In New York's busy JFK International Airport, Flight Director John K. Daniels, Jr., and his team, make America safe in the modern high-technological world of travelling in America and overseas. But, as they get about their own business, Randall Harold Graham, a trained soldier, decides to plant bombs on a 747 revenge for the death of his young wife who died three years' before on another flight that went wrong.


7. London morning

​London, England.

​9:00 AM.


​Rachel walked towards the spacious restaurant. Randall opened the front door of the Bull's Horns. When he opened the door for her, she smiled.

Then, as they saw a waitress smiling at them, Rachel said: "Excuse me, we'd like a table?". "Table 4 is free". Randall nodded, and he let Rachel walk down the hallway...where both of them sat down, and stared at the menu, before they ordered their meal.


"So, tell me about yourself. What do you do?", Rachel asked him.

"I am a soldier. A failed​ one at that. My Grandfather was in Vietnam. Dad was in the Middle East. I left because of post traumatic stress disorder", Randall answered. Rachel nodded. "It must be tough", she said. Randall nodded. "I met my wife in the summer of 2002. She helped me overcome my rage at the system. She's in Canada now. I'm here in London for a month", he said. Rachel saw a young waitress in her twenties smiling at them. "Is there anything you two like to order?", she asked them. "Yes, some French toast and a medium coffee", Randall said. "I'll have the same", Rachel said. "Excellent choice. If you need anything, let me know". And they nodded, as Randall contemplated the idea that he was cheating on his wife with a woman that he hardly knew in a country that was foreign to him.


"I am sorry about your wife", Rachel said.

"Sorry. I was thinking about the damage that I could inflict on myself. My mental health became a concern. In the end I knew what I wanted to do. I want to believe in the idea that she would move...", Randall begun to say something else when the cable television news was on..."​In breaking news a 747 plane heading to Canada was forced downward by a terrorist. All people, including the crew and captain, died in a burst of flames...​". Rachel gasped in shock, as Randall couldn't think straight. Suddenly the waitress served them their breakfast. "Is there something wrong?".

"Yes, my wife died", Randall stated.

And he shook his head, and cried,


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