Burning Bridges (DIRTY)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


5. Burning Bridges.

I couldn't hold in my moans. It's like he knows what turns me on the most and what doesn't. He moved his thumb slapping his tongue against my clit, I so wanted him inside me but I was too busy getting pleasured, I didn't want to tell him, or I didn't want him to stop.

"Please don't stop" I begged him, pulling my hair cumming on his finger. He came up kissing every inch of my body removing his finger sucking on it.

"I want you inside of me so bad" I said kissing him.

"Oh yeah? Turn around" He said between kisses. While I turnt around he smacked my ass, I giggled getting into position. There was a perfect curve in my back, letting him know that I was ready slipping himself inside of me. I moaned into the pillow, digging my nails into the sheets. He started pumping faster.

"Oh Justin yes, just like that. You're gonna make me cum again" I said huffing and puffing while my tits moved up and down.

"Shit baby you're so tight" He said. I lifted my head up from the pillow trying to push him back a little because of how deep he was inside of me while he went faster and deeper. He moved my hand pinning it behind my back holding my wrist, pulling my hair. I started moaning his name over and over again. My walls has gotten tighter, nipples gotten harder. Every inch of Justin's penis is inside of me I felt like cumming all over him.

"I'm gonna cum all over you" I moaned, out of breath starting to cum. He moaned too kissing my back grunting.

"Lay down" I demanded, he laid on his back. I kissed his chest to his stomach. He pushed my head down, sticking his dick in my mouth. I spit on his dick, jerking him off before inserting it back into my mouth. He moaned, grabbing my head moving it up and down. I swirled my tongue around it's head feeling him cum into my mouth.

"Get up here" He said pulling me on top of him. We faced each other while he got his dick ready to place inside of me. Once he put it inside of me, he slowly grabbed my hips pushing my body back. I moaned feeling my stomach.

"Am I hurting you" He asked.

"No, I can feel it. Don't worry about me" I said propping my legs up, slowly bouncing on him, picking up the pace, spitting on my fingers rubbing my clit, he closed his eyes moaning holding onto my hips. Our bodies were completely sweaty at this point, my pussy started to throb, he opened his eyes starting to fuck me.

"Yes! Oh my god it feels so good" I moaned rolling my eyes to the back of my head riding him. I leaned down kissing him while I was still riding him. I pulled away kissing his neck.

"I'm gonna cum Adrian" He says panting gripping my hips cumming inside of me. I hopped off, laying beside him trying to catch my breath.

"Holy shit. That was amazing"

"There's more where that come from"

"You're just so full of surprises" I said giggling covering myself up with my sheets.

"I like helping you Adrian"

"Me too, you're not so bad. Especially in bed you're amazing" I said giggling again. He chuckled kissing my shoulder. 
"So, how's Tiffany"

"Like you care"

"I don't" I said laughing. "But seriously how are her parents taking this"

"Harder than ever, she convinced them for me to come to dinner. Which I went so she could stop saying that I'm chasing after you"

"Are you"

"No. I mean I don't know what we are, I don't think we're friends. More like frenemies that have sex" He said and I giggled.

"I like having sex with you" I said. I can't believe I just said that. He smiled and kissed me. We kissed over and over till our lips started hurting I couldn't get enough of him. His touch, how he makes me feel, how HE feels inside of me is so sensational. I heard a car door shut, I quickly pulled away quickly.

"Did you hear that" I asked.

"No..relax" He says kissing me again. I heard the front door shut. I quickly pulled away again.

"My dad is here"

"Want me to leave"

"No hide" I said getting up handing him his clothes. While I got dressed he went into the bathroom. Fuck! His car damn it I didn't think this through.

"Adrian" Dad said knocking on the door before entering.

"Hey dad how was your date"

"It went well. Tried to be on my best behavior no worries we plan on having a second date. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, fine, never better" I said he crossed his arms looking at me.

"Where is he" He asked.

