There's a new girl at school, she's not a big Justin Bieber fan but they end up making a deal together which makes them want to be closer.


11. dRuNk

I groaned gripping onto the sink throwing my head back in pleasure.

"Does that feel good" He asked. I nodded moaning moving my hair out the way. He reached to my tits squeezing them, pulling my nipples. I was completely aroused, I love getting my nipples sucked, licked, or bitten on. I moaned again bouncing faster biting my bottom lip rubbing my clit.

"Oh my god I'm gonna cum" I said still bouncing.

"Cum on my dick baby" He said still pulling my nipples. He stopped me thrusting himself in me. I leaned down our stomaches were touching each other, I removed my heels starting to bounce on him again cumming, riding him.

"It feels so good, feeling you cum on my dick" He moaned, I pressed my lips against his slowly riding him. I pushed his hair back kissing his neck, he smacked my ass making me giggle.

"We're not finished" He said. I got off, he got behind me. I shook my ass teasing him spreading my legs, laying the side of my face on the floor looking back at him. He was admiring his view biting his bottom lip, licking my pussy.

"Damn I can't believe I'm making you this wet" He chuckled. I giggled rubbing myself from the back.

"Do you need help" I asked.

"No I'm close" He says still jerking off. "Keep playing with yourself" He says demanding me, I spit on my fingers reaching back between my legs rubbing myself, sticking a finger in. I moaned thinking about Justin pounding my guts. I added another finger slipping them in and out. My fingers were so wet, his eyes rolled to the back of his head closing his eyes. He grunted shooting his cum.

"You ready" He says panting.

"Yes daddy" I said, he smirked.

"I like that" He says smacking my ass I giggled helping him put it in. "Is it far enough? Can you feel it?" He asked. I nodded picking my face off the floor.

"You're so deep inside me Justin" I moaned. "Choke me" I said. He wrapped both of his hands around my neck pounding me. I moaned rolling my eyes to the back of my head. "Oh baby, just like that. Don't stop" I said catching my breath, I could hardly breathe but I was enjoying it so much getting pounded, feeling every single inch inside me. Maybe that's why I can't stop thinking about him. I moved one of his hands from around my neck sucking his finger.

"Make me cum again, make me cum again" I said over and over while my tits moved up and down holding onto his wrist. He moaned pulling on my hair.

"Mmm. Your dick feels good inside me" I moaned cumming again. He let go of my hair taking himself out laying down on the floor. I laid beside him staring at the ceiling.

"We should stop" I said.

"You don't mean that"

"I do. Justin we're addicted having sex with each other" I said sliding his shirt on sitting up. He sat up too.

"Oh really, you really want me to stop" He asked leaning in kissing me passionately. I tried pushing him away until he grabbed my wrist pulling me on top of him. We started making out. I pulled away and got off.

"I'm serious Justin, ugh! You always know how to drag me down with you"

"You wasn't saying that 2 minutes ago"

"Oh really. 'Wanna go somewhere' that's what you told me"

"You could've said no, but you didn't" He said standing up putting his clothes on. "I want my shirt" He said pissed off.

"Come on Justin don't get mad at me" I said standing up.

"We're crazy about each other. Even in bed, do you really want to stop the amazing sex we've been having for the past week. I like being inside of you, makes me feel that I'm in control y'know"

"I suggest you stop, you know how I am"

"Should I remind you what you'll be missing" He asked getting close to me.

"No" I said walking backwards hitting the wall.

"Just so you know, you'll always think about me. You will think about all the times I've been deep inside of you without any hesitation, making you cum, pulling on your hair, kissing all over your body. You can't resist Adrian, we had a deal. I want to continue having sex with you. I broke up with Tiffany today at school, Could you still see us having sex Adrian" He asked and I nodded.

"Yeah. It's just if this keeps continuing we're going to go insane not knowing what to do if we're not having sex. I want to stop before things get bad"

"Yeah. Can I have my shirt, I have a party to host" He says, I sighed taking his shirt off handing it to him. He left the bathroom, I sighed walking up to the sink splashing water on my face drying it off. I put my clothes on. I thought if I went out the bathroom everyone would act suspicious. I went through his closet, through the bedroom, downstairs. Justin went back to Christian and Ryan smoking with them. He already had another chick on his lap, I went to find Trish she was nowhere to be found. I looked at the liquor on the table. I took a few shots, I left the party I was too drunk to drive home, so I started walking home. A car slowly approached me. It was blurry I could barely see anything. The guys in the car was obviously hitting on me. One started to get out the car trying to grab me, I screamed loud as I could throwing up on him falling onto the ground.

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