Minnie Granger and the Family Legacy

Rose Granger-Weasley's daughter Minnie takes on the struggles of home life and Hogwarts life. Through her eyes we learn about her parents breaking up, her grandparents breaking up, her father being remarried, her uncle's death, and her family's legacy.


1. The Talk

Minnie Granger sat on the floor of her bedroom, staring at the wand in her hand. It was long, springy, and dark. It fit nicely in her hand, but it wasn't the fit of the wand that she was worried about. It was the fit of the magic that came with it.

"Minnie? What are you doing?" Rose, Minnie's mother, asked. Minnie looked up at her mom and sighed.

"Nothing. It's not important."

Rose's brow furrowed. "Minerva Granger, you better tell me what's going on before I rip out that bushy strawberry blonde hair of yours."

Minnie laughed and gave in. "I'm just worried whether or not I'll do well at Hogwarts, you see." Minnie admitted sadly. Rose sank to the floor to join her daughter.

"I've got such high expectations," Minnie continued. "First there was Grandma, who was top of her class and probably the brightest witch of her age. Of any age really, Grandma is amazing!" Rose smiled at her daughter's exasperation. Minnie went on, "And then there was you, being just as smart and just as bright. And of course dad is probably the biggest bookworm that ever existed."

Rose laughed and Minnie batted her mother playfully. "It's not funny! Everyone's done so well in school and in life- I mean, look at Great Uncle Harry he defeated the greatest dark lord of all time for goodness sake! And MY grandma helped! AND my grandpa!" Minnie exhaled deeply, incredibly annoyed.

Rose smiled, but her tone was serious. "Minnie, you'll be an amazing witch from the second you walk in the door to Hogwarts. And if you aren't, you'll figure it out. You are a smart, clever, wonderful girl. You will do just fine at Hogwarts. In fact, you'll do better than fine-these will be the best years of your life!" Rose finished, stroking her daughter's hair.

Minnie looked deep into her mother's eyes and voiced a fear she had kept hidden for very long. "What if no one likes me?" Minnie asked quietly. Rose felt crushed. Rose's only daughter was facing the exact same fear that she herself faced all those years ago. "You'll make them like you," Rose answered softly.

"And you'll find friends in the most unlikely places, friends that will last a lifetime! I mean, look at your father. He met his best friend on the Hogwarts Express his first year, and now your Dad and Albus are married!" Minnie chuckled. Rose continued, "But I promise, if you act like yourself, you will make friends at Hogwarts."

Minnie paused. "Thanks, mom." Rose stood up and replied, "No problem Minnie. It's the truth."

As Rose left the room, Minnie spoke. "Mom?" She asked. Rose turned her head. "How long has it been since we visited Uncle Hugo?" Minnie said curiously. An expression unlike any other came over Rose's face. It was a mixture of sadness and joy. "Far too long." Rose responded.

As her mother left the room, Minnie pictured her last visit to her uncle. She was very small, her blonde hair flying behind her has she ran through the graveyard. It had never scared her like it scared other children.

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