There's a new girl at school, she's not a big Justin Bieber fan but they end up making a deal together which makes them want to be closer.


5. Murder Investigation

When I got home, no one was there. Of course I knew my dad would be working late tonight. I went upstairs running my bubble bath stripping. I got in, my body was sore especially my foot wearing heels all day. 

     When I got out, I put on something comfortable going downstairs fixing me something to eat. I got a text from Justin. " Goodnight, see you tomorrow". I finished eating getting into bed falling asleep.    I got up the next morning hearing noises downstairs. It was probably my dad finally coming home from work. I took a shower doing my morning routine heading downstairs, he was looking through a box of pictures still in his work clothes drinking beer. It scared me for a moment because he never drinks.   

"Are you okay" I asked him.   

"Yeah, I'm fine" He said rubbing his thumb across the picture of my mom.   

"Do you want the car back, I can just catch a ride with someone"   

"No it's fine. Take the car, I don't want you walking" He said. I nodded eating breakfast leaving the house. I walked up to my locker grabbing my ACT book so I could get a little bit of what Justin went over in class.   

"Hey" Justin said leaning against the lockers.  

"Hey, good morning. Why do you seem so happy"  

"I don't know. Happy to see you I guess, I can't stop thinking about us..about you Adrian gosh you're making me go insane"   

"Okay calm down, I don't want you falling in love or anything we're just bed buddies for the next three days. Where's Tiffany"

"I don't know, and I don't care. It's nice to finally be closer to you don't you think. Maybe destiny wants us to be together, we almost have the same classes, same school, same town, same neighborhood. Don't you think"  

"I just think you're sprung because of what happened last night. I knew this was a bad idea. I don't want people to know we have some kind of deal going on because you're here still fantasizing about last night, you seduced me"  

"Seduced? Is that what you call it because I'm sure it was more than that. You didn't stop me plus I helped you study. I was doing a great job and I didn't get a 'Thank you Justin'"   

"Thank you Justin, for helping me almost lose my focus because of your shirtless ass"   

"You so enjoyed every moment, don't play pretend Adrian. You wanted me, just like you want me now" He said getting closer. Happily there was no one in sight, I was huffing and puffing trying to catch my breath. Soon as he got closer to me it started getting really hot. I honestly couldn't stop thinking about last night either, I just wanted to push him on the floor and do him right then and there.   

"Same time tonight" I asked.   

"Definitely" He said walking away. I smiled, biting my bottom lip closing my locker going to class. Hopefully he wouldn't pull any shit today.   Today was going to be a long day including Friday. I have three more days to study. It will take all morning. Just thinking about it makes me anxious.   

"Did you find out who killed Jonas" He asked.  

"Trish told me he killed himself but, someone put something in his drink that made him go insane and kill himself"   

"He killed himself? That doesn't sound right"   

"Yeah well I don't know, I'm just trying to help out a friend" I said doing my work.              

Justin's POV    

I got a text from Christian telling me to meet him in the bathroom. I excused myself walking towards the bathroom going inside.  

"Why are we defending a murderer" Ryan asked Christian as I walked in.  

"Murderer? What's going on"  

"Great he doesn't know" Christian said.  

"Know what"   

"That Tiffany is the one that killed Jonas. She spiked his drink it was HER party. And you're the one that's dating her. I'm sure she's trying to keep her perfect little image clean. She thought that Jonas would end up telling you that they had sex, so basically she cheated on you without telling you. So she spiked his drink made him go crazy to kill himself"  

"And I thought Trish was crazy" Ryan said jokingly.   

"That was Trish's boyfriend right"   

"Yeah. And you know Tiffany and Trish doesn't get along but something seems fishy, Trish's dad is a police officer"   

"That doesn't mean that she was part of it" I said and they shrugged. I can't believe all of this has turned into a murder investigation. Tiffany is a fucking murderer and I'm dating her. So much in one day,  I said to myself.               

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