There's a new girl at school, she's not a big Justin Bieber fan but they end up making a deal together which makes them want to be closer.


8. Just us

Today wasn't what I expected. It's all crazy. Sitting in my bedroom, I got a FaceTime call from Kathy, I was so happy to hear from her.

"Hey" She said smiling.

"Hi, how are you"

"I'm good, and you? How's school?"

"Shitty. Today has been horrible, it's a long story..something that doesn't involve me"

"Well maybe tomorrow will get better. So how's your dating life"

"I'm not dating, just messing around. I'm talking to this guy he's really sweet but I'm afraid to break his heart"

"Why would you break his heart. Is there something you're not telling me"

"Never mind it's just I'm not ready" I said.

"I understand. I just called to see how you were doing haven't talked in a couple days. I miss you like crazy"

"Me too" I said. I heard a knock on the balcony door. I got up opening the curtain seeing Justin. "Um Kathy I'll talk to you later" I said hanging up.

"You're here kinda early" I said.

"I was having dinner with Tiffany, open the door" He said, I sighed unlocking the door inviting him in, going back to my bed.

"Nice room" He said looking around.

"You've been in here before, and you could've used the front door my dad isn't home"

"I like the balcony better, crazy day huh" He asked sitting on the bed.

"Yeah. Happy I wasn't involved in it. She's probably mad at me because I didn't help"

"What did Tiffany say to her"

"Something about Jonas, they got into an argument. She said that you were the one that did it to him, you were with him"

"I honestly can't remember anything after he spazzed out, I was drunk. Christian and Ryan knows about it maybe that's why everyone's been talking about it. I know you're trying to help out a friend but you're right it's not your place to know"

"Guess not" I said handing him the book. I was really confident and ready about my test Friday, plus I'm happy Justin volunteered to help me. We studied all night, well I did. I was sitting on the bed while he laid upside down on the bed looking at the book, trying to figure out what other stuff he hasn't went over.

"Are you going to sleep on me" He said turning over to his stomach facing me.

"It's noticeable" I asked chuckling.

"Yeah, we're almost done. Do you know how many pages we've went through already"

"A lot, I know. My brain is full with knowledge" I said chuckling. He got off the bed sitting beside me. I chuckled laying my head on his shoulder.

"I wonder how we got so close" He says laughing.

"By arguing, and you started all of this. Climbing up to my balcony"

"Oh yeah, I honestly just wanted to see you"

"I'm not surprised" I said giggling.

"I think you're starting to like me"

"And why are you so sure of that" I asked lifting my head.

"Come on, we don't yell at each other as we used to. You like me admit it"

"I think that's your problem. You think everyone likes you, you're not put on this world to be liked by people. You are so obsessed with yourself"

"Of course I am. People do like fans like me"

"Yeah and you think that's 7 billion people" I chuckled.

"Alright fine, maybe not everyone likes me. And maybe I am obsessed with myself. But isn't that a good be obsessed with yourself"

"Maybe it is. I don't know"

"Are you obsessed with yourself" He asked and I shrugged.

"I can say I respect myself as a female, but that would sound like a lie because I'm banging you for another three days just to study for a test" I said and he laughed.

"Well I respect you, even though it may seem that I'm take advantage of you. But I'm happy I volunteered to help you out it's been nice" He said looking me in my eyes, oh no there it goes. It starts by looking each other in the eyes to hardcore kissing. His caramel brown eyes staring deep into mines. He grabbed my face kissing me, I didn't hesitate to pull back, I wanted him again. More than ever. I sat on top of him sticking my tongue down his throat. He reached under my shirt unclipping my bra, pulling down my bra straps taking it off. I pulled away catching my breath, looking down to my shirt slowly unbuttoning it, revealing my shaped round, perfect tits. He kissed my chest to my nipples sucking on them. I let out a little moan running my hand through his hair. He moved his lips to my neck sucking on it, giving me hickies along with small ones. I got up, helping him off the floor. He kissed me pushing me back on the bed, I giggled. He crawled between my legs pressing his lips against mines, while I crawled backwards not breaking the kiss. He pulls away staring at me taking his shirt off. Holy shit his nice abs, and his tattoos made me even more excited. I ran my nails down his hard chest to his rock abs pulling on his pants.

"Wanna help me" He asked teasing me. I nodded, taking his belt off throwing it onto the floor. I begin to unbutton his pants sliding them off.

"You're so sexy" He said. I smiled, reaching up to kiss him. Kissing his chest.

"You're sexy too"

"At least you admitted it" He said laughing. I rolled my eyes taking my shirt off, he pulled his shoes and pants off. Unbuttoning my pants, I laid down on my back watching him. He kissed all over my body, kissing my stomach. I laughed a little because it tickled and felt good at the same time. He started to tug on my pants taking them off. The way he looked at me while he was taking them off, his sexy smirk biting his bottom lip. It just made me so wet. Once he pulled them completely off I started to rub on my wet spot through my panties. He grabbed my legs pulling me closer to him, he sucked his index finger moving my panties to the side slipping it in. I moaned buckling my lips, grabbing onto the sheets.

"You're so wet for me baby" He said playing with my clit with his thumb still fingering me. I arched my back lifting both of my legs up, he then added another finger making me scream.

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