In New York's busy JFK International Airport, Flight Director John K. Daniels, Jr., and his team, make America safe in the modern high-technological world of travelling in America and overseas. But, as they get about their own business, Randall Harold Graham, a trained soldier, decides to plant bombs on a 747 revenge for the death of his young wife who died three years' before on another flight that went wrong.


5. London woes


​Heathrow International Airport.

​8:00 AM.


​Rachel Harrison watched the plane land. She saw Randall. She held up a sign for him. Welcome to London​, it said. He stared at her. "Oh, right. Hello, I'm Randall". "Rachel. I read about the attack in Canada that claimed the life of your wife. I'm sorry". He nodded. He dragged his luggage along the ground. Rachel, who was in her early 30's, glanced at the American with a cautious nod. Then she nodded to a black limousine. Randall gasped in surprise since he disembarked from the plane hours' ago.


"It's not your fault she died", Rachel told Randall. He shook his head. A tall driver closed the passenger-side doors; he then opened the driver's-side door. Once all of them put their seat belts on, he closed the door. Then, as Randall breathed easier, he forced himself to smile, as Rachel put himself at ease...just as the driver headed to the glitzy looking Royal London Hotel.


By 9:00 AM, Randall shook his head.

"What are you thinking?", he asked her.

"I know about loss. My mother died of cancer last year. Father left England for Australia. He lives in Melbourne with his new wife. We're not on speaking terms". Randall nodded. "I'm sure that I'll be making sure that the...", he begun to say, before he broke down...and cried. Rachel leaned over and kissed him. Randall blinked his eyes. He knew what was happening.

"Don't go too fast, Rachel", he said.

"I won't", she said.

And, as the limousine driver opened the driver's-side door, Rachel and Randall took their seat belts off. Then both of them closed the door. Then they grabbed their luggage, and walked to the front door. A middle-aged doorman in his 40's, who wore a fancy grey suit, smiled at them. "Welcome to the Royal London Hotel​". Randall nodded. Rachel walked through the door, and headed to the spacious foyer. Once they were inside, porters were carrying luggage to guests' rooms. Randall felt relief. When they reached the Check-In Area, they saw ten people smiling at them.

"We'd like to check-in, please", Rachel said.

"Name", a woman said.

"Rachel Harrison".

"Randall Lowe".

"You're booked in our system. Rooms 442a and 442b are available".

"Thank you", Rachel said.

And Randall nodded.


Randall grabbed his key to Room 442a. He smiled at Rachel, as she got the other key to the other room. Once they flicked the lights on, they placed their luggage inside. When they put their keys on the white shelf, they settled down for the morning.


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