There's a new girl at school, she's not a big Justin Bieber fan but they end up making a deal together which makes them want to be closer.


14. Guilt

I woke up for school the next morning getting ready.

I headed downstairs bumping into Kristie, she was wearing a robe. I giggled at the fact my dad slept with her last night.

"Good morning" She said with a smile.


"Do you want breakfast, I can cook if you want to"

"That's fine" I said. She walked back in the kitchen and I followed her sitting down at the counter.

"So you and Drew were hitting it off last night. He's a smart boy, he's sweet too"

"Yeah, he told me that if I wanted to talk to Justin I could, he couldn't stop me from talking to him or anyone else. I don't even know if we're friends still. I doubt it, but whatever I have a boyfriend and I'm happy with him"

"That's good. I know I'm not your mom and I'm not trying to take her place. I like your dad he's amazing and I enjoy talking to you"

"I enjoy talking to you too" I said with a smile. She fixed breakfast handing me a plate. I ate breakfast grabbing my bag leaving.

"Wait up bitch" Kathy said catching up with me. "Sweet ride, someone's birthday is next week. Let's throw a party" She said happily as she got into the car.

"Party? That depends if my dad isn't home"

"We can throw it at my place, my parents are never home. My mom is a flight attendant remember they stay flying. And my dad loves to travel"

"Sounds like a plan"

"Great I'll make flyers and post them everywhere" She says gladly. I pulled up at the school seeing Drew with his friends beside his car laughing and talking.

"You and Drew are so cute together, he's tall you're short. It's so cute"

"I'm happy with him"

"Good, he better make you happy I'll sucker punch his ass if he does anything slick" She say grabbing her bag walking with me to meet him.

"Good morning" I say.

"Good morning. I want you to meet my friends Troy and Dave" He says and I waved at them.

"Hi, I'm Adrian. Drew's girlfriend" I said shaking their hands.

"He talks so much about you" Troy says.

"Yeah, non-stop he's so hooked but I'm happy he found someone. Take care of him" Dave said with a wink.

"Don't listen to these delinquents. How are you" He asked.

"I'm good, just wanted to talk to you before I take Kathy to get her schedule"

"Alright, I'll see you later then"

"Yeah, oh and Kathy decided to throw me a birthday party next week at her place. Just wanted to inform you and your friends"

"We'll be there" He says with a smile, I smiled too and kissed his cheek walking off.

"He's so hot, he makes me sweat" Kathy says.

"Oh my gosh Kathy" I said walking inside the building. We went to get her schedule. I seen Justin come in staring at Kathy's ass I rolled my eyes. Before Kathy could walk off she bumped into him, he just smiled holding out his hand. Oh no, not this shit again.

"Let's go" I said grabbing Kathy's hand leaving.

"What the hell was that"

"That was Justin. You don't wanna deal with him" I said.

"He was cute"

"Yeah and his cuteness will end up with craziness" I said and she snatched her hand out of my grip.

"Adrian, come on let's not do this"

"Are you interested in him. You can't be" I said.

"No I'm not interested in him, not after what he did to my best friend, I would never go after him that's what real friends do. But honestly do you have feelings for him"

"No. I'm over him that was days ago"

"Good, Drew is a good guy you deserve each other. Screw Justin I would never try to talk to him. He's a ladies man" She said and I smiled hugging her. "Come on" She smiled locking her arm with mines walking to class.

"Was that your friend" Justin asked me.

"Why? You're interested in her"

"She's cute, maybe you could hook us up together"

"I doubt it, she's not gonna be some other girl you make a bet on. Why are you even talking to me? You're furious with me remember? Remember Friday night when you threw a tantrum because I was interested in Drew" I said and he chuckled.

"You're gonna regret that"

"Oh am I? Because I regret sleeping with your ass"

"How can you regret something you keep doing" He asked.

"I haven't slept with you since Friday and I don't want to remember any of that"

"Yeah, as if that'll happen"

"Kathy's not interested okay, so leave her alone" I said getting up, the bell rung. I seen Kathy passing out flyers to people, sticking them on the walls.

"Hey babe, I had East Lab first period so I printed some flyers" She says handing me one.

"They look amazing"

"I know right, spent the whole period doing it. I'm inviting everyone"

"Everyone? Meaning Justin too"

"Of course, he may not come anyways"

"He's interested in you"

"I don't care, I don't want him Adrian chill." She said handing Drew a flyer.

"Next Wednesday? You do know that's our next game right" He says.

"Oh, I didn't know that. So you can't make it" I asked.

"I'll come after the game, don't worry it starts at 9 right"

"Yes, and it doesn't end until the police come knocking" Kathy says passing out a flyer. He chuckled and I did too.

"Want me to walk you to class"

"Sure" I said holding his hand.

"Want to hang out after school, I know I have practice I can miss it, coach will probably go crazy it has to be an emergency for me to miss practice"

"Are you sure you want to do that? I don't want you to get in trouble"

"I'll be okay, I like getting yelled at" He said chuckling.

"Okay but if you get in trouble, don't blame me"

"I'll take whatever punishment he can think of. He knows my dad so I'm sure he will understand" He said stopping in front of the classroom.

"He knows your dad" I asked.

"Yeah, they were classmates in high school. My dad works for this big finance company, you could say we're a wealthy family. We should talk after school"

"Okay I would like that and thanks for walking me to class. I could do the same y'know"

"I'm good, but thanks for the offer see you later" He says kissing my hand walking off.

"I heard about you and Justin" Tiffany says.

"Holy shit, you look horrible what happened to you" I asked referring to her messy hair and a bad choice of clothing.

" You! You happened, causing my break up with Justin which makes me miserable all of a sudden not even care how I look now. He's too busy chasing your best friend Kathy. I'm sorry about the way I've been treating you. No new girl should go through that, it wasn't you it was Justin I should've been worried about. He will really act like that once he doesn't get a girl he wants, I made so many mistakes. And I just keep making them, I was drunk as hell at my party and I didn't know what I was doing. I got upset because Trish told me she would've took Justin from me so I gave her a piece of my mind by mixing too many drinks together and dropped a couple pills in his drink making him act like that"

"How come you didn't go to the police station and turn yourself in"

"Because..I can't go to jail. Do you know what they do to girls like me, it rhymes with grape! I didn't notice until the next day. Trish was devastated when she heard the knew he got killed, she didn't know by who. And now that you blurted it out to the whole school everyone looks at me weird" She says.

"Some believed me and some didn't, Justin told me he found out from Christian and Ryan"

"So they knew the whole time"

"Yeah I guess so, you're really admitting you killed him"

"Please don't say anything, I'm paying for that every single day. I don't know what's gonna happen to me. Probably get sent away and never see any of you again, I want to graduate"

"Tiffany, you killed someone. And you're worried about not graduating, Jonas isn't gonna graduate because of what you did"

"I know" She said softly.

"What makes you tell me this kind of stuff"

"Well because you know about it, and I feel guilty everyday just thinking about it so, just don't say anything" She said walking off. I sighed going into class taking my seat.

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