The Inkmaster

Writing Blind. You can expect the first half to be Slice of Life.


1. The coolcat

Tic, tic, tic goes the clock.

The soft sound drowns out the borish droning of Mr. Kriket, it was the only sound that almost all the children of Class 7B could only hear. 

Tic, tic, tic... DING DONG DING DONG.... DING DONG DING DONG goes the bell for lunch and Mr. Kriket slaps his text book shut before stepping out.  Nearly half of the class's population flee the room shortly afterwards.

Only one student remains, Blanc; which was to be expected. 

Every day, Blanc remains in the classroom. Not many knows what he does, that is not until Leone Rivera forgets his lunch money in his desk and turns back to retrieve it. Blanc Ponta sits in the very last row of the classroom in the middle seat, but that is not where he was. Leone slows down to catch his breath. Before opening the door a voice rings out from the inside.



Let me have my dignity

Adult's tell you not to talk to strangers

Yet they expect you to respect your elders

They say one thing but expect you to do the other

Tell you something then turns around and does another


What? Who am I to look to?

You say do as I say not as I do

Who? Who am I to look

-To set the example- who should I model myself after

A stranger who doesn't want me to talk to strangers

Which is even stranger that this stranger wants respect

but happens to forget that I am an individual who is capable of receiving such and yet

preaches that we are all equal



Leone opens the door to the room and the rapping stops. He hears the window and steps in right in time to see the back of Blanc jumping out the window. 


Leone races to the window, spotting the hooded figure crouched on the branch of a tree, he looks back over his shoulder and their eyes meet. After a few seconds he jumps out the tree, landing on his feet with his pants his pockets and walks off casually as if accomplishing such a feat was a perfectly normal thing to do.


"He was just like my cat!" Leone exclaimed. After grabbing his lunch money he reported the news to his cousin Orion and younger sister Cierra who stared at him with thoroughly unimpressed faces. 

"Like hell he jumped out the window and survived, our classroom's on the third floor!" Orion frowns.

"He was probably trying to act cool, but I'm sure he was probably really embarrassed and hurting." Cierra notes. 

Leone's smile fades upon watching his friends eat their lunch without a care in the world. He never liked hanging out with them because of this, but he did it because they were the only ones he knew at this school. It was out of frustration that Leone found the determination to change his predicament.

"Forget you guys, I'm gonna be friends with him. Just watch!"



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