Burning Bridges (DIRTY)

There's a new girl at school, she's not a big Justin Bieber fan but they end up making a deal together which makes them want to be closer.


21. Night To Remember

He gripped onto my waist while I slowly started to bounce on him. I pulled my rock hard nipples grinding on his dick. He stopped me starting to thrust, I moaned watching him fuck me. Dripping my spit from my mouth to my pussy rubbing my clit.

"Pound that fucking pussy" I moaned biting my bottom lip catching an orgasm while he rubbed my clit with his free hand. I screamed digging my nails into his arm.

"Shit you're gonna make me cum again!" I screamed moving uncontrollably making him stop. We both caught our breaths, I got off sucking his dick swirling my tongue around the tip stroking it with my hand.

"You like that" I asked slipping the tip in my mouth teasing him. He nodded, closing his eyes. I swallowed his cum sucking on his balls stroking his dick. He moaned getting up from the couch pushing me down, I laid on my back opening my legs ready for him. He gets down onto the floor cleaning me with his tongue. I moaned running my fingers in his wet hair. He slipped in a finger, sucking hard on my clit. My body starts to tense, I lift my body up a little feeding it to him. He then slips in another finger thrusting them playing with my g-spot. My leg starts to shake a little from his amazing tongue technique. I screamed licking my tit pushing his head in. He rubbed his tongue my clit pulling on it with his mouth. I came on his fingers, he took them out sucking on them before getting off the floor. He grabbed his dick rubbing it against my wet pussy, smacking it on my clit. He leaned down sucking on my tits, biting my nipples. I giggled kissing him.

"I got something for you" He said handing me a purple vibrator. "Use it, I know how sensitive it is. But it'll be fun" He says cutting it on. Pulling my body to the edge of the couch.

"You're so tight baby" He says trying to stick it in. When I finally opened up a little, he went deeper and deeper. He bent my legs back, I finally had the courage to use the vibrator. Rubbing it around my clit, even though I was sensitive I was brave enough to use it. I couldn't stop moaning, first Justin is deep inside of me while I'm feeling every since inch of him and I'm here using a vibrator to make me cum more than before. Our bodies were very sweaty our moans filled the room, he moaned my name kissing my leg. I squealed, his dick slips out as I squirt on him.

"Holy fuck" He said laughing putting it back inside of me.

"I'm cumming" I said grabbing his arm with my free hand.

"Can Drew fuck you better than me" He asked. I couldn't believe he was asking me this question, I was lost for words.

"No" I moaned.

"No what?"

"No, he can't fuck me better than you. I want your cum on my face" I said kissing him. He grabs my other leg holding onto them spreading them open pounding me. I couldn't handle the vibrator anymore I dropped it from my hand from all the shaking my body was doing. He grunted pulling me down onto the floor cumming on the side of my face, then my tits. I was covered in his big load, we both were tired. I licked my tit swallowing his cum.

"Come on let's get you cleaned up" He says helping me off the floor leading me to his bathroom. He started the shower making sure the temperature was right. I hopped in cleaning my body.

"Are you coming in" I asked him. He chuckled hopping inside with me, he grabbed the soap from me, washing my back. He stopped, touching my hip.

"Damn, was I that rough. I'm sorry" He asked talking about the dark spot on my hip.

"It's okay" I said washing my face. After we cleaned our bodies getting out, we brushed our teeth. He handed me one of his shirts and boxers. Next thing we knew, we both heard the doorbell ring.. it's almost midnight and there's someone at his door. He went downstairs with me following him making sure it wasn't my dad.

"Oh shit! It's Tori" He whispered looking through the peephole walking towards me.

"Um, come again..who the hell is Tori"

"The girl I was dating for publicity. She's here"

"Oh my god" I giggled, we both giggled. I love the fact that we can be totally goofy around each other without feeling uncomfortable and humiliated. "Want me to hide" I asked.

"I think that'll be best" He says holding my hand, kissing my fingers.

"Okay, I'll be upstairs" I said walking back upstairs. I overheard him opening the door, I peeked out the bedroom seeing them talking. And of course they were arguing because of a stupid contract they signed.

"We signed a contract Justin, meaning we're a couple and we have to act like it in front of paparazzi. And that's until my movie comes out" She said.

"Yeah, I saw the trailer really not impressed"

"Fuck you Justin, let me guess she's here..her car is outside"

"No she's not here and that's my car, I just bought it. And so what if she was here that's the mother of my child. I can't speak to her"

"Mother of your child!! You're going to school getting girls pregnant now. You are so busted, the whole world is gonna know now"

"Who the fuck cares, bribe me all you want too, long as that baby is in there, I'm not taking one step away from her. They're gonna know anyways. So find something else to bribe me about, it's really not working. Plus I told your manager to tell you to stop texting me it's over"

"You so don't get it do you" She chuckled crossing her arms.

"Look, it was a mistake. Scooter wanted me to make sure I'm still in the industry. I just wanted to take some time off to finish high school. Is that a crime? I don't care about the contract anymore there will never be an us"

"You'll be sorry" She says leaving. He took a deep breath, before he could turn around I quickly hopped into the bed.

"Everything okay" I asked.

"Yeah, everything's fine" He smiled sitting next to me.

"Maybe I should get home, my dad is probably worried about me"

"You don't want to spend the night? I mean she could still be out there waiting. I'm surprised she hasn't done anything stupid like get really pissed off to bust my windows or something"

"Wow, you do love the crazy ones" I said.

"I don't love her, nor Maggie, or any other girl you think I'm chasing after"

"So you're reconsidering Maggie" I asked, he shrugged.

"It's been great between us Adrian, I love having sex with you and making you feel some type of way. But it's just so much going on right now between my personal life and being famous"

"I get it, no need to explain" I said.

"I'm happy you understand where I'm coming from, it's just a disaster and I don't want you ending up hurt"

"I won't get hurt"

"We don't know that, I'm not saying keep your distance that's the last thing I want you to do. But soon as this contract is over with, I'm all yours. It'll be up in a couple of months since her shitty movie is coming out. I have to go by it."

"So, no sex" I asked.

"No sex, I can't be seen in public with you either. I know it's hard for you"

"It's not-- we're not dating so don't worry we can be friends. I want to invite you to dinner tomorrow night, meet my dads girlfriend and Kathy I'm sure she will be there if she's not with Troy"

"You do know that's game night right. But after the game I will come over, are you hungry? How are you feeling?"

"I'm a little nauseous, but I'll be fine just tired"

"Okay well goodnight, get some rest" He says kissing my head. I laid down on the bed cutting the lamp off going to sleep.

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