Short Stories

From living a dream to breaking the laws of physics, these short stories have in mind action, love, death, despair and hope. These realities are at the very least in the same world. I invite you, from the side of the previous story I'm progressing on, read what else was on my mind. many of these stories were from my dreams that were unfinished that I intend to finish right here and now.


6. Luscas-Chapter 6: The Juvenile

       Luscas stared at the little wolf while she lay asleep. So young, so curious, yet she has no idea what is about to happen to her and her kind. Her grayish fur shown blue against the moonlight, her innocent face hidden under her fluffy tail. He was surprised that she could even sleep close to an Assassin, but he also guessed she was tired from all the traveling.

      Sighing, Luscas laid his head down and looked at the moon. He thought about the mission given to him. Why, of all beings, did he save this young juvenile? Even though he had to face the Fire Beast, he still had to save her. What is so unique about her? She may even be wondering why she was still alive.

       One of the stars caught Luscas' eyes. It grew a little in size and disappeared. Luscas sighed again and closed his eyes. "Remind me again why we are here." He said. He felt a warm breeze next to him, but did not look at that direction. "Can you tell not?" A sweet voice whispered in the direction of the breeze. He opened his eyes, still not looking at the voice's direction. "You have brought this on yourself. Something you had no necessary reason to do."

       Luscas looked at the juvenile. "Could have been a waste otherwise. Her life doesn't matter to me. I did my job in defeating the Fire Beast, and I chose to rescue her." His reasoning was not the accurate excuse from any Assassin. They don't save lives, they take them. The gentle voice made a little chuckle. "You know why you saved her. No one told you to do it. You just wanted to prove that your-" "I don't need reminding." Luscas interrupted with a growl.

      A light came from the direction of the voice and came closer to Luscas, but he paid no attention. The light was warm and comforting. "None can blame you for this. We sent you on a mission. You have accomplished it. You know it is not the end of it. You know what is coming, and you will have to face him." The soothing voice had shown herself as a lightened wolf figure. Luscas looked away. The bright wolf tilted her head. "Look at me in the eye, son. And promise me you will do your bidding one last time." She sounded more fierce. "Who are you? Have you forgotten why you are here?"

         "How could any one forget? I had the choice to save that juvenile, and I did. Now I regret it, knowing it won't matter what I do to improve my will." Luscas said straight forward. "She is going to die, and I cannot stop it." The bright wolf sighed and closed her white eyes. "Have you little faith? He has gotten stronger, and you have fought off his servants and rescued the juvenile. I am sure you have already proved yourself worthy." Luscas closed his eyes. "I know that."

          The bright wolf looked down in disbelief. "You are my son, Luscas. I am only here to remind you, and guide you. I can't do anything now It is all up to you." Luscas did not reply. The wolf slowly turned back. "I love you. It is your father that made you a beast." She said, then flashed away back into the night sky. Luscas was aware of her departure, and made no comment, but grunted, then fell asleep. ​One day. I will have you. I will protect the juvenile if I have to.

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