Burning Bridges (DIRTY)

There's a new girl at school, she's not a big Justin Bieber fan but they end up making a deal together which makes them want to be closer.


13. Expose

My weekend was going horrible. I felt like the only best friend I had was my dad, maybe even Drew.

Today was Monday, going back to school. Justin and I still had classes together which made me feel even worse.

"Hey, what happened to you at the party" Trish asked.

"Got drunk and almost ended up kidnapped"

"No I'm talking about, before all that. I was looking for you, well sorta I was drunk but I was looking for you so you could take me home. But you were no where in sight. Comes to find out you've been fucking Justin all last week, blowing your back out and shit. No wonder you've been taking up for him with the Jonas issue" She said loudly.

"Okay for your information Tiffany is the one that murdered your boyfriend. Justin had nothing to do with it, and yes I fucked Justin, and he has been blowing my back out and I regret doing it. We all have shit to overcome Trish. And what I do privately and personally, is none of your goddamn business or anyone's business" I said. She walked off, I sighed knowing she was mad at me everyone's attention was on me. I noticed Justin was listening, he turned back to his friends and kept talking. I slammed my locker going to class. Justin didn't even say a word, not even a peep to me today. I know I probably embarrassed him. Maybe he wasn't embarrassed, maybe everyone was cheering him on by banging the new girl while I was getting called a slut and other words.

"Hey" Drew said sitting next to me.

"Hey" I replied back.

"You okay, I heard everything from this morning. Of course Trish is spreading it around plus everyone heard"

"I'm sorry Drew, I wasn't thinking. I know you're embarrassed about it"

"I'm not, it's okay. I knew about it. The whole sexing thing it was pretty obvious. I could tell it wasn't gonna last long I mean friends with benefits doesn't last. Trust me I would know" He said and I chuckled.

"I was afraid of facing you, I didn't see this coming. I told Justin I was interested in you that's why he went crazy Friday night after everyone left for the party. It was crazy"

"I would never do anything to hurt you Adrian. I know what you did with him was a mistake and I make mistakes too, I slept with Tiffany once and I really regret that" He said and I smiled.

"Did you hear what I said about her"

"Yeah, she killed Jonas but half of the school doesn't believe that, she was here earlier but she's not here anymore. I guess she left when you said that"

"Do you believe it" I asked and he shrugged.

"Maybe. I don't know what to believe honestly. But I wouldn't think Justin would do that they were really close. Trish and Tiffany had beef so I'm sure she did do it out of spite. But I'm sorry this is happening to you, I figured you lost your best friend. You needed a shoulder to lean on" He said and I smiled.

"Yeah, I do. Doing anything after school"

"I have basketball practice after school all week. Coming to the game Thursday"

"Yeah, I might as well come wouldn't have anything else to do. What time does it start" I asked.

"7, maybe you could be my good luck charm. I'll talk to you later" He says getting up. I felt a little better after talking to Drew. He makes me smile, makes me laugh, it's what I look for in a guy. My only question is since everything is out in the blue, are we dating?

After school I walked to my car getting in, Justin's car was still here. I got into the car going home headed into the kitchen.

"How was school" My dad asked.

"Horrible. Who is this" I asked talking about the mysterious lady in the room.

"Oh this is Kristie, you know the girl I went on a date with, this is her" He says.

"Um. Well hi I'm Adrian" I say sitting my bag in the chair.

"Nice to meet you" She said nicely, with a smile.

"So school, what happened" He asked.

"My best friend Trish told everyone I slept with Justin, he didn't even speak to me all day. But Drew was there to save the day"

"That's great, I like this Drew guy. I wanna meet him" He say eating a carrot.

"M-meet him" I asked stuttering.

"Yeah what's with the stuttering you don't want me to meet him, you met my lady I want to meet Drew"

"Dad I'm not even sure if we're dating" I said.

"Well if he's making you laugh and smile I'm sure that gives you an answer"

"Dad just because a person makes another person laugh and smile doesn't mean they're dating. Maybe they're trying to make a conversation. Yes it means the person like you but nothing more"

"You still can't get over Justin can you" He asked suspiciously.

"No, i'm over Justin we didn't even date. We were just bed buddies"

"Okay that's enough for today. You can go upstairs" He say I rolled my eyes grabbing my bag headed to my room. I sat on my bed taking out the homework from today doing it. My phone started to buzz, I seen a FaceTime call from Kathy. I smiled and answered at least I have at least one friend I can depend on.

"Hey babe" She says with a smile, I smile too.

"Hey, I'm so happy to talk to you"

"What's wrong, you sound horrible. How was the party Friday, forgot to call you and ask if it was great or not got caught up with boyfriend problems. Anyways how was it"

"Long story" I say.

