Burning Bridges (DIRTY)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


34. We Can't Fix This.

While Adrian and Kathy were talking. Patricia and I were talking upstairs discussing why she would pop up at my home when I specifically told her not to. 


"You have some nerve coming here when I specifically told you and paid you not to fucking come near her or her family but you did it anyways" I said.


"Justin come on, thanks for the money but she's family now okay. Her family is my family, take your money back I don't want it. I wanna make things right with you. You're my son and I love you. You have so much anger towards me I get that be angry, but you're still my son" 


"I don't want anything to do with you anymore. First you sent me to prison and now this, you're fucking insane" 


"Can't bygones be bygones. Cut me some slack here I'm trying my best to be a good mother to you"


"Wanna be a good mother don't show up ever again. I'm losing my patience with you" I said going downstairs to let her out. 


"I'm the one that helped you! You wasn't ready for a baby Justin. Adriana was gonna ruin your career. I told Tori--"


"You fucking what" I said quickly turning around. 


"I told Tori you weren't ready. You know we liked each other. I loved Tori, she kept you on track"


"I didn't even fucking know you talked to her! So this was all you? Costing my wife's life, killing my daughter. She was everything to me and you had to take that away. You ungrateful bitch" I said pinning her against the wall choking her. "You dumb stupid bitch! You're the one that did this to yourself not me! " I said, she started to choke trying to pull my hands away from her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, I was scared now. I removed my hands from her neck, she falls onto the floor. 


"Mom" I said calming down a little bending down shaking her shoulder, I started to cry running my fingers through my hair sitting beside her rocking back and forth. Adrian walked inside staring at Patricia and then me. 


"Help me" I said nervously. She closes the door taking a deep breath. 


"You're not going back to jail" She says walking into the kitchen. I heard her bring plastic wrapping paper laying it onto the floor, rolling her body onto it. I got up and helped her wrapping the tape around it. 


Once it got close to midnight we dug a hole in the middle of nowhere to put the body inside. She gets into the car, putting her seatbelt on. 


"What the fuck happen Justin" She asks. 


"Patricia told Tori to push you down the stairs. She's the one that caused her death.... I choked her to death" I said laying my head on the window.


"You need help Justin. Your anger has gotten worse, you killed your mom. I know what she did was fucked up but it didn't have to go that far"


"What you're scared of me now" I asked.


"No. Because I know you won't hurt me. I helped you with a crime I witnessed that. I'm not gonna say anything, I just want to forget about it and move on. You've saved me from a lot of things and I know I thanked you for it so...you have to do something for me. Go to rehab Justin. If not....I can't marry you" She says, I sighed pinching the bridge of my nose in anger. I took a deep breath lifting my head off the window. 



"Can we go" I asked.


"Look at me Justin" She says with a serious tone in her voice, I looked at her and she sighs.


"When we get back home, I need you to go straight into the bathroom. Grab a toothbrush and scrub under your nails, after that take a shower a good long one, wash and scrub your hair including your body don't leave anything out. Do you hear me" She says, I nodded slowly hearing every word she said. She kinda scared me a little. She starts the car driving us home. I really wasn't in the mood to have sex tonight, I'm sure she didn't have sex on her mind either. Once I got out I went upstairs to run the shower, stripping down into my boxers. I looked in the mirror, it was foggy from the steam coming from the shower. I wiped it off with my hand grabbing a toothbrush from the dresser of the bathroom. I grabbed some soap, wetting it rubbing it on my hands, taking the toothbrush scrubbing under my fingernails. After three minutes of scrubbing I slipped my boxers off hopping into the shower beginning to wash my hair. I had no emotion, I felt no emotion. Adrian walks into the bathroom to get my clothes off the floor. 


"Hey, its over okay" She says on the other side of the glass door. 


"I killed my own mother Adrian...I don't think I can live with that. We're horrible people, and I can't get it out of my mind what I did tonight. My anger has gotten out of control and I know you're scared of me..you have every right to be. It's just she made my childhood so horrific. She put me through hell and now she took a person that I loved the most out of my life. Adriana was every part of me and it killed something in me. I regret killing her I just..I didn't mean to" 


"I know. I know that it's not okay, it was an accident. But you need help, some serious fucking help" 


"I know. I'm sorry" I said. I couldn't sleep at all tonight thinking about what I've done rewinds over and over in my head. I didn't realize I was killing her until she took her last breath. I got up and went downstairs, I didn't find Adrian in sight. I saw a fire roaring in the backyard. I slid the door open coming out wrapping a small blanket around her shoulder as she stood in front of the fire. 


"I burned our clothes to get rid of evidence. Everything's clean" She says. I didn't reply. I kissed her head grabbing her hand to go back into bed. Adrian is laying beside me on the bed as I'm staring that the ceiling tired as hell scared to fall asleep. I looked over at her she's not even close to me, I scooted closer to her kissing the side of her head. I could tell she wasn't sleep, she quickly shut her eyes before I could even kiss her. I knew she was afraid of me. The next morning, I left the house parked in front of the rehabilitation center, afraid to even go inside. I thought about Adrian told me last night and I needed to do it. I'm not losing her again. I got out of the car going inside, sitting outside of the shrinks office playing with my fingers..nervous. She calls me into her office as she sits down and I scanned every inch of her office. Shelf, desk, everything. 


"So Justin..what brings you here today. Adrian told me that you're having problems controlling your temper" 


"Yeah..I do" I said not making eye contact. 


"Please..sit down. Let's talk about this" She says, it took me a moment to even consider to sit down and pour myself out to her. I felt bad telling her about my life. All of this is because of protection. Me getting angry and doing drugs is a side effect to me. I was hearing and seeing things that didn't exist, maybe I'm still shook from last night. 


"Why did you kill your mom Justin" She says, I slowly moved my eyes on her..she was staring at me. We just stared at each other, I know she was waiting on for me to reply back. 


"What" I asked.


"How was your relationship with your mother? That's what I asked" She says, I knew I was hearing things it didn't sound right. Maybe I do need help and maybe this isn't gonna help me. 

I know I needed to get better and taking pills to calm me down, put me to sleep, or feel crazy wasn't gonna solve anything. I came over depression not too long ago and I wasn't about to pop pills to make me feel better. 


"M-my relationship..with my mom was torture. We didn't talk much I hated her for leaving my dad for making my childhood a living hell. If only you knew the cruel things she's done to me. You would understand why I'm like this today" I said. 


"Justin I think you should relieve all of this anger. Y'know being angry can get someone hurt..killed even. Is this about protecting the girl that you love? Is this the reason you're acting like this"


"I started acting like this when I lost my daughter. My first daughter Adriana...she got pushed down the stairs which caused her to have a miscarriage. I had to keep her away from bad people okay. And I blame myself for that every fucking day, her ex boyfriend..he abused her...he raped her I wanted to kill him but I didn't. She got an abortion with his baby because she didn't want to have a baby by him. It's all crazy...but I love her. And I will do just about anything long as she's on this earth" I said. Patricia taught me a lot about protection when I was a kid...the thing is she never protected me. I would go insane if anything else happened to Adrian. I love her and I didn't want to lose her by not giving rehab a try. I did think Patricia deserved a funeral but then there would be a lot of questions on how she passed away. I did feel guilty about doing that it's just no one and I mean no fucking one..comes between my kid or Adrian.

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