Tales of Today | Diversity Competition Entry

After the war, Ivy and Myla couldn't bare to be parted from each other, and so Myla returned with Ivy to her realm. However, moving to a new land may have unforeseen consequences. |Sequel to Tales Of Days Gone By (not currently posted), but can be read on it's own, contains minor spoilers| Entry for the diversity competition|


1. Disclaimer

Just before you read the story, I would like to point out a couple things so we're all on the same page. This story is about two gay women, if you're not okay with that for whatever reason, then don't read the story. That being said homophobia is a big theme in this story, as it explores struggles that these characters have to go through because of their sexuality and our society. If that bothers you then reader discretion is advised, words such as the 'f' word aren't mentioned, but the intent of homophobic characters is expressed. No character's where ever seriously harmed, but it is still present in the story, so I thought I should put a warning.

This story is also a short that takes place after another story I'm currently writing and might also post in this competition if I finish a good portion if it in time. I think I included all that you need to know in order to understand in the story itself, but just in case I didn't here is a brief explanation:

Roughly a year before this story takes place, Ivy was a normal fantasy loving book worm, who wished for nothing more than to go on some jewelry themed quest with Frodo and the gang, or face dragons with some dwarves and maybe even a wizard. However, in a fantasy world, war was brewing and they decide to try a spell guaranteeing they will all be saved. The spell brings Ivy from her world, into Myla's world. Myla, the elven princess and warrior, offers to help Ivy cross the world to bring peace to the kingdoms and they slowly fall in love. After they compete their quest, Myla's father allows Myla to go with Ivy back to her world, with the promise that his daughter will be taken care of. They get an apartment together and a year later, this story takes place.


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