A Fake Fan's Blog

The blog of a complete and utter fake fan.
Inspired by Diary of a Fake Fan by ImNotObsessedISwear on wattpad.


1. Hello World!!

March 3rd, 2017


Hi everyone!! I'm so happy I made this blog because finally I can tell everyone about all of my favorite bands!!! Like, none of my friends even care (Except for Luna, but can she really call herself a fan, she doesn't even listen to the hit songs the much). So yeah I'm really excited to post and here r my favorite bands:

Panic at the disco

Fallout boy



sleeping and sirens

pierce the black veil (Brides???)

also andy black


1 direction


take me to the horizon

blink one hundred eighty-two (Why does no one spell it out????)

all time low (Jon bellion is literally so hot!)

k those r all my favs (I'm into like way more but you kno XD)

now to hear about me!!!

bc obviously you want to

I'm samantha and i have brown hair but i'm planning on dying it soon because I'm emo, hazel eyes but they change to green sometimes, and I'm really hot. Everyone at my school made so much drama when I became emo and they made fun of me but you know what I'm sick of drama so screw them #nonewfriends

I'm bisexual but i wouldn't date a gurl cuz that's gross

k dats all hope u enjoy my blog plz follow me I'm bullied and I deserve followers like I'm suicidal right now life is so hard

This is me ^

A/N: This is a complete joke, don't worry. Don't be offended, please. This was not based off of any one person and anything that relates to irl was merely coincidental. 



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