"Where's who, I don't know what you're talking about"

"Adrian, I'm not stupid come on where is he" He asked. I sighed opening the bathroom door thankfully he was already dressed.

"Dad, this is Justin. Justin this is my dad"

"Nice car, looks familiar. Wait a minute, shit you're not the asshole that flew by us are you"

"Yeah, sorry about that. I hope you can forgive me..or not that'll be great too" He said nervously.

"Have you two been having sex" He asked suspiciously.

"What makes you think that" I asked him.

"You know what never mind, I don't want to know. So this is the guy you've been talking about? I just want a clear understanding"

"We're just friends dad"

"Yeah. Your mom and I were friends too..with benefits that's how you got here"


"Okay, I know I know. I brought you something back. Goodnight" He says leaving.

"Well that was close" Justin says grabbing his keys.

"You're leaving"

"Yeah. If I stay then I'm sure your dad would have a problem with it"

"Okay well, I'll see you tomorrow"

"Yeah. Goodnight Adrian" He says kissing my forehead leaving. I sighed going downstairs.

"He's really smart for a guy that doesn't know how to drive" He said with a chuckle.

"Dad. You embarrassed me"

"I just wanted answers. Did you two have sex"

"I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you about my private life"

"I'll take that as a yes. Adrian come on you're smarter than this..have you even thought about protection"

"I forgot but don't worry I'm on the pill remember. No worries, I'm fine"

"Alright but, are you sure that you like him. I mean he almost killed us the other day. Does he have a girlfriend?"

"Dad please- can we stop talking about this. I understand you want me safe, and taken care of but I can do that on my own"

"Fine, you're right. You're an adult now I should let you make your own decision and learn from them. Just be careful" He said walking off. I felt embarrassed that my dad knows I'm having sex. The good thing is he wasn't here, I went upstairs eating my food facetiming Justin.

"Sorry about my dad" I said.

"It's okay, it was kinda funny. I had a great time"

"Me too"

"I'll miss it but maybe it was worth it" He said.

"Miss it? What do you mean"

"We only had a deal until you took your test, and basically it's on Friday. The last time we have sex"

"Are you insane. We are continuing to have sex" I said.

"What about Drew, Adrian. What about Tiffany she doesn't know shit about us. Neither does Drew, I can tell that you have deep feelings for him and if we tell either of them what we did, all hell is gonna break loose. You and Drew are hitting it off, it's just our little secret having sex for a short period of time. I enjoyed it I did, and I don't want it to end but it has to, so we can get back to our regular lives"

"I don't want it to end though it's been amazing these past couple of days. Face it we're sprung over each other, I don't want to stop what we started. This is so your fault"

"I take full responsibility for that. But come on Adrian face it, we'll go back to hating each other as if nothing happened between us" He said.

"Do you really want to forget what happened Justin. Because even if you try to forget it'll always cross your mind. You can't forget me that quickly we go to the same school, same neighborhood, same city it's impossible. Do you honestly want to stop?" I asked and he shrugged.

"I feel this guilt every time we're finished having sex. I never cheat"

"You love Tiffany don't you"

"No. Honestly there's this girl at school y'know I like her but I'm afraid to tell her. Maybe she wouldn't like me back"

"Are you serious Justin, half of the girls there drools over you. Maybe you should invite her to the party and see what happens"

"That's funny. Cause I did invite her" He says giggling.

"Okay what did she say"

"She's coming, and I can't wait for her to be there. I don't think Tiffany and I are working out anyways, I don't know. I really hope you pass" He said and I smiled.

"Thanks, it's really nice to hear you say that. I hope I pass too you've been a really great help"

"That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me" He said and we both laughed.

"I know, and I'm sorry about how things started. I just thought that everyone at school was kissing your ass because you're a celebrity and I didn't want to be another person doing that"

"I understand. Sometimes I do wish I was back at home playing video games, hanging out with friends but I don't know. I like music"

"Must be tough to be a pop star. But hey it can't be that bad what about the ladies" I asked laughing.

