Short Stories

From living a dream to breaking the laws of physics, these short stories have in mind action, love, death, despair and hope. These realities are at the very least in the same world. I invite you, from the side of the previous story I'm progressing on, read what else was on my mind. many of these stories were from my dreams that were unfinished that I intend to finish right here and now.


3. Luscas-Chapter 3: The Eyes of The Devil

        Sheila quickly opened her eyes after a sudden snap of a twig was heard. Where was she? She looked around, confused, dazed and dizzy. At first, she had forgotten all that had happened previously. What am I doing here? She wondered. Why do I feel so much pain? She could smell the stench of blood and smoke. It was just sunrise, and yet she could not see any smoke. Was there a fire? She followed the stench of blood to her right foreleg. It was wrapped with a huge dark green leaf. She sniffed it and smelled something that was even more disturbing than the smoke. 

      To shake off the dizziness and confusion, Shelia violently shook her heard, tightly shutting her eyes and groaned. After a couple of seconds, she stopped and opened her eyes again. Things were becoming more clear now. She was in a forest filled with Oak and Hickory trees. The ground was rocky and the air was quite chilly. Shelia shivered and got up. Did someone rescue her? She decided to look around. There was still no memory of anything that happened previously, but she does remember a fire. Fire! There was a fire Though it may have happened long ago. The stench of smoke and burned life was faint, but it did happen recently. 

        Shelia walked towards the sound of running water, for her body was quenching of thirst. As soon as she saw the water, her mouth watered. She trotted over to the river and drank to her fullest. The water tasted so good, yet so cold. She also realized that she was hungry. As soon as she was done drinking, she waited for a fish to approach. She new she saw catfish swimming past her earlier, so there was a sign of life.

        It took a while until Shelia noticed a couple of catfish following the stream's path. Waiting for the perfect moment, then she leaped lightfootedly, catching one of the fish before it could escape her grasp. Shelia wagged her tail in relief and trotted back out of the river and into the bank to begin her meal. She felt like she hadn't eaten in days.

         While Shelia ate, she began to refresh her memory. It finally became clear that she was far from her village. She was not in the grassy hunting grounds of her home, nor was this area even familiar to her. Where is her village? And what happened? Did a fire destroy it and someone saved her? These questions flooded her mind, though she was not aware that they were going to be answered right behind her. 

         As soon as Shelia finished her meal, a gentle breeze cooled the air, sending a shiver down her spine. This breeze was odd, though. It seemed to be coming from multiple directions. It's almost as if it were encircling her. She looked around, and saw nothing out of the ordinary. The breeze blew harder to the point where Shelia had to kneel down so leaves wouldn't slap her face. Shelia began to tremble with fear as a low growl came from all directions, echoed among the trees. The growl transitioned to a slow but low breath and the wind became stronger. Is someone doing this? What's going on?

        Suddenly, a loud thud from behind quieted the winds and the growling. A scent took Shelia's attention, but she was too afraid to look behind her. There was someone. Someone powerful to stop the winds and make her too afraid to even breath. Shelia closed her eyes, waiting for something to happen. After a while, no one said or did anything. This could mean that this figure could be harmless. It was still there. For the sake of curiosity, Shelia slowly turned around to see the face of a black wolf. It was a huge male with black fur and a white patch in the middle of his face eyes. The eyes as red as the color of blood and of a snake. He also had a white strip of cloth wrapped around most of his front left leg.

        Shelia froze, looking at him. No one said anything for a while. Shelia couldn't, but what of him? It was hard to tell from his eyes what he was thinking besides killing and death. Then, after a long while, he spoke in a deep voice "Are you afraid?" Even the voice made Shelia not want to reply. This wolf looked strong and yet so slender while Shelia was short, young, and scared. 

        Without a moment's notice, a sharp, short wind struck Shelia, not sending her back but the wolf was suddenly close to her face that she could feel his warm breath. Shelia gasped, taking a step back. How did he do that? He was not even walking. Could have have leaped without her knowing? She looked into his eyes and saw what looked like sorrow. She didn't know how she saw that, but she could somehow feel it just by looking at him. 

        "Are you afraid of me?" He asked again. This was the kind of question where you don't expect an answer. That was good, because Shelia didn't want to answer it. Especially with this strong, stealthy, red-eyed, cloth-wrapped loner. He couldn't be. He can't possibly be. "You must recognize me, don't you?" He said, as if he read her mind. That sounded very uninviting, and Shelia took a few more steps back. She began to breathe deeply. The wolf stayed where he was but kept his gaze.

           Shelia did not know where she found the urge and bravery to ask the one simple question. The question she almost knew the answer to. "W-who....are you?" She asked quietly but enough for him to hear. The wolf blinked and lowered his head, still looking at her. "I think you already know that". He said while slowly taking steps towards Shelia. Shelia backed away while he was closing in, and was stopped short by a tree behind her. As soon as she touched it, she began to bristle and knelt down to show him her place in this situation. 

         "I am all you have been told. Who you have dreamed to meet." He stopped a few feet in front of her. It is him after all. "The legends are true. I am Luscas. Assassin of the North." 

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