There's a new girl at school, she's not a big Justin Bieber fan but they end up making a deal together which makes them want to be closer.


31. Kidnap

Maybe I did get the girl of my dreams I'm not sure yet. It's been almost a year and it sucked knowing how much we secretly loved each other. I come up from under the covers, my body was over hers. I roughly kiss on her neck, she giggles pulling me into a kiss.

"This feels nice" She says.

"What feels nice? Me on top or finishing eating you out"

"Just us. That's what feels nice, it feels nice to not yell at each other. I feel relieved because of that"

"Me too" I said sucking on her finger, she smiles. "Say yes"

"For what"

"Going out with me" I said, she giggles.


"Okay? Okay as in yes" I asked.

"Yes Justin" She says, I felt like jumping up and down on the bed but that would be weird, my junk would be doing the same. All I could do was kiss her. I finally got the girl I was fighting for, that makes me think all of this was just to fight for her. I'm sure that's what she wanted me to do all along but didn't want to tell me.

Today is Sunday, I wake up hoping I would wake up next to her. I looked at my phone it's 7:30. I roll over and Adrian wasn't there. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth splashing water on my face. I went downstairs into the kitchen seeing her wearing my shirt, hearing the bacon sizzling on the skillet. She's dancing, hopping up and down with earbuds in her ear eating a piece of bacon. I start to dance with her, she stops and giggles.

"Someone's in a good mood. Was it because of those four rounds we did"

"Maybe. I'm cooking breakfast for the first time, and it's for you"

"Thanks" I said kissing her cheek, I walked outside to get the mail. Nothing important I guess. I came across a letter. Tori's name on it. I open it up seeing she's written me something.

Dear Justin,

I know you don't want to hear from me at all, I feel like that a complete idiot doing that to you and Adrian. First I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I know saying sorry won't fix the fact that I killed your daughter, you were right I was gonna regret it and I am. Being in here is a wake up call, I knew I had to pay the price with me hurting not only you but everyone else. That night when you came by my place, I knew right there and then that I had fucked up. I shouldn't have done that but I did. I've noticed you haven't been writing me back and I guess I deserve that. I did something I was gonna regret for my whole life, it's just seeing you look at Adrian made me go madly insane, I wanted that to be us but I knew that wouldn't happen. You are such an amazing guy, you were good to me and I had to fuck that up. It's tough in here, not what I expected and not what I imagined it to be. I cry myself to sleep every night knowing that I did something wrong and I had to pay for it. I also wrote Adrian's father to apologize to him and Adrian for the problems I've caused. You're crazy over her, and I couldn't stand the thought of that in my head. I heard that you were getting married, you move on so quickly she wasn't the one for you and neither was I. I hope that you finally get what you want I'm sure it's the whole point of everything. Getting what you want, and I hope that you've learned from your mistakes because I sure am. -Tori

I put the letter back in the envelope heading back inside tossing it on the table where the other letters were. Of course I've been reading them instead of throwing them in the trash, I should. But I'm not that type of person, I walked into the kitchen. Adrian finished cooking breakfast she sits our plates on top of the counter. She notices me staring at her, all she could do was smile.

"Come on let's eat breakfast" She says grabbing my hand leading me to the counter. I sat down with her starting to eat.

"I'm so surprised you can cook"

"Are you kidding, my mom was an amazing cook. I get it from her, you're the one that wanted to do all of the cooking so I'm changing that" She says, I smiled kissing her hand. "What's wrong, you look kinda down"

"It's nothing. Just happy you're here"

"Me too" She says happily. She hops off the chair putting her plate in the sink.

"I'm going for a run" She added walking out the kitchen. I finished breakfast, putting my plate in the sink also. Adrian left so I took the time to get a few things for tonight. It was gonna be special. Our second date, the feeling of dating her lifts a heavy weight off my shoulders. I'm happy that all of the terrible people in our lives are gone.

End of POV

Soon as I got through running, Justin's car wasn't in the driveway. I went inside putting my phone on the table. I seen a ton of opened envelopes on the table, I picked one up unfolding the paper. Tori, I was overwhelmed seeing her name on this piece of paper. Having the nerve to write a letter to Justin after the shit she's caused. This one was from today, I picked the rest up opening it they're all from Tori some was a month ago every day she's been writing him and not telling me about it. I was full of rage right now, how can he keep this from me. I am so having a talk with him soon as he comes back. A sharp pain came to my head leading me to black out.

I slowly opened my eyes looking around. That pain in my head was still there. My hands were tied and so was my mouth, when I was finally coming back to reality I looked around. I'm in a trunk, I start to panic screaming knowing no one could hear me. I start to kick doing all I can to make much noise as possible. The music started to increase, maybe they heard me knowing I was conscious. Five minutes later the car had stopped and so has the music. I heard the car door close and footsteps coming towards the back. My body was completely sweaty right now, because how scared I was. The top lifts up, all I could see was a black mask I couldn't identify the person behind it. They pull me out having me to fall on the ground, on top of a bunch of rocks. My face was against the pavement and I couldn't get up.

"God get the fuck up!" A mysterious guy yelled helping me up to my feet putting. I tried to examine the face but couldn't, his eyes were blue which is all I could say. He then puts a cloth over my head pulling me by my arm. I saw some flight through the bottom of this horrific smell of a cloth. Seeing my shoes walking on a green like concrete floor. The thought of being kidnapped is something I never thought would happen to me. He sits me down in this cold chair, I could hear tape ripping, taping my legs to the leg of the chair. He pulls off the cloth, still not revealing his face. Next thing I knew, another person from around the corner came. He walked away from me standing next to his partner in crime. Sounded like a girl to me. Great! probably boyfriend and girlfriend. They then start to argue, I scan my eyes all over the place trying to figure out where the hell I am, but most importantly what they would want with me.

"You're probably pissing your pants right now are you" She said squatting down to me. I tried to talk, knowing it was a stupid idea when my mouth is taped. She rips the tape from my mouth, it took a moment for me to overcome how that shit felt.

"My boyfriend is going to come for me. And when he gets here--" She puts the tape back around my mouth rolling her eyes.

"Shut up bitch, you see. The reason my partner and I kidnapped you was the whole point to bring him here. When they arrested him it wasn't enough, of course he was gonna get bailed out by your attorney father and his dumb manager. So I had to think harder, I was gonna kidnap you. Bring Justin and maybe kill too of course, he's nothing but trouble. I know what you're thinking. Yes Jason is my cousin, I told you who one of us is, not that it'll matter in the end anyway" She says. Fucking Jason! I knew it, he really has fucked up now. While this mysterious person kept talking to me, I huffed and puffed in anger, from the corner of my eye. I spotted Justin in the corner, wondering how he could've found me. He puts a finger over his lips to keep quiet, I wonder where the hell Jason went.

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