"I mean I love the ladies, they're not bad. But they're usually just groupies, either want money, fame, or either sex"

"So what am I, because we just had sex 10 minutes ago"

"You're different"

"Oh yeah? Is that what you say to all the girls" I said.

"No. Just you, you're unique and I like that about you. You know how to keep it real with me instead of lying to my face. And I don't say that to just anyone"

"Maybe not but, I'm sure there are plenty of girls that aren't groupies either, I mean just because a few of them are doesn't mean all girls are. You have to understand that"

"I know. It's nice talking to you, better than screaming in each other faces" He said with a chuckle.


"What about you, tell me how being normal feels like"

"It feels as if I'm just a regular person walking down the street, not being noticed or followed everywhere I go. I think people are so obsessed with being famous and popular"

"Yeah, I'm gonna crash. I'll see you at school tomorrow, maybe you can hang out with me and the guys since your friend isn't gonna be back for a couple more days"

"Yeah, that'll be nice"

"I still want to know more about you Adrian. We should get to know each other better" He said with a chuckle. I nodded hanging up. I finished my food going to bed waiting what tomorrow may bring.

Couple days later, It was Friday, my test was this morning and I was somewhat confident about it. I was ready to get it over with, Justin has been a really good help with studying and teaching me. I got up taking a shower going downstairs.

"Good morning, happy early birthday" He said tossing a pair of keys to me. I gasped and hugged him tightly. "I promised I would get you a car by the end of the week and I kept my promise. Also, good luck on your test this morning I fixed breakfast to make sure you're not hungry during testing. How long do you have" He asked.

"20 minutes. It's really early they just want to start testing before third period" I said eating.

"Well I hope you pass, and I hope Justin helped you study..and not helping you with sex"

"Dad, its more than just sex."

"Oh yeah and how long have you two been having sex? Three days?"

"It's been 5 days, he has a girlfriend"

"A girlfriend?! Are you fucking serious right now he's cheating on his girlfriend with you. And you like this boy?"

"It's because of this deal we made he help me study and I have sex with him"

"You're so naïve, but whatever I hope you learn from this. Just don't want you hurt" He said.

"I'll be fine, we stopped having sex yesterday. He told me the other day he's serious about this girl at school so I told him it would be best for us to not have sex anymore"

"That's my girl. Well I gotta go to work, enjoy the car" He said kissing my head leaving. 
When I finished breakfast I grabbed my bag heading to school finding Justin surrounded by girls. I walked up to him and they all looked at me.

"I'll talk to you guys later" Justin said and they all walked off.

"Was it one of those girls"

"Maybe. So, ready for the big test I'm so nervous for you"

"I know, me too"

"Hey, you got this. We didn't do all of that studying for no reason. I hope you do good. You're smart, and I believe in you"

"Thanks, and thanks for helping me it's been nice working with you"

"Yeah you too. How long is this gonna be"

"Three hours. I may miss half of lunch but we'll probably be finished by then" I said.

"Best of luck Adrian. See you later" He said walking off. I sighed turning around bumping into Tiffany.

"Can't believe you're back" I said chuckling.

"Stay away from Justin he's mine"

"He's all yours" I said walking off. During testing, all I could think of was having sex with Justin. Focus Adrian! I said to myself starting to continue my test. After three hours of boredom I went to lunch spotting Trish. I sat down in front of her smiling.

"Hey stranger" I said playfully.


"I'm happy you're back, are you okay"

"So now you're concerned" She asked and I scoffed.

"Come on Trish, that was days ago can we move past it. Look I'm not going to say sorry for not helping you fight your battles. I just moved here and I don't want to start off my senior year with drama. Screw Tiffany she's a bitch and she had no reason to talk about your boyfriend like that. But getting upset with me what is that going to solve"

"I know, I'm sorry" She said with a smile on her face. I smiled too and hugged her.

