Head over Heels (18+)

Adrian moves to California to start her new adventure with her dad, whose a lawyer that is transferring to a new firm. She meets the famous celebrity Justin Bieber she absolute despises. They make a bet with each other which pulls them closer together, Justin exposes his love to her as she keeps it a secret.


35. Sweet Caroline.

It seemed as everything was going downhill for Adrian and I. It wasn't how it used to be...laughing and having lots of sex just like in high school. Now that she's finished with college and I'm done with touring I don't know what else to do. I'm marrying the girl of my dreams but that doesn't seem much. When I left, I grabbed some breakfast for Adrian and I and took it back to the house. 


"Hey" I said, sitting beside her on the couch. 


"Hi" She says, then being silent. 


"I got breakfast for us. Sorry I didn't cook or anything I just-- I went to talk to someone this morning. I decided to see a shrink. I did it for you"


"I want you to do it for you not me Justin. I'm scared for you..seeing your mom lying on the floor like that, I knew you should've went to talk to someone months ago. I helped you with a crime Justin" 


"I know. I shouldn't have put you in that situation. I'm sorry, and I know a sorry isn't going to bring her back. She just drove me insane. I didn't want anything happening to you or Adriana. I loved her to death Adrian, I fucking loved her. I was so ready to bring her into this world and call her my daughter but someone had to fuck that up for us, and it gets me even more upset just thinking about it"


"Then don't think about it. She's gone" 


"I know. It just hurts..a lot. I put your life at risk dating Tori and having a horrible mother come into your life like that. I can't rewind everything but I wish I could. I wish I could wake up from this nightmare I'm living in and start over but I can't. I killed my mom. I didn't mean for it to end like that she was just- she brought the memories back and I hate that she showed up at the hospital. I wish she never met you and never came near me. I love you Adrian, I will do just about anything to keep you safe. Please talk to me" I said scooting closer to her. She takes a deep breath moving her eyes on me. 


"Justin I think the only person you should protect me from is yourself. It's not about me and you or anyone else..it's about you. Only you Justin. I can't stop thinking about last night, I want to forget it all but I can't. Yes your mother was a cruel bitch that never listens but you didn't have to do that. It's all because of this anger you're putting on yourself that drives you to be angry"


"I don't want to lose you again" I said. 


"I don't either. Everything was getting good"


"It still can be that way. If I come clean I'm going to jail. I don't know what to do Adrian"


"I helped you last night. I would be going to jail too" 


"I'm sorry I put you in this situation. I can't sleep, can't eat. Every time I close my eyes I can see her. I'm so tired"


"Yeah, you look tired. Be right back" She says getting up going into the kitchen. She came back giving me a glass of water sitting back beside me eating breakfast. I took a sip of water, after a few minutes I started to get sleepy dozing off on the couch. 

I quickly woke up. My body was completely sweaty and my heart was racing. I threw the blanket off of me walking downstairs. I checked my phone searching for the time, 6 in the afternoon. I heard commotion coming from the backyard, I saw Adrian, Ryan and Christian talking cooking BBQ. Her eyes laid on mines, she smiled telling me to come outside. I slid the door open walking outside towards them.


"Hey. How are you feeling" She asks hugging me.


"You gave me a sleeping pill Adrian" 


"I know. You were tired and if I told you I gave it to you, you wouldn't have taken it. I know you. Just wanted to look out for you Justin. You've been under a lot of pressure. You deserve some rest. Look I know what happened last night wasn't what was planned, I can't forget about it and neither can you but..can we move forward with this. Let's be happy together that's all I want. I don't want to be the couple that argues and be upset and depressed over little things. It's in the past, I don't wanna sound fucked up or anything but I just want to forget so we can go back to our old lives. Y'know the fun us. Having amazing sex, y'know things like that" She asks I nodded taking a deep breath. I did want to forget about it and I did have to control my anger. I put a smile on my face for her not a fake one either. I joined them. We talked and laughed eating ribs and hamburgers drinking beer. 


"How are you man, we haven't heard from you in forever"Christian says.


"Just been through some things..Adrian and I"


"Everything is okay right? Between you two"


"Yeah definitely it's just..she can't get pregnant and it's been putting a lot of pressure on us because we want a family. Including me but losing Adriana did something to me. I started to get angry"


"Don't do that to yourself. It wasn't your fault you told Adrian to keep her distance from Tori when you were publicity dating her. You can't blame anyone but her, she did that" 


"I know. But I told her long as she was inside her I'm not going to walk away. Now that it's been a few years of her death I don't know. I was happy about her" 


"It's not too late Justin. Maybe you can't have a baby but adoption is always available. I know you don't want to adopt but don't rush this..you're getting married soon and that's all you have to worry about. You and Adrian. I like her, she keeps you happy I know that but you're the one that's tearing yourself apart. Just cut yourself some slack it's not the end of the world" 


"You're right. Thanks" I said. 


"You can't change things, no matter how unfair they are. Give it time, I'm sure you guys will end up with good news to have a family"


"Me too. I'm working on getting better" I said. 


"Good. We're gonna get going it's nice talking to you keep in touch" He says hugging me. I hugged back doing the same to Ryan. Once they left I went into the kitchen to help Adrian with the dishes, she smiles at me and kisses my cheek. 


