Lucas was a boy. This boy was your average 15 year old boy. Now Lucas was just another kid, another background character in the motion picture of someone elses life. Or so he thought.


1. Introduction

Lucas was just your average 15 year old boy, just entering his sophomore year in high school. He wasn't special, but then again none of us really are. He wasn't the best looking kid, Brown shaggy hair, green eyes, and standing at 5'11. He tried his best to just stay in the background, sorta blend in. You would probably understand if you weren't one of the "popular" kids. I'm not saying Lucas was antisocial, oh no no no, he had friends that wasn't the problem. I mean you only need three true friends right? Lucas understood the system. At the top you had the Preppy kids filled with kids that got anything they wanted just by asking their parents, well not everything but c'mon you know what I'm talking about. Then you have that sorta brackish group, home of the "special snowflakes" ,you know the ones, who knows you may even be one yourself, point is these kids sat around drinking Arizona Tea and protecting their flannels at all cost. Then you get to what the higher ups at James Madison Preparatory High School called "the nobodies" these were not in any specific groups, they just stuck to their small circle of friends. Lucas was ok with this, this is due to the fact that big groups made him nervous. Now unlike his other friends Lucas was single. This didn't really bother him much because he didn't like commitment. Besides being in a relationship would take most of his free time, and Lucas honestly didn't know if he was ready for that. This is the story of Lucas O'Brien and his struggles with school, family, friends, and himself. This is the story of Recovery.     

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