"I missed you, I had to hang out with Justin and his crew for a couple days because you were gone and you're the only friend I have" I said.

"I miss you too. And I'm sorry you had to deal with that" She said laughing.

"It's okay"

"So how was your test"

"Ugh long! I kept thinking about-- other stuff" I said trying to keep my mouth closed about Justin and I.

"Well it's easy to lose focus, I hope you pass. You're really smart, I was always seeing you with that damn ACT book everyday" She said.

"I'm happy I don't need it anymore, now that's over I can enjoy myself"

"When will you get the results"

"In a couple weeks. Ready for the party tonight oh my gosh I can't wait"

"Someone's really excited about Justin's party"

"It's a senior year party, you should be excited. Maybe we'll meet a guy"

"What happened to Drew" She asked.

"I'm not ready for a relationship, I just want to enjoy myself as a single girl. See how many guys can hit on me" I said laughing.

"Wow. Well I'm with you on that one I'll see you later" She said getting up leaving. 
After school, walking towards my car Justin wasn't there. I remember he always waited on me after school leaning on his car, I guess this was the end of us. I already knew what I was gonna wear to the party. It was a Friday night and I had nothing else to do, since I ended things with Justin I felt lonely. I didn't want it to end but he sounded very serious about this one girl he has his eyes on. I was trying to figure out who. I didn't know everybody there just a few people from school. Few hours passed Trish and I went to Justin's party, it was more than just the senior class there, more celebs, other people we didn't know. Plus there was a lot of beer, including drugs. Never thought Justin was the drug type.

"We're seniors" Trish said happily. "Oh my gosh beer, be right back" She said walking off leaving me by myself. I scoffed and followed her.

"Nice to see you here" Justin said walking up to me.

"Yeah. Nice party it's sick"

"Of course, throw the hottest parties in school. Come with me" He said grabbing my hand, we walked away from Trish. He took me over to the couch where Christian and Ryan was with some other people that were smoking weed and doing lines of cocaine. He sat down sitting me on his lap, we started talking. We could barely hear each other because of the music blasting.

"You know this is weird right"

"What's weird" He asked getting closer to me because he could hardly hear.

"Me sitting on your lap, what if your secret crush comes. Is she here"

"Yeah. I'm happy she's here but enough of that. Wanna hit" He asked holding weed in his hand. I shook my head. "Come on maybe just one puff. All you have to do is take a hit, breathe it in, hold it, and then let it out. Simple" He said still holding it in my face, I sighed taking it from him taking a hit, breathing it in. I started coughing my lungs out, the smoke cane out from my nose, holy shit there was a burning buzz in the back of my throat.

"You okay" He chuckled taking it from me.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Need some water I'll be back" I said getting up going into the kitchen bumping into drunk Trish. I chuckled opening a bottle of water taking a few sips. Still the burning buzz in the back of my throat how can people smoke that shit.

"Adrian, are you high" She asked laughing.

"No, I'm not high"

"You will be" She said drinking another shot. Damn it if I'm getting high and she's drunk, how the hell am I gonna get home without my dad knowing I just smoked a joint. I know I live two blocks away but anything can happen to me, I'm all dressed up people may think I'm a prostitute or something.

"Are you okay, I just wanted to check to see if you were" Justin says chuckling.

"I'm fine, theres this buzz in the back of my throat"

"Oh yeah, it'll go away don't worry. I know I peer pressured you into smoking and I'm sorry, thought we could have a little fun"

"Yeah I guess"

"Wanna dance" He asked and I chuckled.

"I don't dance"

"Everyone dances, hey I'm bad too"

"If you're saying that to make me feel better, it's not working" I said.

"Alright well, we'll go slow"

"Fine" I said. He leaded the way to where people were dancing, he started first I just looked at him make a fool of himself, which made me laugh a little.

