There's a new girl at school, she's not a big Justin Bieber fan but they end up making a deal together which makes them want to be closer.


7. Leave it in the past

Next thing I knew the principal came in from the double doors, pulling them off of each other.

"What the hell happen" Justin said.


"This is so getting out of hand. How did this whole mess start"

"I don't know, did you say something"

"No. But it's best for us to stop talking about it. He's gone and there's nothing we can do" He said. I nodded agreeing with him. Close to the end of the day I seen Trish at her locker. I quickly walked up to her seeing her busted lip and a couple scratches on her cheek.

"Are you okay" I asked.

"Yeah, fine. You could've helped y'know"

"Are you mad at me because I didn't help you fight your battle"

"Whatever Adrian, just forget it. I'm suspended for two days. We both are because of this. Ugh I shouldn't have told you about Jonas"

"Hey! You can't get mad at me because you told me about him. I asked Justin and he didn't open his mouth to anyone"

"Because he did it Adrian, open your eyes. You're so blind by his baby face and Prince Charming bullshit he's trying to pull. I'll see you Friday" She said slamming her locker walking off. I sighed walking out to the back towards the car. Great! Now I think my old friend here is mad at me. I don't know if it's because of Jonas or I didn't help her with her fight. Maybe both.

"We need to talk Adrian" Justin said leaning against his car waiting on me.

"Can it wait, I really don't want anymore drama"

"Do you honestly think I did it" He asked.

"Justin I don't know. It's not my place to talk about it, I didn't know him or any of you guys and I don't know why I'm sticking my nose in Trish's business. If you did then, I'm shocked about it. There's nothing more I can say"

"Adrian- you know me. This is insane"

"No Justin, I don't know anything about you"

"Are we still on for studying"

"Of course, and whatever else you have to do take care of it"

"I'll come by your place. I'm sorry it's starting out this way"

"Me too" I said getting in the car going home. I saw my dad passed out on the couch, pictures were everywhere. I sat my bag and keys down on the table, picking every last one up finding a place to put them. I know he's in mourning but it has been a couple months. I even think about her too sometimes, and the thought of it bothers me. She didn't let us know ahead of time before she ended up at the doctors office all the time, she was sick and everything. Until she came out and said she had cancer. I really hope us moving here doesn't jeopardize his work.

"Hey dad" I said. He opened his eyes, looking around looking at his watch.

"School over already"

"Yeah. I guess you've been asleep for quite some time" I said chuckling.

"I was drinking until I passed out. I miss her"

"Me too. Do you have second thoughts about moving here"

"Yeah. Do you? Honestly"

"A little. Sometimes it crosses my mind but I don't let it get to me. I really think the problem with people is that they don't let go of what happened in the past. It's as if they're stuck there. Everyone is so focused on who people used to be just to make themselves better. And I think moving here was a great idea. Even if you think it wasn't, it was. She would've wanted us to move on with our lives without her"

"Look at you, my baby girl is smarter than ever" He said, we both laughed. "Having a hard time at school huh"

"Yeah, but it'll get ugly before it gets pretty so I'll make the best of it. I just hope you find it in your gut to let go. We can't love someone back to life dad, I wished it worked that way but it's better for her to rest. I mean who knows she may send you someone your way, I hope you find someone. Everyone deserves happiness" I said. He opened up his arm bringing me into a hug.

"So, is this about a boy. You're speaking a lot of knowledge" He said and I smiled.


"Well whoever he is, I'm sure he's smart enough to make you happy. Just please be careful, I think you're too young for a baby but, if it comes to it then I guess I'll never know what life throws at me"

"I'll try not to make that mistake" I said smiling. He smiled too getting up going upstairs. It feels good to have a parent to talk to, making each other feel good moving forward. I walked into the kitchen making me a sandwich texting Kathy.

"How do I look" He asked standing in a tuxedo, I just smiled.

"Does someone have a date"

"Yeah. That's why I was drinking myself to death, nervous and feeling guilty"

"Don't feel guilty enjoy yourself, and good luck. And don't run her off wow second day in L.A. and chicks are already all over you. I'm impressed" I said.

"Don't wait up, I love you" He said kissing my head leaving. I sighed taking my sandwich upstairs reading my book.

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