another poem with various meanings


1. hieroglyphs


visions of the Devil looking at me

my future's looking risky, someone save me

i'm falling victim to a lusty attitude, how rude

i put all the back stabbers in front of me

so when you stab me you can see my face and maybe feel 

a little pity

i really have things to say that are so profound

i never bite my tongue unless my voice has no sound

i craft these words in a dizzy mind that's actually pretty sound

i saw gold on the horizon and knew that i had arrived

i jumped off the metaphorical space ship 

and used perfumed bricks to build my own pyramids,

and now i'm painting them with my own hieroglyphs 

visions of jealousy creep upon me

i really want to say sorry to my Mama

i won't turn the other cheek for the creeps

i'd rather burn them with my flames

before they knock my wisdom off the fucking mountain peak

she told me to pray for the ignorant

because they wallow in bliss all the time

but i really prefer to be sitting here doing all of this dissing

while i fashion my pyramids with golden hieroglyphs 

versions of myself elude me 

they put me on a pedestal and do musical chairs around me

pull out your guns and light up a molotov

i'll smile at you and say Mazel Tov

i caused a riot until the smoke made me lost

while you tried to figure out all these golden hieroglyphs 

glowing on my pyramids


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