Burning Bridges (DIRTY)

There's a new girl at school, she's not a big Justin Bieber fan but they end up making a deal together which makes them want to be closer.


33. Rehab?

I woke up staring at the ceiling, the bright light beaming in my face. Next to me I saw a table of flowers and gifts, the other side Adrian was asleep in a chair. I noticed my chest was wrapped up in gauze. She opens her eyes and gets up quickly holding my hand.

"Hey" She says with a smile sniffling.

"Hey, how are you. What's wrong"

"Nothing, just cried myself to sleep that's all"

"How long have I been here" I asked.

"Couple weeks, you're just now waking up. Jason shot you I thought you were gone for a sec. My dad came in with police officers and they got Jason but never got Tiffany"

"Ugh stupid bitch, she should've been in prison from the moment I knew that she killed Jonas"

"Yeah about that, he's not dead. Supposedly he was in witness protection because he had a price on his head. Someone was trying to kill him so he faked his death and moved out of the country"

"How come you know more than I do" I asked.

"I don't know, plus. Graduation was a week ago knowing you couldn't attend I brought you your diploma" She says taking it out of a package handing it to me. "Congratulations Justin you have officially graduated from high school. Now you can focus on the bigger picture..your career. Y'know I've been thinking about us, about all the crazy shit we've been going through the past nine months. Through the kidnapping, the marriage, getting arrested plus the back and forth hating each other it's all a catastrophe. You saved me, twice and I thank you so much for that. You've looked after me while I pushed you away. But you kept fighting for me, you fought for us. You came into that factory ready for whatever came your way, you wasn't scared at all. You are so brave and I don't think any guy would have the guts to do that. I misjudged you from the beginning. Don't you think it's dangerous to be together? I mean we did end up in a rough situation"

"Yeah, maybe it is dangerous to be together. But that doesn't mean anything. Maybe it's best to spend some time apart, I want you to be safe"

"What? No! You didn't do all of this fighting for no reason"

"Adrian think about it, all of this stuff has happened to you because of me. My temper is out of order, I've been arrested, you were kidnapped because of me, you lost a baby-- look at the resemblance. I love you Adrian, and sometimes doing the right thing doesn't always make a person happy right. You said that. It's the right thing to do, for me" I said.

"I stood by you this whole time"

"I'm sure that's the complete opposite"

"Justin..please don't say this to me. Don't push me away now, I know I deserve all of this. I'm begging you, don't let go. Gosh you make me go insane" She says getting up off the bed walking back and forth.

"What did you just say"

"You're making me go insane. You drive me crazy it's pathetic how you can do this to me"

"You drive me crazy too Adrian" I said. She stopped walking, coming back towards the bed.

"I know this is karma, getting back at me because of all the shit I've put you through I get it. But you got me and you're stuck with me. I don't care about all the bad things that's happened Justin. My own dad finally accepts you because of the way you put yourself at risk that night. You've done things for me other guys wouldn't do. It just took me this long to notice how courageous you are. I'm sorry, I love you"

"Wow, I'm so shocked" I said sarcastically.

"Stop that" She says smiling. "I'm just saying don't throw what you've been fighting for away. Knowing you're gonna be at my doorstep in the future begging me to take me back am I right"

"Maybe. I just don't want you to end up getting hurt"

"Hey, I'm still here. Standing by your side coming here everyday after school. You never left me so I'm not leaving you" She says, I held her hand kissing her fingers.

"You know you drove me to drink and do drugs, after getting turned down a million of times it drove me to do those things. The thought of me not getting you made me upset. When you love a person you do crazy shit. Just like me rescuing you from Jason and Tiffany, I got shot it was worth it"

"I don't want to put you in that situation"

"Hey, don't feel sorry for me. I had it coming dating a crazy lunatic" I said, she chuckled softly.

"I missed you. I was waiting for you to wake up"

"I'm happy I did, you're the reason I wake up in the mornings"

"Awe you're so cute when you're corny" She says, I chuckled. She hops onto the bed crisscrossing her legs staring at me.

"Why are you looking at me like that"

"Because I just realized how lucky I am. Which leads me to asking you if you wanted to go to rehab"

"Rehab? What the fuck, no I'm not going there listening to everyone's problems"

"Justin, you've been drinking a lot and smoking pot, probably doing other shit I don't know about--"

"The reason I've been smoking pot, drinking, and popping pills doesn't make me an addict" I said cutting her off. She lifts up an eyebrow. I sighed.

"I'm just saying Justin. It'll be best for you plus don't act like you don't have problems either, we all do that's life"

"Okay and everybody doesn't go to rehab for that shit. Plus what will they be helping me with? All they do is ask a bunch of fucking questions wanting to be nosey, and get paid. It's nonsense. Plus I'm a star it wouldn't be the same, I can't believe you're saying this"

"I can't believe I say a lot of shit, but I say it. I want what's best for you. You need help, maybe they can help your huge ego"

"You're crazy, I'm not doing that"

"Fine you win, I can't make you. But you need help Justin it scares me"

"You have nothing to be afraid of. I won't hurt you or put your life in jeopardy ever again, okay" I said.

"Okay. Well I brought you some food in case you were hungry, tons of people came by to see you. Even your mom, after she heard that you were in the hospital she flew out here to see you. She seems nice, I told her that I was your girlfriend and we got to know each other"

"You met my mother? My mom came here? I didn't want her to see me" I said.

"Justin come on she's not that bad, she's nice--"

"She's a bitch. That's the whole point of me not talking to her for so long, she literally drove me to depression. Music was a getaway to get the fuck away from her. You don't know her like I do, she's miserable she ruins everyone lives, including mine" I said. She takes a deep breath laying beside me.

"I wish my mom was still alive, I know what you're gonna say but look at me. I'm mom-less you have a mother--"

"Okay Adrian not everyone has the same life as you. She's not what you think, she's just putting on a show just to come back into my life. I don't wanna talk about this okay, I just wanna get some rest" I said. She nodded, sitting up on the bed.

"I'm going home so, get all the rest you need"

"Adrian can we stop fighting for just one minute. I'm really exhausted okay, we can talk when I get up" I said.

"Can't, sorry I'm working on college applications right now. So goodnight, see you later" She says, I rolled my eyes turning on the tv. She walks up to the bed leaning for a kiss.

"Stop, my teeth hasn't been brushed for two weeks" I said. She kissed me anyway pulling away.

"Goodnight Justin, call me when you get up. I love you"

"I love you too, goodnight" I said, she smiles grabbing her bag leaving. I sighed turning the tv back off going to sleep.

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