In New York's busy JFK International Airport, Flight Director John K. Daniels, Jr., and his team, make America safe in the modern high-technological world of travelling in America and overseas. But, as they get about their own business, Randall Harold Graham, a trained soldier, decides to plant bombs on a 747 revenge for the death of his young wife who died three years' before on another flight that went wrong.


3. Death on board the plane


Ami thought that she was attempting to think that the Canada flight wouldn't be. Suddenly she saw a nervous man shaking his head; she thought the middle-aged passenger wasn't well. "Do you need to see a doctor? You look horrible", she answered him.

"It's my nerves", the man said. He glanced at the glass window. Then he heard the faint ticking of the bomb. Ami heard it. It was something that scared her. And, seconds later, she yelled. As the loud booming sound tore up the plane, Ami knew one thing was certain. Death had come to shatter everyone's lives. In the end, all 4,000 passengers were injured or dead, and the tragedy that had befallen all of them had claimed further lives in the darkness of the plane. 


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