A Proper Family

What if Peter Pettigrew hadn't escaped? What if, in Harry's third year, Sirius was found innocent? This is the story of what would happen if, starting in his third year, Harry Potter was raised by his godfather.


6. Ron and Hermione's Arrival

Harry was immediately met by a bundle of bushy brown hair. "Harry!" Hermione yelled shrilly, engrossing him in a hug. 


Harry laughed and heard Ron say, "Geez Hermione, let the kid breathe." Hermione backed off, grinning sheepishly. Ron and Harry exchanged an awkward half-hug, and Hermione rolled her eyes. "Boys." she muttered under her breath. 


"Let me get that for you, Hermione." Harry said, gesturing to her trunk, which was sitting by the fireplace. 


"Oh, thank you Harry!" Hermione said cheerfully. "Since I'm staying with you this week and Ron for the rest of the summer I've had to bring all my school things. Mum and Dad are going to Ireland for the rest of the summer  " Hermione added. 


"Brilliant!" Ron said. "They can see where the Ireland national team plays before the Quidditch World Cup begins."


Hermione scoffed. "Ron, my parents are Muggles. They don't even know what Quidditch is, much less where the Ireland team plays. 


Ron shrugged and the three of them filed out of the living room into the kitchen. 


Sirius and Remus were busying.  themselves with making lunch. Sirius had set out a plateful of pastries. "It's wonderful to see you two again." Remus said. "Can I get you anything to drink?" he asked politely. 


Hermione smiled and said hello. "No thank you, professor." Ron shook his head no. "Thafnx." he said thickly, for his mouth was full of pumpkin pasty. Harry and Hermione grinned at each other. 


Harry showed Hermione to her small, neatly made room, then left her to settle in. He and Ron hopped up the narrow staircase, and into Harry's room. 


Ron collapsed on the camp bed and said, "It's going to be brilliant you know. The World Cup. Ireland's going to dominate, I'll tell you that. Well, unless Krum does something outrageous."


"Who's Krum?" Harry asked quickly. 


"Only the greatest seeker in the world!" Ron said awestruck. "He's amazing. Just wait till you see him Harry, you'll learn so much about being a seeker. He's super young too, only eighteen or something." Ron added excitedly. 


Harry felt practically giddy. Not only did he get to play host to his two best friends, but in a week he would be watching the best Quidditch players in the world. This was going to be a very good week indeed. 


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