'll miss you guys too. It's only four years it'll go by fast" I chuckled trying to stop myself from crying again. "Goodbye Kathy, Drew" I added. 

"No. This isn't goodbye, it's see you later" She says. 

"See you both later, and make sure I don't have to come back to kids, use protection," I said. We all laughed, I gave them another hug before they left. 

"You got everything," Dad says. 

"Yeah. Anything you want to say to me before I go."

"Nope. Because I'm sure, you'll be just fine. You don't have to stay in a dorm, I paid for your apartment up there, and Justin took care of your tuition so...I hope everything turns out alright. Kristie would've come by to say her goodbyes, but she's out of town today which sucks because I'll be by myself" He says, I chuckled and hugged him. "Bye Adrian, I love you."

"Love you too dad," I said getting into the car. I sighed setting up my GPS, two thousand seven hundred and ninety-six miles. I started to laugh, Justin totally looked up how many miles he would be away from me. I felt happy just thinking about him telling me how far we'll be away from each other. I took another glance at the house heading out.

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