through rainbow lenses

through these lenses, we see others lives...

a poem about my experience with mental health issues and bisexuality.


1. through rainbow lenses

i have seen sadness.

it has poured from my eyes

stained my cheeks

and emptied my heart of meaning.


i have seen things

that aren't really there.

they have haunted me 

hurt me

and stayed by my side for a long time.


i have seen darkness

shut my eyes 

shut the world out

until i 

was all alone


i have seen these things.


i have seen happiness.

white teeth sparkling

dimples in cheeks

smiles never to be forgotten.


i have seen love.

bright pink fingertips reaching out

tracing circles on skin

and whispers in ears 

followed by a blush.


i have seen light

bright blaring light 

showing me, comforting me

'shh, it's okay.

loving anybody you want is okay.'

and i knew that it was.


i have seen these things

through rainbow lenses

i have seen sadness, pain, darkness

happiness, love, light,

through these colours of understanding

red acceptance

orange comfort

yellow joy

green generosity 

blue kindness

indigo trust

violet love

and i have seen 
















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