The Cross Offers were am I

if you haven't read the last story go and read it. hi i am a 13 year old boy hose parents die at 5. but thats no inportent what is is that i go to a magiacla land. but seresly go read the other one 1st.


1. were am i

so where were we last o yea! I just went throw the portal but then for some reason, I became a light blue pony with rainbow hair. then I fall out of the portal and slam into a tree. "ou that heart." I say rubbing my head with my hove. "ok where am I?" I say looking around all I see is trees, but they don't look like normal trees they look animated. Then I see a town over in the distant. "I guess I should head offer there." I start walking offer to the town when I see two things flying above me. No they are Pegasus one is light blue and the other is yellow. I finally get to the town and there is a sign that sees it is pony vill. what a fitting name, I think. I walk over to a townsperson or what should I say towns pony and ask "Do you know where there is a public library?" I ask in shame because I don't like reading. but I have to to find out where I am. the pink haired pony finally talks but all she does is gasp and trots away.  that was weird then I see a sign that seas library this way. so I follow it to a big castle that looks like it was made out of crystals.  why the ha is their casal as a library and can you guys hear me?   I knock on the door opened almost mediately. "hello" a violet pony says.  what does she have wings and a horn she's a alicorn! "Hi I am Brogan and you are?" I say pointing to here. "I am Princess twilit sparkle and you are new here." "yes yes I am" "cool come on in the library is on the second floor."



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