"Thanks for bringing them over" 


"No problem. Thought you needed some guys to talk to y'know. Sorry I slipped a sleeping pill in your water but I just couldn't think about you not sleeping, we both went through some shit and got through it and we're okay. So I was wondering if you considered doing your tour it's been a couple years and I thought about it. You were depressed because I wasn't with you, now that I am maybe you should reconsider that" 




"Justin you need to do things with your career instead of being y'know angry at the world for not giving you what you want" 


"I know. I'll think about it okay, need help with the dishes" 


"No I'm fine" She says, the doorbell rang I walked off answering it. 


"You're Justin right" A guy asks with brown hair and caramel eyes looking exactly like me. I know I wasn't just seeing things, he walked in looking around. I closed the door and chuckled to myself.


"Yeah I'm Justin. Who are you" 


"Jason..Jason McCain. Mom never told me I had a long loss brother, she was a bit of a bitch. Damn I can't believe I had to find you this way" 


"She never told me about you, guess she wanted to keep it a secret" I said.


"Yeah. Nice place I see this singing career is doing well for you. How is that exactly" 


"It's fine"


"That's funny because a couple years ago you just came out with an album and you canceled your tour. I'm sure it's not doing pretty great. What would I know right? I'm just an ordinary person. Your brother at that. So where is she? Mom?" 


"I don't know. Haven't seen her" I said.


"She told me you gave her money for her to stay away from what's her name? Adrian? She sounds hot. Listen whatever happened it's okay I'm a cool brother. I'm not gonna run off and tell. You may have a bad temper but trust me, I'm way worse that's why mom hates the both of us. She was a complete bitch" 


"Tell me about it, she made my life a living hell. She told my ex to push Adrian down the stairs so that she could kill my daughter" 


"Sounds just like her too. She's dead isn't she? Mom?" 


"Yeah. I got upset when she told me what she made Tori do so I choked her. I have bad anger problems okay"


"Not judging. She was a shitty person, definitely didn't win any mother of the year award. She put us both through hell, stop stressing yourself out"


"Who's at the door" Adrian asks walking into the living room looking at Jason and I, she chuckles a little not believing her eyes. 


"You're Adrian right" He asks holding out his hand, she smiles and shakes it. 


"Yeah. And you're Jason..Justin's long loss brother. Patricia told me about you a couple years back I thought she was lying"


"Yeah that's something she likes to do..it's nice to meet you, you're prettier in person" He says kissing her hand. "Justin's a very luck guy" He added, I rolled my eyes pulling him by his shirt walking outside. 


"Don't touch her okay that's my fiancé" 


"Chill I wouldn't do that to you. Plus we just met and she's technically my sister now. Look we have our differences you're the singer and I'm just a trouble maker. I've been to prison before you have too but not much as me. I'll take the blame for you and Adrian that's what brothers do. They do shit for each other" 


"Why? Why would you want to help me? How much do you want" I asked. 


"Nothing. There's no catch, I'm a bad person I've been in and out the system for a while now.  I'm actually on the wanted list anyways, been on the run for a couple months. Long as you put money on my books. You have a reputation I don't, think about it, catch you later" He says leaving. It's kind of weird to meet a long loss brother that I never knew about. Jason looks exactly like me, we don't have the same personalities but it's weird. I walked back into the house looking for Adrian. 


"Adrian!" I yelled out because I didn't want to wander around this big house. 


"That was Jason"


"I know. Why didn't you tell me I had a brother"


"I thought she was lying okay. You never told me about a brother except your baby brother. Don't get mad at me jeez" 


"I'm not it's just weird for us to meet each other like this. He wants to take the wrap for me. For what I did. He's on the wanted list and he told me to think about it" I said. 


"Okay aren't you happy about that"


"No. I'm not. I'm living with guilt, I did this! And I can't picture Jason going to prison for a crime he didn't commit"


"You're not going back there. I mean that, I'm not trying to sound cold or bitchy but you're not. We are finally on the right track I know you shouldn't have done it and I know it was an accident but we need to move on Justin. I know you're scared for what will happen next. I am too for god sake. Don't do this, just get the help you need and let's be happy again. That's all I want" 


"Okay. Again thanks for inviting them over, maybe I needed a guy to talk to" I said.


"You can talk to my dad, he's always available. Have you talked to yours lately"


"No. Not since I became famous. Do you think we should move the wedding up I know we didn't talk about the date yet...I just don't want to wait any longer"


"Okay. But you have to keep seeing the shrink that's all I want you to do" 


"Okay. I can do that" I said. Lately I've been seeing the shrink, it's been helping a little. But at the same time in the back of my head I still can't forget what I've done..killing my own mother because she told Tori to push Adrian down the stairs just because she didn't want to see me happy or raise a baby. It's crazy..all of it is. Yesterday, Caroline came knocking on my door, after years not seeing her she had a little girl with her and surprisingly, she told me I was the father. I wanted to cry because everything was going so well and she's now deciding to tell me this when I'm about to get married in a couple of hours. I couldn't face Adrian and tell her that in front of a lot of people or say 'I do' when I have a daughter.

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