"I have all day come on"

"Okay well, I get to the party with Trish, she goes straight into the kitchen to get drunk. I sorta got high but I definitely got drunk at the end but before getting drunk. Justin approached me asked me for a dance, I danced with him, had sex with him in his bathroom. We argued a little after that I got drunk walking home cause I was drunk and I didn't want to drive. A car pulled up beside me I was looking sexy they may thought I was a drunk prostitute. They tried to kidnap me I fell out so I woke up in Justin's house on the couch, he saved me from that. We argued again it was a big argument I told him I was interested in someone else and he went insane Kathy. He told me he had feelings for me then it started into an argument. Then today Trish exposed me to the school saying I fucked Justin and now she's upset with me. But the guy I like his name is Drew, we're hitting it off he's nice to me" I said and she smiled a little.

"I'm sorry baby, seems like your week was horrible"

"Yeah" I said.

"The question is do you have feelings for Justin"

"I'm having mixed feelings. Justin and I had amazing sex, Drew and I, he makes me smile and laugh. He did it today"

"Honestly, I would say go with your gut. Drew seems like a really nice guy. Justin just went insane because of how good the sex was" She said chuckling.

"Yeah. I said the same thing even my dad" I said and we both laughed. "I miss you"

"Me too. I wish I was down there so you could cry on my shoulder. But don't cry you're a big girl. I hardly ever see you cry, you're the girl that's bitchy and rude to people"

"It's just, I don't know these feelings are killing me"

"Well you have to choose, you can't have both. You like Justin because of the sex and you like Drew because he's boyfriend material. I would go with Drew he seems like a sweet guy, what is he like anyway"

"He's a jock, but not a douchebag jock. He's really nice and sweet"

"Justin's just an asshole" She said laughing.

"Yeah agreed, but it makes me one too"

"Probably. I want to see this Drew is he cute" She asked.

"Oh yes he's really cute, he has this sleeve of tattoos on his arm. Has brown hair, brown eyes, and oh my gosh his voice is so deep"

"Damn that makes me like him too"

"Now back off" I said chuckling.

"Alright, I'll back off. But I literally wanna see him. I should approve if he gets to date my best friend or not. How's dad" She asked.

"He's good, came home today his little lady is in the kitchen cooking with him"

"It's good he's getting back out there. I'm happy for him, and maybe when you figure out who you're dating I'll be happy for you too" She say smiling. I smiled too.

"I love you"

"I love you too babe. Talk to you later" She say waving, I waved back hanging up.

"Adrian!" I heard my dad say from downstairs. I moved my books off my lap going downstairs seeing Kathy. I screamed running downstairs into her arms.

"Ugh you so played it off" I said pulling away.

"I know. My mom decided to move up here for a while, plus we moved in next door. Your dad was on it too" She said.

"You knew!"

"Surprise" He said walking back into the kitchen.

"I'm so happy to see you oh my gosh, at least I have one true friend"

"We're best friends, every since elementary school. I will always be there for you. And I know it's been a week since you've moved away but I just had to convince my parents to move here. Now that one of your friends are gone, here I am" She said happily. I couldn't do anything but hug her, I grabbed her hand showing her to my room.

"Holy shit your room is bigger than mines" She say sitting on the bed.

"What happened to your boyfriend"

"Sweetie I ended it with him two days ago. He's an idiot, I'm happy I moved here we could do sleepovers, confront that bitch Tiffany you were talking about and screw Trish you have me. You don't need a person like her, who cares you fucked Justin, everyone probably had him" She said and I giggled.

"Well I don't know about everyone but, everyone drools over him at school including kissing his ass" I said. My phone buzzed seeing Drew texting, I got excited again. "Oh my gosh it's Drew. He wants to go out for dinner tonight"

"Tonight? On a Monday night? Didn't know people did that"

"What do I say? What do I tell my dad" I asked.

"Invite him over for dinner smart ass" She said grabbing my phone texting him herself. "I told him you couldn't make it to dinner tonight but it would be nice for him to come over for dinner to meet your dad and also me, you're welcome"

"I'm not even dressed" I say getting up going into the closet picking out something.

"Perfect" I said to myself holding up a black dress changing into it.

"Damn. I would date you myself" Kathy said and I giggled fixing my hair putting on heels going downstairs.

"Adrian this is just dinner, not a restaurant" Dad says jokingly.

"Drew is coming over for dinner, I invited him over"

"Oh so he's in the picture now..well that's good if he's going to be in your life I would love to meet him. Let me get dressed" He says going upstairs.

"Well since everyone is dressed, I'm gonna go next door and do the same" Kathy says leaving. I helped Kristie with the table.

"You know I like your dad, he's really funny" She says starting a conversation.

