There's a new girl at school, she's not a big Justin Bieber fan but they end up making a deal together which makes them want to be closer.


32. Gunfire

Justin's POV

I was at the store picking up a few things, the thought of it brings a smile upon my face. I went to the cash register. The girl puts a smile on her face too.

"Holy shit you're Justin Bieber" She says shocked quickly covering her mouth. I chuckled, taking my sunglasses off. "I'm a huge fan, I'm happy you're okay. You were arrested last night it was trending on twitter. Oh my god I can't believe I'm talking to Justin Bieber without passing out. Anyway the total is $30.79." She says.

"Here's a 100, keep the change. Have a nice day, Rebecca" I said reading her name tag leaving the store. I started to drive home, pulling up in the driveway. I got the bags taking them inside. I flipped the light switch on and off. Still no power, what the hell. Adrian's phone was sitting on the table with texts from Kathy and Dan. The letters were out of the envelope onto the floor. Shit, I knew I shouldn't have kept this a secret from her knowing she was gonna find out anyway.

"Adrian!" I yelled calling out her name. Nothing, not even a sound from upstairs. Maybe she got mad at me and left. She should've been back from her run already. I rubbed the back of my head starting to think. I had a bad feeling she was in trouble, I quickly hopped into the car driving over Adrian's place. I knocked on the door and rang the doorbell a hundred times.

"Justin what the hell-"

"Adrian's in trouble" I said.

"Trouble? How would you know if she's in trouble"

"She was going for a run this morning, I went to pick up a few things for our date tonight and when I got home she wasn't there, I didn't tell her about Tori writing me letters from prison, I saw them on the floor so I'm sure she read every one of them. She left her phone and I can't find her anywhere"

"Okay calm down come in" He says walking from the door, I followed him into the kitchen where he set up his laptop.

"What are you doing" I asked impatiently.

"Well you may think this is crazy but, I put a tracking device on Adrian's phone but since she doesn't have it I have nothing. Jason came by earlier looking for her--"

"Jason? He has her Dan come on"

"Okay we don't know where she is. Maybe he doesn't have her we don't know"

"It doesn't hurt to try, can't you track his phone" I asked. He sighed getting back on his computer.

"I'm not a magician, I'm a concerned father of course, looks like she's on Washington Street"

"Washington Street? That's the street an abandoned factory is, it was closed down because of a drug deal a year ago. Why is she there" I asked.

"I don't know, but we're gonna find out let's go" He says. We both got into my car, gladly he bought his laptop with him to navigate.

"It's not weird that Jason's phone has a tracking device too, I did this a while back. Didn't trust him"

"He was beating her if you didn't know. I had to do something about it"

"I know, I thank you" He says. Once we got there, a car was already parked. I sighed scanning the place.

"I'm going in" He says.

"No, please just stay here. I'll take it from here. I got her in this mess I'm gonna get her out" I said reaching for the glove compartment pulling out a gun.

"Whoa! What the fuck are you trying to do get everyone killed"

"Relax, I got it. I used one before and I'm not afraid to use it again. Semi-automatic, they come in handy" I said.

"Justin, maybe this is a bad idea. We can call the cops you don't have to be the hero"

"I'm going in there. I've been wanting that piece of shit for the longest" I said checking for bullets, pulling the chamber.

"Justin, we just bailed you out of jail. If you kill someone there's nothing I can do"

"I'm saving your daughter"

"We can call the police for this"

"They wouldn't understand okay. I love your daughter, I do I want to marry her one day. They wouldn't understand why I'm doing this. I see where she gets her attitude from"

"Excuse me? Hello I helped you and so did your manager. If you do this, your career could be at risk" He says. I sighed.

"Right now, I don't give a shit about my career. All I care about is that girl in ready waiting for me to save her life. If I don't come out, in an hour, then you can call the police" I said getting out. I put the gun in the back of my pants, with my shirt covering it up. I made my way to the factory going inside. I tried not to make a lot of noise, I wanted to him before he saw me. I heard talking not from afar, I peeked around the corner seeing Adrian tied up. A girl was talking to her.

"There's two of them" I said to myself quietly. I felt a guy point to my head, I raised both of my hands slowly turning around.

