Short Stories

From living a dream to breaking the laws of physics, these short stories have in mind action, love, death, despair and hope. These realities are at the very least in the same world. I invite you, from the side of the previous story I'm progressing on, read what else was on my mind. many of these stories were from my dreams that were unfinished that I intend to finish right here and now.


5. Luscas-Chapter 5: The Truth ll

       Luscas lead Shelia to a very high hill. A very rocky one. The plant life here was quit interesting, flowers she had never seen in certain form and color. The air was filled with many unknown scents. "Where are we?" She asked him. "In the Hiskyen Mountains. We will rest here for tonight. We should be arriving to the pack tomorrow at sun high." He replied.

       Shelia had never been to the mountains, or even outside of her own territory. No wonder things looked so beautiful. She began to tire out from the travel, especially up a mountain. When they made it to the top, she collapsed and closed her eyes, but did not sleep. The thudding of Luscas' paws had stopped for a moment. "Are we safe here?" She asked, still not opening her eyes. Luscas grunted. "Of course. I will go get food." He said, then walked off. Shelia opened her eyes and was about to say something when a gust of wind appeared and he was gone.

        Shelia looked for a moment, then at the night sky. The moon had never been that big before. It was not a full moon, but close to it. The sound of the silent bugs and a running water began to soothe her. After being chased by "dangerous" birds and walking all day, she needed to rest and refresh her memory. What exactly had happened before she was knocked out? She closed her eyes and prayed. "Please, I must know what happened to my village, my father." She stood there for a long moment, then memories started coming back to her. The fire, the fiery beast, her father being killed and.....Luscas. He came to the scene right before she was knocked out. She knew she was holding something, but could not remember. Did he fight off the beast? If so, how? Maybe the thing he was holding allowed him to? Could that had been a scythe she had been told about? Maybe that part was true after all, but what of everything else?

        She opened her eyes to look at the stars. Her father had told her that there were countless number of them. She smiled at the beauty. She had never seen them this beautiful. Even in different colors. Suddenly, one of the stars caught her eye as it shot past the sky. She pricked her ears and wagged her tail. Why do stars do that? So many things she doesn't know. She grew up in a village that knows nothing of the world beyond their territory. Now she was so far from home, she wanted to go back. But it was burnt to ashes.

        Shelia's thoughts were interrupted when a gust of wind blew and Luscas appeared behind her. He was carrying what looked like a rabbit and a wolverine. He walked towards her, dropped the rabbit in front of her, then stepped back to eat the wolverine. Shelia's mouth watered at just the sight of the rabbit and began to eat.

        No one said anything for a while, until Shelia brought the subject "who are you really?" It was clearly a question of his past and what he is. Both of them knew that. He looked at her and continued eating. "Why do you care? Just assume what you have been told of me." He said bluntly. Shelia was annoyed by his stubbornness. "I was told ​that you had wings. Now I guess everything I was told was false, your beast form, your fire breathing, your scythe." Luscas paused and closed his eyes. "I am clearly surprised that anyone had said anything about me having a form. Maybe I must not be as great as you had thought."

       Shelia sighed and rolled her eyes. "Well, is there a truth to my words? What is so unique?" She desperately wanted to know, who the legend she looked up to really was. Luscas sighed heavily and looked at the moon. "You really want to know?"  He asked. Shelia took a deep breath, meaning she was desperate.

        Luscas looked down and sighed again. "Very well, then. You were, in fact, the first being to ever ask me such request." Request?​ It was just a simple question. was his life worth a day of telling?

         "I was born from parents of both sides, light and darkness; an angel and a devil. It was forbidden for them to fall in love, but they thought it was worth breaking the rules. because of this, they were banished from their worlds and lived together, had me and another pup, my sister. We were all happy, yet there was still a tension between mother and father. Though they chose to leave their worlds, their egos still stayed."

         "When I was born, I had no idea. Our parents had never told us about their spiritual sides and just said that they had happened to fall into each other's hands. My sister and I had believed that, but knew there was something else to that. My father, for some reason, took pity on me and taught me to fight at a very young age. I was maybe seven. Mother had to constantly stop him, for he was being harsh. But the more I trained, the more I liked to fight. I became dangerous and was always eager for a challenger, like a bear or mountain lion. Maybe even another wolf pack. But I had no idea why father trained me at such a young age until it was too late when I realized."

          "One day, a dark force had entered the mountains. Father had been gone for a couple of days, so it was up to me to protect my family. But I did not know what was coming. The sky began to turn dark and the animals began to flee. It was something terrible. I was maybe 12 at the time. The dark force had suddenly come to life and formed a giant beast. Similar to the one you saw in your village." Shelia was disturbed at the mention of that.

          "There was no way I could fight this, and I still had my family to protect. But they too were gone. And just when it got to the point where I thought I was going to my mother came quickly to my aid and....flew."

         "My mother was a white wolf with black stripes on her legs and ears. She had transformed back into an angelic figure and flew me away from the force. The beast chased her and shot at her what look like black misty arrows, but she dodged them all. She took me into a cave and left me to stay. She never came back."

        Shelia could clearly hear sadness in his voice. He was not trying to hide it. "Later in the night, when she still had not come back, one of our old family friends came and brought me to his place. He was an Assassin himself, and I suppose mother told him to look after me and to do whatever he wanted to make me stronger. I am sure you have heard of Asteri, who lived close to the Riverton Lake. He was the one that trained me the ways of the Assassin. He was the one that had told me everything about mother and father. Since then, I wanted nothing but revenge against them both, but more specifically, my father. He was the one that summoned the dark force to consume the family." His voice began to transfer from sadness to anger.

          "What happened to your sister and mother?" Shelia asked, but didn't want to make it too personal. Luscas laid his head onto his paws. "My sister, whose name was Analae, was most likely consumed by the forces. If not that, then she is working with father. She was never his favorite, but she was still half angel, have demon. As for my mother, she died trying to kill father himself."

         It all made sense to Shelia now. Why they call him the Devil Wolf is because he was half demon. But what about his angelic side? Doesn't he have one? "So, all I was told, about the beast form and the....scythe. Are all just a fake." She said in sadness. She had surely been lied to all along.

        "Well, I don't know what you have been told. But one thing is certain." Luscas said, then lifted his head and slightly opened his mouth. A dark red mist began to form from his mouth and joined together into the shape of what looked like....a scythe. Shelia shot back and bristled at the weapon. It was not as big as she had thought, but she now remembered the thing he was holding when they had first met. Was this it?

        "You actually think I will use this one you?" He laughed and dropped the scythe, which then disappeared as soon as it hit the ground, dispersing into mist. "This doesn't kill living beings. It kills demons and angels."

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