"Come on don't leave me hanging" He said. I rolled my eyes and started moving a little bit, and I thought Justin was making a fool of himself, look at me. He laughed which made me laugh, I was just warming up. I turned around, dancing against him, he placed his hands on my hips going along with the movement. I started moving my ass against him twerking. I turnt around he wrapped his arm around my waist, he smacked my ass smirking at me.

"Wanna go somewhere" He asked. I nodded taking him upstairs to the bathroom. He walks up to me kissing me roughly picking me up sitting me on the sink standing between my legs. I move my lips to his neck kissing, biting, and sucking on his neck. He moaned closing his eyes, I could tell he was enjoying. My lips met with his. I shoved my tongue down his throat and he did the same pulling on my bottom lip.

"I missed you" He said pressing his forehead against mines, looking me in my eyes.

"Me too" I said kissing him. He pulled away taking his shirt off. I looked at his body biting my fingernail. He chuckled, taking his shoes off unbuttoning his pants sliding them to his ankles.

"You're so hot" I said.

"Thanks, want me to help you take yours off"

"I'm okay" I said unzipping my blouse from the back, revealing my tits going to my heels.

"No, leave them on" He said smirking, I smirked too unzipping my skirt hopping down slowly taking it off to tease him. He bit his bottom lip grabbing my ass. He bent me over on the sink admiring my ass, spanking me. I giggled. He got down on his knees taking my thongs off. I lift one of my legs up so he could take them off. He pushed my leg up on the sink licking my pussy. I moaned.

"Your tongue make me so wet" I moaned. He separated my cheeks sticking his tongue deeper. I wanted to moan loud as I could, I covered my mouth moaning. I could hear him licking and slurping it made me even wetter, I loved the sound of it. He teased my clit with his tongue making me jump a little.

"Stop moving babe" He says continuing.

"I'm sorry, it's sensitive" I told him. After he got me all ready and wet he stood up.

"Hop up there" He says. I put my other leg on the sink, he rubbed his dick entering it inside me. He spread my legs pushing my body down a little my face was against the sink. He started thrusting holding onto my shoulder.

"Fuck! Baby you're so tight" He moaned going faster. I lifted my head up off the sink looking at myself in the mirror, my own face expressions turnt me on including his. His eyes were closed and his forehead was sweaty. I moaned holding onto the edge of the sink.

"Oh fuck deeper" I begged. He went deeper making my eyes roll to the back of my head. He wrapped his hands around my neck choking me pounding my pussy. I screamed quickly covering my mouth.

"Shhh" He says stopping, kissing my back getting back on his knees to eat me out. I moaned riding his face. He stopped cleaning his mouth. I hopped down off the sink, he laid his shirt down laying on top of it. I stood over him playing with myself.

"Come here, sit your pussy on my face" He says, I was so surprised he said that I started giggling sitting on his face. He kept my legs open, spitting on my pussy before eating. I stopped him turning around, so he could eat me out while I sucked his dick. We were both pleasuring each other, I slob my spit on his dick rubbing it in with my hand jacking him off. He moaned while eating me, I put his dick in my mouth sucking the head before shoving it down my throat making me choke. My eyes started to water, I took it out spitting on it again before putting it back into my mouth playing with his balls. I rode his face, he shoved his finger in me, fingering me teasing my g-spot. He took his finger out sucking on it, kissing my thighs. He started cumming inside my mouth, I swallowed his cum cleaning my mouth. I got off of him jacking him off, he grunted moaning my name. I stopped kissing all up his body, licking his abs.

"You're so sexy baby" He said grabbing me putting me on top of him kissing me, grabbing his dick putting it inside me. I giggled propping my legs up holding onto the sink. There was a knock at the door. He put his index finger over his lips telling me to keep quiet.

"Justin are you in there" Someone says.

"Give me 10 minutes" He replied.

"Who was that" I mouthed, he shrugged. "Oh my gosh was it the girl" I whispered.

"No don't worry we have plenty of time" He said. I nodded slowly bouncing on him.

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