A Proper Family

What if Peter Pettigrew hadn't escaped? What if, in Harry's third year, Sirius was found innocent? This is the story of what would happen if, starting in his third year, Harry Potter was raised by his godfather.


2. The House on Dragon Street

Harry stood on the front porch of number 10 Dragon Street, Godric's Hollow. His new home was large, painted a nice vanilla color with maroon shutters. Sirius wrapped his arm around his godson and said, "Isn't she a beauty?" Harry smiled, picked up his trunk, and turned the doorknob.

The front hallway was narrow but filled with warm sunlight. It led into a large living room that was, except for the fireplace in the corner, completely empty. "Remus and I are going to get some furniture this afternoon. You can come along if you'd like." Sirius said to Harry. Harry nodded vigorously. "Yeah definitely." Harry had never in his life been asked his opinion on something such as furniture.

Harry and Sirius filed back into the hallway. It continued for a few feet, and then it opened into a grand kitchen. Marble countertops and dark wood cabinets stretched across the tiled floor. Harry didn't know much about kitchens, but he knew his Aunt Petunia would be very jealous of this one. Harry strolled over to the fridge, wrenched it open, and found it empty. "Ah, yes." Sirius muttered. "We'll have to go shopping for food as well." He grinned. "I'm very sorry Harry, it's been so long since I've lived on my own.

Once more, the two of them shuffled back into the thin corridor, and this time turned into a room opposite the living room door. It was an extremely tiny bedroom, with a camp bed shoved in the corner, shelves scattered with books and newspapers, and a small pile of clothes. "This is where I'm sleeping I suppose?" Harry said brightly. Sirius looked horrorstruck. "Of course not!" He said hotly. "This room is Remus's, temporarily at least. Honestly, Harry," Sirius chuckled. "Did you think I'd just chuck you in a cupboard?"

Back in the kitchen, Harry noticed a rickety set of stairs in the corner. He gestured to them and asked, "Our rooms are up there then?" Sirius nodded, and then smiled mischeviously. Harry warily climed the narrow staircase, maneuvering his trunk behind him. Sirius followed Harry, holding Hedwig in her cage, and Harry's Firebolt. Harry reached the top of the stairs, and saw three black doors. One, on the left end of the hallway, was the bathroom. The one in the middle was Sirius's, and at the far end of the corridor, was Harry's new bedroom.

Harry stepped into his bedroom, and he could feel his jaw drop. In the center of the room was a king size four poster bed with a brilliant maroon comforter over the top. The pillows had snitches and broomsticks embroidered on them. Harry guessed that this was Mrs. Weasley' handiwork. There was a bookshelf on his left filled with magical storybooks and textbooks and all sorts of knickknacks. But in the far corner of the room, underneath the window, was what Harry was drawn to the most.

It was a small brown shelf, filled entirely by picture frames. These pictures (moving, of course) were all of his parents. There were some from their wedding day, others from their school years, and a few from their first year with Harry. Harry saw himself as a baby, zooming around on a toy broomstick, his father's hand just visible in the background. Harry stared in amazement. "I-" he stuttered, without a clue of what to say. "Don't mention it." Sirius said with a wave of his hand.

Sirius looked around at the walls, giving Harry a moment to wipe his eyes. "Alrighty then, I guess I'll let you unpack." Sirius said cheerfully. Remus should be back from London soon, I think he went to pick up some dinner. Later then." He said as he opened the bedroom door. "Later." Harry said quietly, as he stared at the shelf under the window longingly.

Slowly, but surely, Harry began to unpack his things. He placed his school books, quills, parchment, and other assorted items onto an empty shelf in the bookcase. His clothes he organized in a large dark oak wardrobe next to his bed. He stored the Maurader's Map and his Invisibility cloak in the drawer of the small nightstand. Hedwig's cage found a home on top of the wardrobe, and once Harry opened it, she took off through the open window. Apparently Hedwig was still mad at Harry. Finally, he only had one item left to unpack.

He took the book that Hagrid had given him, the one with photos of his parents, and placed it in the center of the small brown shelf. Smiling down at his waving mum and dad, Harry moved away from the window to sit on the bed. He looked at the wall across from him, and noticed a large Gryffindor banner. Laughing slightly, Harry couldn't help but be pleased that Sirius had furnished Harry's bedroom before anywhere else in the house.

Suddenly, there was a sharp knock. "Come in!" Harry said loudly, and the visitor opened the door. There, in full wizard's robes, a tall pointed hat, and half moon spectacles, was Albus Dumbledore.

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