A Proper Family

What if Peter Pettigrew hadn't escaped? What if, in Harry's third year, Sirius was found innocent? This is the story of what would happen if, starting in his third year, Harry Potter was raised by his godfather.


3. The Visit From Dumbledore

Harry's jaw dropped for the second time that hour. Closing it as quickly as he could, Harry spoke. "Professor! What are you doing here?" Dumbledore's piercing blue eyes looked into Harry's green ones.

"I have just been informed that you have decided to move in with your Godfather. I assume that since this is his house and you are in it, that this information is correct." Dumbledore said calmly.

"Yeah," Harry started. "He offered to take me in, you know, now that he's free." Harry, who was utterly puzzled, tried to look calmer than he felt. Dumbledore smiled slightly, but then his face turned grave. "Harry, this is not your fault at all, it is my own, but I'm afraid there is something I must tell you."

"There is?" Harry asked anxiously.

"Indeed," Dumbledore answered. "I think it is high time I tell you the story of why you must return to your aunt and uncle's house each summer." Harry gulped as Dumbledore began to speak. "When you arrived as a baby on Privet Drive, I evoked a magical protection of you. As long as you could, however grudgingly, call that place "home," you would be protected from Voldemort. At least, until your seventieth birthday." Dumbledore added.

Harry was heartbroken. "Does that mean," he began, "Does that mean I have to go back?" Even Harry could hear the panic in his own voice.

Dumbledore looked down at Harry and answered, "I think... not." Harry let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding. "You see Harry," Dumbledore continued, "The spell will protect you as long as you have a place to call home. I daresay now that you have your godfather and this house, my magic can be transferred to protect you here. I'm safe in assuming that you can call Dragon Street home?

"Absolutely." Harry said urgently. Dumbledore cracked another smile. And then spoke again. "Good. Well that settles that. One more thing Harry," Dumbledore continued. "I wanted to make sure that you know the history of Godric's hollow. It's a rather important place if not to wizarding history, than to your family history." Dumbledore looked at Harry expectantly.

"Errm." Harry said slowly. Dumbledore took that as a no, and began to speak. "Harry, this is the village where you and your parents lived when they were killed by Voldemort." Dumbledore said slowly. Harry gasped, and he felt his stomach drop. "What?" Harry asked Dumbledore astounded. Dumbledore nodded gravely.

"But Sirius never said-"

Dumbledore held up a thin hand. "I'm sure Sirius did not mean to lie to you, Harry. He most likely didn't want you to get upset and ask to return to your aunt and uncle's house."

Harry sat for a moment, pondering this. "Does that mean," he asked shakily, "That my parents are buried here?" Dumbledore nodded. Harry felt like the world was collapsing inward, swallowing him.

When he finally caught his breath, Harry looked up at Dumbledore. "I want you to take me to them." He said firmly. "Please." Harry added quickly. The headmaster looked solemn, but he nodded. "If it is all right with Sirius I would be happy to take you to see your parents' graves." Dumbledore finished quietly. Harry stood, followed Dumbledore out the bedroom door, and slammed it shut behind him.

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