There's a new girl at school, she's not a big Justin Bieber fan but they end up making a deal together which makes them want to be closer.


12. Berserk

I woke up on a couch, oh shit I've been kidnapped. I looked around it was Justin's place. I sighed in relief everyone was gone the house was a crazy mess. How the hell I end up here and not my own house. I walked in the kitchen seeing Justin throwing away cups and plates off the counter.

"You're up" He said.

"What am I doing here? Why aren't I at home? What happened?" I said asking a lot of questions.

"You almost got taken away. What the hell made you walk home" He asked.

"I was obviously drunk. Hello! Did you notice"

"What are you doing getting drunk"

"You know what never mind I'm going home"

"Wait" He says before I could walk off. "I realized what you said, and I tried to tell you that you were right I couldn't find you anywhere, your car still in my driveway so I got in my car, and started looking I heard you scream and that's when I came upon some guys trying to put you in their car. You threw up on one of them and you fell that's when I started running towards you. I almost got into a fight I was high as hell" He said.

"Why would they put me in their car"

"A hot chick that's drunk out of her mind walking home dressing like that, yeah they probably thought you were a prostitute"

"So I look like a prostitute" I asked angrily.

"No, I didn't mean it like that. You need an aspirin or something"

"No. And thanks for saving me I don't know where I would be if you didn't come"

"You're welcome" He says with a smile.

"So, was that the girl you were so interested in. She was sitting on your lap" I asked and he chuckled.

"Adrian. It's none of them, it's you. I like you"

"Don't tell me that" I said crossing my arms feeling bad.

"Why not"

"I just ruined a relationship between you and Tiffany. You're confused Justin"

"No I'm not confused, yeah I kinda broke up with her but it could be just us, don't you get it"

"What do you mean kinda" I asked. He didn't reply, I got really impatient to hear what he had to say. "You kinda broke up with her because you made a bet that if she went out with you, you would help her with a record deal. Am I right?"


"You asshole!!" I yelled walking off.

"Adrian come on let me explain-"

"I am not some kind of person you can just bet on especially other girls, who else have you made a bet with, with your pathetic Prince Charming"

"No one else. Just you and Tiffany. But she's out of the picture, Adrian we have chemistry outside of the bed. You make me want to be a better me, every time I see you, it's like I've reached my climax without having sex. I honestly don't want to stop having sex with you, it's fun and I like it. Enjoying each others pleasures. Please don't be mad at me, Tiffany killed Jonas I've been trying to tell you that for the past three days. She spiked his drink with something that made him go crazy to kill himself. I'm not a murderer Adrian, and I don't want everyone labeling me as that" He said. He grabbed my hand taking me to the couch to sit down. "Talk to me, why do you want to stop having sex with me" He says feeling sad and guilty. I took a deep breath.

"Justin, it's been fun with you seriously. But what if I'm interested in someone else and we're having sex? What if someone finds out about us, and then tells the guy I like, about it, then he would wonder why I wasn't so interested in the first place"

"Are you talking about Drew" He asked.

"Yeah, we got to know each other the other day. I'm sorry Justin but what happened in your bathroom was a mistake" I said and he slowly got up off the couch taking a deep breath.

"Mistake? You wanna call that a mistake. 'Oh Justin you're so deep' a MISTAKE!" He says getting loud.

"Justin calm down"

"No! What happened in there wasn't just a mistake we did it on purpose it wasn't an accident. We both wanted it, don't fucking deny it because we did. If you thought this through then you could've told me in the beginning you were interested in Drew"

"I did!"

"I didn't know you were gonna take him seriously, I thought having sex with you would've changed your mind about him"

"What so I could get with you, Justin you're a celebrity. You can have any girl you want to, enjoy that"

"Yeah and what if you got pregnant. You think Drew would deal with that, 'I'm pregnant by Justin the whole time we were talking getting to know each other I was banging him for a week so he could help with my ACT test' Is that really what you wanna tell him? Huh? GOD! I should've seen this coming" He says getting upset.

"Oh my gosh Justin, is my vagina the reason you're throwing a tantrum right now. If so then I'm sorry"

"Oh don't say you're sorry four days later after we've came all over each other. All of this just for a piece of ass" He says to himself chuckling sarcastically.

"No you just didn't! I am not a piece of ass to you if that's the case you were a piece of ass to me!" I yelled standing up.

"That's great, now we know we used each other. You know what I hope you failed your stupid little test Adrian, I shouldn't have help you, I shouldn't have slept with you, maybe I could've still had my relationship with Tiffany instead of chasing after you"

"I didn't ask you to chase after me!! You know we all have our regrets, all of this because I told you I was interested in Drew now you're going bizarre. Fuck you!"

"You just did, an hour ago" He says, I pushed him hitting his chest, he grabbed my wrists. I tried pulling them out his grip instead he pulls me closer to him. Our lips almost touched, breathing in each other's faces. I wanted to grab him by his face and kiss all over it. He let my wrists go walking away.

"We're not finished talking" I say going after him.

"Yes we are, we're done with this conversation and we're done speaking to each other"


"Leave!" He yelled. The tone in his voice shocked me, my heart dropped a little. I couldn't say anymore, I left his house going home.

"Hey, how was the party" Dad asked sitting on the couch watching a basketball game.

"It was okay"

"Come here" He says. Before walking upstairs I turned around sitting next to him. "What happened"

"I ended things with Justin, he got really angry when I told him I was interesting in someone, he likes me a lot and I don't know I have mixed feelings. We had sex and I don't know"

"Adrian, it's weird for you to talk to me about who you had sex with but..since I'm your dad I have a little advice for you. Go with your gut, if your gut belong with Justin then go out with him"

"My gut" I say crying into his chest.

"This is getting weirder you're still talking about sex aren't you"


"Fine, I can't say follow your heart because it lies in my opinion. But if you really like this other guy then be with him. Justin is just gonna have to except that. What else happened" He asked.

"I almost got kidnapped, I got drunk walking home and a car stopped, guys were in it trying to take me but Justin stopped it"

"Seems like Justin really likes you, maybe your 'you know what' made him that way" He chuckled.

"Dad this is no time for jokes"

"Alright but, think about it"

"Thanks dad" I said hugging him.

"You hungry"

"I'm starving" I say. He took something out of a plastic bag on the table. My favorite, Mexican food. He passed me a beer, I guess since he knows I drink knowing I'm underage he's cool with it. We hit our beers together drinking them watching the game.

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