Something There - A Beauty & The Beast Story

Belle thought she was happy. A loving family, an adoring kingdom, what more could the girl who longed for adventure want? But when Belle suddenly falls ill one unexpected night and The Enchantress arrives, Prince Alain finds out his beloved wife is far from happy. Can Belle save her beastly fate and the life of her unborn child before the last petal falls?

Title of Story, Chapters and quote comes from assorted songs and lines from the 2017 production of "Disney's Beauty And The Beast"
AMAZING and absolutely beautiful cover credit goes to @NightShadeCreepyPasa, who has also given me some amazing feedback and support in writing this story! Thank you :)


1. Prologue

 ... And then the handsome prince swung his beautiful bride off her feet, mounting onto thy valiant steed and riding off into the blazing red sunset, living happily ever after. The End. 

The Prince turned to look at his wife, Belle, stretched out asleep on the sofa, holding their infant son Antoine. The mantle clock chimed midnight. The remaining embers in the fireplace had long died, but normally Belle was fully ​engaged in the tellings of Prince Alain's stories, even at this hour. It was she who had encouraged him to start expressing both ideas and emotions in storytelling form, but tonight she seemed...different, fatigued, out of focus, and though concerned, Alain had decided to take little notice from his bride's odd demeanour. He leaned over, kissing Belle on the cheek. "My darling, he whispered softly, I think it is time both you and our children were put to bed."Belle sat up with a start. "Oh, Alain! My love, I didn't intend to...""Hush, ma cherie, you did nothing wrong. It is who should have been paying more attention to my Queen, and clearly you are exhausted. Here. I'll take Antoine. Straight to bed with you."Belle sighed, swung her feet over the sofa, and handed over her son. Alain, with gentle movements, placed the baby Antoine in the bassinet besides his twin sister, Rosalie. They yawned sweetly, gripping each other's fingers before falling asleep simultaneously, so perfect, so peaceful. Smiling lovingly at the two babes, The Prince turned, only to find Belle curled in a fetal position on the floor, wincing in pain. He rushed to her side. "Ma Belle, he cried out, are you all right? Shall I send for a physician?" It took Belle a few moments to sit up and compose herself. "I'm fine, she uttered, short of breath, only I do hope this does not mean another child is coming. It has only been six months since the birth of our twins!" Prince Alain stared at his wife, taken aback by her sudden outburst. To see her so, enthusiastic about not having a child, wasn't like Belle at all. She had been so excited during and after the pregnancy, eager to continue growing a family, and even on draining dutiful days the library was where she took refuge, reading children's tales aloud to her new son and daughter. But lately, with Belle preparing herself to be the new Queen of South France and the date of the coronation fast approaching,  and with two children to look after besides, she had become a new person. Tired. Depressed. Easily Angered. Much like Alain when he had become... a beast.Was Belle's heart no longer loving and content? Was something horrible consuming her inside? This worried Prince Alain, very much so. Should something be done?"Do not worry, my love, I'm sure it shall pass. Come. I'll help you to our chambers. He swept her off her feet and carried her up the stairs, and it was only then could Belle manage a slight smile. When the royal couple had made it safely to their room, Belle collapsed into the bed, falling asleep almost immediately. Prince Alain, however, stayed awake long into the night, getting up to comfort the twins when they cried, and wondering how he could make Belle her beautiful, joyous, adventurous self once again.


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