Entry for Diversity Competition :)


1. The new girl

When the brunette was told a new girl was here

She felt anxious, something always near

The new girl had a different face

The cause of teasing, a different race

The brunette never noticed, she knew true beauty

The brunette said, “She is no different than me.”

But others, not as understanding as she

But the brunette, she was never free

She seemed fine, but that was before

Before looking into her eyes, and seeing more

The brunette hated the way the new girl was

Treated, because her diversity caused a buzz

The brunette wanted to help, to fight it

But she couldn’t, she was struck, and hit

With an anxiety-plagued mind, a cry

She stared at the new girl and asked, “Why?”

She took the new girl’s hand, different too

The new girl watched her hand, and she knew

They knew each other’s story, the eyes are the window

Little did they know, how their diversity let their relationship grow

Something that would have been viewed as a flaw and bad

Created the most beautiful relationship the brunette had ever had

Flaws are not flaws, and diversity is the thread the holds the melting pot

There are stereotypes, but it is your choice to believe them or not

Diversity is the chain that locks in love and interest, the only way

So, as words float around, I challenge you to make the right choice today

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