Short Stories

From living a dream to breaking the laws of physics, these short stories have in mind action, love, death, despair and hope. These realities are at the very least in the same world. I invite you, from the side of the previous story I'm progressing on, read what else was on my mind. many of these stories were from my dreams that were unfinished that I intend to finish right here and now.


2. Luscas-Chapter 2: The Curious Discovery

        Shelia had always loved hearing about the stories of Luscas. Sometimes, being the daughter of the Alpha can be entertaining. She had to learn about leadership, the ways of ruling the village, and the history of the North. Most of this was boring, but she loved hearing about fantastic stories that seem magical and yet so unreal. The elders had said that Luscas was born from a demon and an angel, yet he only possessed demonic abilities. He also had a for of the beast; an ox-like figure with huge horns and breathed fire that brought destruction. When he roared, an earthquake arose. When he jumped, volcanoes erupted. When someone made him angry, that someone would burst into flames without being touched, along with his family. This figure seemed terrifying, but interesting.

       The elders even said that they had fought him once before. They were trying to protect their village and were the only surviving warriors. That had explained their loss of a leg and burn marks. Did Shelia believe it? Of course she did. Luscas was truly amazing and yet very destructive. She wished that one day, she would get to meet him, only if he weren't dead. The elders said that his body was found, completely burnt, and had brought the cloth he had to prove it.

      For a long time, Shelia had believed that Luscas was dead. That was, until suddenly, an unusual sound was being heard. This booming noise woke Shelia from he sleep. The ground began to shake and the air was beginning to reek of smoke. Shelia ran across the hall from her den and quickly went outside. The citizens began to howl and tremble in fear. She was looking at what they were staring at-smoke. Very black smoke. It was either a village burning or just a forest fire, Everyone had began to flee. "Leave your belongings" they all shouted, "Head to cross the river." Shelia had to wake her father up. He was weak, but she couldn't leave him behind, for he was still Alpha. Her time had not yet come to take his place.

    "FATHER, FATHER!" She yelled as she ran towards her father's den. When she entered, she could see that he was already awake and struggling to get up. His grey fur almost made him unrecognizable, and showed his age. He began to heavily grunt and cough, for the smoke was getting heavy and thick. Shelia helped him get up and carefully escorted him out of his den. Citizens were still running, though one of them stood there, gazing at the sky behind Shelia. She turned around to see a dark shadow covering the land. she began to tremble with fear; something dangerous was coming.

       Shelia quickly urged her father to move forward. Her sight was beginning to blur and the smoke was nearly choking her. Her father quickly realized that, for the same was happening to him too. "It' use." He breathed out. "You...have". He was struggling to breathe. Shelia refused. "No, I'm *cough* not gonna let you go.​" She said while pushing him even further. She was not going to do that. The village needed him, for he had always known what to do, so surly he knew how to handle this.

       Her father slipped from her grip and fell with a hard thud that knocked his breath away. He was truly very weak. "Father!" Shelia tried shoving him back up, but his legs were numb and did not move. He looked sick and his eyes were clouded. He was barley able to speak. "You...have to..."-"NO, I won't leave you, we need you." Shelia interrupted. She knew he wouldn't make it, but she did not want to believe that. He just had to make it. Shelia began to shed tears. He looked at her with a fearful expression. He knew he was going to die. "Shelia....". She had also began to grow weaker. She was barley able to breathe, and the fire must have spread to the village by now. She looked at her father. "I of you." Shelia decided to take this moment to listen to him. She knew he wasn't going to make it.

       "You have done....everything...​wonderfully. you." Shelia's tears began to swell. She touched noses with him. "You...must lead...our villagers...with pride." He must be giving her the position, she figured. " I can't without you." As soon as she finished saying that, a sudden blast of hot air pushed Shelia away from her father. She closed her eyes in fear for a few seconds, then opened them at the sound of loud grunting. Her heart began to beat so fast. She looked ahead of her to see her father lying there, his eyes half closed. behind him, the space began to darken as something was approaching them. Shelia could hardly breath or withstand the heat. She had to run, but her instincts were telling her to help her father. The dark, clouded figure began to come closer, Shelia couldn't make out what it was until it got close enough for her to see horns and fiery eyes. Shelia gasped and jumped up. The first thought that came to mind was to save her father, even if it mean't death. 

      The figure began to slowly get up. She could tell be looking at the body structure that this figure had two legs and arms like a human. She took the chance to race toward her father. She grabbed him by the scruff and began to pull him. "W..wha?" He moaned. She didn't say anything, but kept going with her eyes on the figure. It was still black and clouded, but she could see that it was a giant with two hind legs on fire. Her heart began to pump faster then she could imagine and she began to breath fast. This truly could be the end of both of them. She should have left her father and ran with her village. This was a mistake to help her dying father. Now it was too late.

      Shelia knelt down to her father, her face touching his. "I'm sorry. I love you." She said to him, then ran from him with all the strength she had left. She didn't look at the figure until she heard a roar that shook the ground. She looked up to see the face of the figure looking right at her. It's mouth was wide and fiery along with its eyes. One of its arms was holding with looked like a large fiery club. It raised it and launched it towards her. Shelia gasped and stumbled, eyes tightly shut, front paws covering her face and body scrunched. She was preparing for her death.

     The heat was growing and closing in on her. Just when she imagined herself burning, Shelia heard a faint growl ahead of her. She could feel thudding paws heading towards her. She opened her eyes to see a black wolf what looked like a stick a few feet away from her. She squealed when she thought the wolf was going to collide until it leaped right in front of her and blocked the club. She knew the wolf did that because she saw him. Leaping higher then any other wolf. The stick it was holding began to look more clear after the impact. The monster roared and backed away, facing the lone warrior. The wolf landed and stood in a defense position. It's growl was deep and vicious. 

       Shelia whimpered and slowly stood up. The wolf twitched an ear and faced her. She could see his red glowing eyes looking right into hers. His gaze made her blood run cold. The stick he was holding was no stick, but a scythe. As the stories had said, the Assassin with the white cloth wrapped on his left front leg and red eyes. His left leg was indeed wrapped. Before she said anything, the wolf turned away and ran towards the beast. It roared and raised its club.

       Shelia breathed heavily in surprise. The stories she was told as a pup about the Assassin of the North, his legends and amazing tales. Could the wolf with the scythe, white cloth around his left leg and red eyes that was standing right in front of her, and even saved her.....was Luscas?   


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