In New York's busy JFK International Airport, Flight Director John K. Daniels, Jr., and his team, make America safe in the modern high-technological world of travelling in America and overseas. But, as they get about their own business, Randall Harold Graham, a trained soldier, decides to plant bombs on a 747 revenge for the death of his young wife who died three years' before on another flight that went wrong.


6. Security lapse


​JFK International Airport.

9:00 AM.


​Flight Attendant John K. Daniels, Jr., 45, was thinking that it couldn't be worse. He had a lot of issues to deal with in the course of the day. He knew that the trouble with the 747's were ready to fly from the United States to Europe, Asia, and the United Kingdom, and The Middle East. He sipped his first coffee for the morning, as Anson Devries, the Assistant Flight Attendant, 35, was eager to deal with the thousands and thousands of passengers that were at the airport each day. "I don't think, John, that Silvia knows what to do", he said. "She knows that the meeting is at 10:00 AM, that goes for an hour. I want everyone to know that the way we do things is that there's always time management problems. The weather for example", John said. He opened the door to the office that was to the left; to the right were the gates that led to the planes. He stared at Thomas Kane Parker, the Head of Security. "Is there anything wrong, Thomas?", John asked him. "No, but these days everyone's updating their Facebook pages, and thinking that nothing can go wrong", he answered him. And he laughed.


Melanie Shaffer stared at the clock. The Flights and Departures sign glowed on the screen. She glanced at the old man who was sitting on a grey seat; she saw a woman sneezing, as if she had a bad cold. It was 86 degrees. She looked at the travellers near the Restrooms. After Paul Harding, her ex-boyfriend, had died from pneumonia last winter, going to Montreal, Canada for two weeks was enjoyable. A whole break from the world's issues, was just the medicine she needed since her own life which was in utter chaos. In short, she walked to the gate 3b. She saw the Flight Attendants seeing her valid passports. "Have a nice flight, Miss Shaffer". She nodded, and carried her luggage towards her seat.


The woman was afraid. She knew that a lot of people wouldn't believe her. She knew what it meant to fly in the skies; she wanted to be a Flight Attendant-but she had failed the medical report. In her mind, she knew what she needed to do. She gripped her luggage in her left hand, and headed to gate 8a.


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