The Inkmaster

Writing Blind. You can expect the first half to be Slice of Life.


2. The first of many attempts...and many attempts later.

After lunch Leone hurried back to the classroom only to run into the class president, Mimosa Journye, a red haired smarty pants well-known throughout the school for her brains, beauty and temper. 

"Watch where you're going!" 

She shoves Leone back so hard that he is propelled halfway out of the classroom on his back. From the ground he spots a familiar pair of black studded high tops enter the classroom.


He quickly sits up and stands. Blanc seats himself but before Leone could go over Mimosa grabs him by the shoulder. 


"What?!" Annoyed he whirls around to see Mimosa who was apparently just as annoyed as he was.

"An apology."

Was an apology needed after she resorted to physical violence? Leone wonders.

"Sorry." Leone says and turns to approach Blanc when-

The bell rings.

"Alright students, take your seats class will now begin." And right on cue, their teacher for the day enters the room. The days went on like this, every time Leone tried to approach Blanc he'd get interrupted and sometimes he wouldn't even be able to find him, Blanc no longer stayed back in the classroom and after numerous attempts Leone was feeling very low.

"Leone, go walk your sister to the stationary store!" Leone's mother steps into his room with little Cierra trudging behind.

"What, can't she go by herself? She always has before."

"Selfish brat! Haven't you watched the news? It's dangerous for little girls to go around at this time of day."

"Isn't it dangerous for little kids to go out period?" Leone mutters, this earns him a murderous look from his Mom.

"Fine! Alright!" 

In the end he concedes out of fear and follows Cierra to the stationary store quite reluctantly.

"Don't you already have a lot of folder leaves already?" He whines.

"The papers sold at the stationary store aren't plain folder leaves, they're very pretty and have a variety of colors and designs! I want to write on a pretty piece of paper to write him a letter..."

"Hmm?" Leone picks up on the last bit of her words but before he could ask they arrived at the store and upon entering he can hardly believe who is standing behind the counter.

"H-hey!" Leone hurries over to the counter. "You work here?! Wait a second isn't that illegal?"

"He helps out from time to time." Cierra corrects him. Leone eyes her. She knew about this? He's been searching for so long, so long! 

"Hey can I help out too?" he asks Blanc who blinks. 

"You want to help out at my store?"

Out of thin air, a strange woman appeared. Well, the  only thing strange thing about her was the fact that her bangs were so long they covered her eyes. How was she even able to see? For some reason Leone suddenly felt nervous.

"Um, yes!" 

"What timing! I just got a new shipment of pens that need labeling! I just finished printing out the labels so you can just stick them on!" The next thing Leone knew a box of pens was unloaded into his arms. 

"Well, go on hop to it my kittens!" The owner unloads a box of labels in Blanc's hands and claps her hands together three times. 

Without a word Blanc heads to the back of the room before looking back at him.

Realizing that this was his chance, Leone recovers from his daze and follows.



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