The Cross Offers were am I

if you haven't read the last story go and read it. hi i am a 13 year old boy hose parents die at 5. but thats no inportent what is is that i go to a magiacla land. but seresly go read the other one 1st.


2. the begging

by the way, this is from the ponies perspective so enjoy. hi, I am rainbow dash the coolest pony around, Can you get on with it. Ok ok, so it started that morning. me and flutter shy were sent to zuqora who is a zebra. when we see a pony on the ground. "who is that" says flutter shy nerves, "I have no idea. but just in case you will head to twilit and tell here, I will go to Zagora, ok." I say as we still flying to zaqoras. "ok." then she flays away. {yes I know it is you Teren flutter shy.} so when I got to twilights, he made it here first. I went down to the crystal table and sat in my seat and waited. about 2 minutes later. twilight walks in, "o hi flutter shy. what are you doing here?" "I am here to tell you about a pony that was coming but I guess you met him." "well where is rain bow dash!" twilit says 2 hours later. "so I have a question why are we here?" rainbow dash says. "you're here because a new pony is here, and I think he is from the human world." twilit says "what! what evidence do you have that he is a human." rain bow dash yells flying! "he's be looking up how to mack portals with the elements of harmony." twilit says "o"

next chapter coming soon

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