Minnie Granger and the Family Legacy

Rose Granger-Weasley's daughter Minnie takes on the struggles of home life and Hogwarts life. Through her eyes we learn about her parents breaking up, her grandparents breaking up, her father being remarried, her uncle's death, and her family's legacy.


2. The Hogwarts Express

A loud horn blared and Minnie coughed out the smoke that filled the air. The scarlet steam engine sat still on the tracks, gleaming letters on the side reading "Hogwarts Express". Minnie smiled but on the inside she felt panicked. The crowd surrounding the platform was making her inner introvert twitch.

"Minnie!" A voice called out through the steam and Minnie was swept up into a hug. When her captor released her, Minnie was looking into the face of her Uncle Albus. "Hi Uncle Al!" Minnie replied cheerfully. Minnie's father, Scorpius, shuffled up shyly behind his husband.

"Hi there baby girl. " Scorpius said with a small smile. Rose noticed Albus seemed to melt just looking at her father. Minnie exchanged hugs with her father and then her mother greeted the two men. "Hey Scorpius," Rose said politely. "And hi Al. Thanks so much for coming, I know Minnie appreciates it." Rose finished pointedly. Minnie started and said loudly, "Yeah, thanks for coming Albus!" The adults laughed at Minnie's late response to her mother's accusing glare. Then, Minnie gasped and raced from her parents and stepdad.

Adelle Lupin was tall and skinny, and easily visible to Minnie through the steam. Adelle had incredibly long, beautiful silvery blonde hair. "Minnie!" Adelle cried, her soft face breaking into a grin. Minnie couldn't help but notice Adelle's perfectly white teeth. Adelle and Minnie had been friends forever, even though Adelle was two years older.

As Minnie's parents caught up with her, so did Adelle's. Teddy Lupin and Victorie Weasley smiled as their daughter broke apart from Minnie. "Victorie!" Rose said cheerfully as the two women hugged. "How've you been?" Minnie's mother addressed the happy couple.

"Well, very well, thank you!" Victorie said happily, holding her husband's hand. Teddy's hair was bright, brilliant purple, except for a small chunk in the back that was bubble gum pink.

"How are you squirt?" Teddy asked, playfully ruffling Albus's hair. Albus groaned and rolled his eyes. Then, the scarlet steam engine emitted a high pitched whistle that made the two families jump. "We better get your things on the train, girls." Rose said quickly. Together, they heaved two trunks, a cat carrier for Adelle's kitten, a large cage with Rose's owl inside, and Adelle's broomstick, a Moonspeed 365, onto the train.

Minnie stepped back on to the platform, panting slightly from all the movement. She went to hug her father and Uncle Al, and notice that Scorpius was slightly weepy. "Don't worry Dad," Minnie reassured. "I'll write to you!" Scorpius nodded and gave Minnie one last hug, then buried his face into Albus's shoulder.

Minnie at last turned to her mother, and Rose puller her daughter in close. "Be brave," Rose whispered so that only Minnie could hear her. "Be yourself and have fun." Minnie nodded, fighting back tears. Of course Minnie was excited, but she'd never been away from her mother before except when it was her dad's turn to watch her.

"Bye everybody!" Adele called airily. Rose then followed her second cousin onto the train. Adele strolled down the corridor, and then reached a cabin full of people. "Do you mind if we sit with my third year friends? I'm sure they'll love you!" Adele added, smiling cheerfully. "You go ahead, Adelle. I'm fine." Minnie lied. And with that, she headed down the corridor to find an empty compartment.

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