In New York's busy JFK International Airport, Flight Director John K. Daniels, Jr., and his team, make America safe in the modern high-technological world of travelling in America and overseas. But, as they get about their own business, Randall Harold Graham, a trained soldier, decides to plant bombs on a 747 revenge for the death of his young wife who died three years' before on another flight that went wrong.


1. Travelling

October 3, 2008

Randall was hugging his wife, Ami.

"Do you have to go?", she asked him.

"I'm going to London, England for a month. The Middle East situation is beyond control, you know. Sir Davis Hollis is expecting me. I do love you", Randall kissed her. She hugged him back. In her mind, she missed her husband's travel plans, and being away for a long period of time without the children present. Jim, Maisie, and Tania, were all under ten...they were used to their father's job as a soldier for the United States Army. It was something that drained their energy; it was draining on their finances since Randall was paid $250,000 a year, plus health coverage that was under $5,000 dollars. In short, $30,000 didn't pay for inflation, and the news that President Hal Kane, III, was in charge of the White House. Randall stared at the black luggage next to his passport. He shook his head. Ami, who was petite, started to cry. She wore a black dress. Her hazel eyes focused on her own luggage. "Flight American Airways 747 from New York to Toronto, Canada, will be fine. Mom and Dad will take care of the children. They'll pick them up at 3:00 PM. It's Midday now". Randall nodded. He looked at the Rolex watch. "My flight is at six o'clock PM", Randall said.

"Mine is at seven-thirty PM", Ami said. And they checked their luggage, passports, and well as keys. Then they opened the front door, and checked that everything was fine. Then, once both of them knew that the doors and windows were closed, they closed the front door, and headed to the black 2003 van...and headed to JFK International Airport.


Ami stared at the clock on the wall. "We're here!", she said to Randall. "That's good. I hope your flight is well". Ami nodded. "I'll be in Canada soon. Besides, what can go wrong". Randall shivered. In the post-9/11 world, anything could happen. He looked at the groups of passengers getting out of taxis, or cars. He wanted to think that the airport was always busy. "America has Homeland Security. England has MI5, and MI6. Everyone is scared of travelling, Ami. But we won't be the ones who are pushed to the brink of failure. I trust the US Government because elections can be a hassle". Randall shook his head. It was going to cost them a lot of money to be in the airport, but for them, that was the price they'd pay for going overseas. Besides, Ami was going away for a week; Randall for a month. They weren't going to abandon their children. They had planned their trips in advance. Jim was eight; Maisie was seven; and Tania was six. All of them were loved, and that was what mattered. Randall and Ami paid the airport toll, and left the car in 6A. Once they did that, they got out of the car, closed it, and grabbed their luggage in their hands. Then, as both of them headed through the silvery double doors with the other travellers, the clear blue sky was like a portent that wasn't heeded beforehand.


Ami started to think that the trip was an issue. Randall was always level-headed. They'd had married at eighteen; they were together for a decade. It was what they wanted. In their universe, death wasn't on their radar. The house they'd bought for $600,000 was ready to be lived in the hot, June, summer of 2000. And now, with everything in order, they felt richer than others were. And, in the end, the final pieces of the puzzle was put in place when Randall would see his wife for the last time.


The African-American man was scared of failing. He looked deeply worried, as he dragged his luggage with his right hand; he stared at the group of people thinking about their vacation plans. He always thought time was a factor in going to London. England was full of dreams. His own dream was to get away from America, and begin again. The World had changed for the worse...not the better. And, as he begun to remember his wife in Mobile, Alabama, the sense of danger prayed on his mind. In the state he was in, the last thing he knew was of danger that would fuel a crisis at JFK International Airport. He went through the safety checks. It was a nightmare these days. And, after the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks in London, all of Europe was on edge. He saw a pretty woman smiling at him.

"Can I help you, Sir?", she asked him.

"Yes, I'd like to get a flight from New York to Los Angeles, please", he answered her.

"That'll  be $2,549 dollars, plus tax", the female airport worker said. The man nodded. He was eager to get onto the plane, as he watched the other travellers head towards the staff. They produced their passports. Then, as he paid the fare with his VISA card, he knew that the trip would go well.


Randall knew that the trip was going to be short. A month in London was just that: business. He walked towards the restroom. After he washed his hands, and dried them, he headed outside. Ami saw her husband. "I thought you'd be gone", she said. She kissed him. "We'll be together soon", he said. Ami carried her luggage to gate 7E; Randall headed to gate 5A. Once he was sure that Ami was safe, they left each other. Then Randall walked to his seat, as he smiled at the female Flight Attendants. They checked his passport. "You're in 33b, Sir". He nodded. Randall placed his luggage in the upper compartment, then sat down on his seat, and relaxed for the long flight to London, England.


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