"Yeah. Get used to it he will always try to turn something serious into a joke. I guess that's how he is. I'm happy he found someone"

"Thanks. I was listening to your conversation with your dad earlier, I didn't mean to eavesdrop but you know I was in the same boat as you, when I were your age. I liked this guy and the other guy it was hard to choose"

"How did you you know which one was the right guy" I asked.

"Well, its pretty easy get to know the person you're really interested in first. And if you don't like some things about him maybe he's not for you. But if he's making you smile uncontrollably and laugh a lot instead of always thinking and bringing up sex then he's the one. Sex is not always the main thing about being in a relationship. It's more than just sex"

"But I liked having sex with him"

"Maybe that's the only thing you two have in common and that's just sex. What's this boy name" She asked.

"His name is Justin, the guy I was having sex with. And the guy that's coming over name is Drew"

"They both met your dad"

"Yeah. Justin met him in an awkward situation, we were having sex and I hid him in my bathroom. When I told him I was interested in someone else he went crazy"

"Well I can't tell you who and who not to date, you only know that just don't make the same mistakes twice" She says. My dad came downstairs putting food on the table. I got a text from Drew, he was on his way. I get so nervous around him and I've never been that way with a guy.

"I'm here, thank god he hasn't made it yet. Just wanted to look presentable" Kathy says sitting down at the table.

"He's on his way, and I'm nervous" I say.

"You can do this Adrian, you wasn't nervous having sex with Justin"

"Thanks a lot" I say, the doorbell rung. I sighed fixing my hair before opening the door.

"Hey" He said with a big smile exposing his braces handing me flowers.

"Hey, thanks come in" I said moving out the way inviting him inside.

"Hi I'm Dan, Adrian's dad" He says shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you" Drew say shaking his hand.

"I'm Kathy, I just moved next door. I'm her best friend since elementary school pleasure is mine" She said shaking his hand, I rolled my eyes.

"This is my dads girlfriend Kristie" I say. They both shook hands I could tell he was nervous, hell I was too. I put the flowers in some water sitting next to him.

"It's okay to be nervous, I am too. Just to let you know he's probably gonna ask you a few questions"

"I am" Dad says interrupting. "So Drew, what do you like to do" He asked.

"I play basketball. I plan on going to college to become a professional" He replied.

"That's great, finally a boyfriend that plans on furthering his education" He says, they all laughed I rolled my eyes. "You know you're all Adrian talks about. She was nervous as hell"

"Oh my gosh dad" I said.

"No it's okay, I think it's cute" Drew says to me. I smiled. Kathy just stared at us smiling. When dinner was over, they sat in the backyard playing board games while Drew and I were talking privately.

"I like your dad, he's funny" He chuckled.

"He tries to be, I wanted to ask you why you weren't at the party Friday"

"Justin and I don't like each other. He can't stand me" He chuckled.

"Oh yeah, he told me that"

"Thanks for inviting me, after meeting my pass girlfriends family they weren't interesting enough compared to your dad" He says.

"Girlfriend? So we're dating" I asked surprised.

"Oh shit, you don't want to date me"

"No, no I was just shocked. I didn't mean it like that. I didn't know we were dating to be honest. What made you decide on going out with me it wasn't to make Justin pissed off right"

"Of course not, he has nothing to do with that. I like you a lot. But only one condition, if we don't work out we'll be friends"

"I want us to work out" I said.

"Me too, but just in case if something does happen"

"I'm okay with that" I said smiling. He smiled too kissing me softly. His lips were so magical it felt like pressing my lips against a marshmallow.

"Just so we're clear, I wouldn't get upset if you talked to Justin. I'm not going to stop you from talking to someone"

"I'm not a cheater Drew. I may talk to him every now and then but I'm sure he's too upset with me. Don't worry I'll come to your game Thursday"

"I would love to see you there. You look amazing by the way, sorry I didn't say that earlier.

"It's fine, and you clean up nicely too. Maybe I could come over your place for dinner" I said wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Are you sure about that, my brother is a total ass"

"I'm fine with that if my dad can accept you then I'm sure your family will too"

"Okay, how about after the game you can come over. Promise not to be nervous"

"Not promising but I'll try" I said. He kissed my cheek. When he ended up leaving I took a deep breath.

"That went well" Dad said eating ice cream. "I like him, he's smart. I could tell he like my jokes"

"He likes you"

"Good, I like him too. We can get along very well goodnight" He said winking at me going upstairs.

"He was such a hottie, you didn't tell me he had braces" Kathy said.

"I know, I'm happy you met him. How is he"

"I like him. I can see a future with you two having a basketball court of babies" She said chuckling.

"Oh no kids, I can't do kids" I say.

"Whatever, I'm gonna go crash night babe"

"Tell your parents I said hi"

"I will" She says leaving. I went upstairs changing into my night clothes getting a text. 'Goodnight gorgeous, had a wonderful time see you tomorrow' Drew says I smiled laying down cutting the lamp off.

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