"Hey asshole, remember me. The one that you sucker punched until my face was all bruised"

"You kidnapped her, I told you if you put a finger on her again. I was gonna kill you, and you did"

"How are you gonna kill me when you're unarmed. You're so pathetic, I can't believe you're threatening me, I'm the one with a gun up to your face. I loved Adrian"

"You loved beating on her. No woman should be beaten to death, you don't love her"

"Oh and you do, this was my plan all along anyways to get you here and kill you before you killed me. All because a piece of pussy" He says. "Walk, now" He added. I groaned starting to walk with a gun still pointed to my head.

"Oh, hey Justin finally you're here. Your girlfriend started to bore me" She says pulling a chair across from Adrian sitting me down. I chuckled while they tied me up, I really thought this whole situation was funny to me.

"What's so fucking funny" Jason asked.

"Nothing, you have no idea how bad I wanna kill you right now"

"Kill me then Justin, oh wait you can't because you're tied up. Shut up" He says punching me. I seen Adrian had worry in her eyes. It makes me feel bad because I'm the cause of all of this. The girl finally takes her mask off, revealing her brown hair from underneath.

"I knew you would come. I had to get something so weak to bring you out here. If you're confused about all of this, Jason's my cousin and he knows I killed someone before. I didn't like it one bit knowing that your sorry ass got bailed out. It surprised me actually because I thought Adrian hated you along with her dad so who in the hell could help. And another thing you broke my heart, you cheated on me with this slut that fucked your best friend Ryan few months ago but no, you rather choose her over me"

"This is insanity. You don't have to do this Tiffany"

"I actually do Justin. You're the causing of all this shit happening now I have to kill you" She says taking the safety off Jason's gun putting it up to my head.

"Wait, first I want to say that I apologize for the inconvenience. But before you pull that trigger imagine all the hate you will get for this. This is crazy" I said.

"Just be lucky I don't have your mouth taped shut. I'm gonna kill you and then I'm gonna kill your little girlfriend. Maybe I should kill her first"

"You won't do that" I said.

"I will if you drive me to it, don't patronize me"

"Why haven't you killed me yet, why the hell are you even talking to me" I asked.

"Don't make this harder on you than it already is on me. Say goodbye to your boyfriend Adrian" She says, to her. Tears ran down her face. I wasn't scared to die, I wasn't scared of Tiffany or Jason. They're so bad at this whole partner in crime shit they're trying to pull. Before she could pull the trigger I jerked my head back quickly having her shoot the floor. The sound of the gunshot hurt my ears, the ringing hurt my eardrums. It slowly went away, all I could hear was Adrian crying her eyes out. It was a miracle Jason was dumb enough to not know how to tie a knot, or even tie a person up right. I pulled my gun out knocking Tiffany out shooting Jason in his side causing him to fall onto the floor. Adrian was calling my name through the tape that was covering her mouth telling me not to kill him. Believe me I wanted to with all my might.

"Kill me already!" He yelled spitting and coughing out blood.

"You're not even worth it. Adrian saved your life, you should be lucky because I keep my promises" I said with a sarcastic smile. Honestly if I was drunk and stoned out of my mind I would kill him with no hesitation. I walked up to Adrian taking the tape from her mouth untying her.

"How did you find me" She asks.

"Your dad, I brought him here"

"You-- you brought him here, how could you-"

"Relax he was navigating me" I said cutting the tape from around her ankles.

"You wanna talk about the letters Tori has been sending you for the past month"

"Do you really wanna talk about that right now, we just got out of a bad situation"

"This is why I was afraid of dating you. Something like this would end up happening, gosh Justin you're always finding your way into mess like this"

"I didn't ask for this to happen Adrian. Are we really arguing, I just shot a fucking person for you. For us" I said.

"This is not for us, this was for you. To finally get what you wanted. Wanting to kill Jason"

"Yeah because he put his hands on you again, after I fucking told him not to. So yeah maybe I should march my ass right back over there and put a bullet through his fucking skull. I'm gonna protect you whether you like it or not, I told you if you're in a situation I'll come running, didn't I say that"

"Yes but--"

"But nothing. Just be glad that I didn't kill anyone" I said putting the safety on my gun. "Now can we please--" I got cut off by a sharp pain in my chest Adrian's screams is the only thing I want to remember right now. More and more gunfire were made. I'm laying on the floor trying to catch my breath, my vision starts to get blurrier. All I could see was Adrian kneeling down to me crying for help.

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