If You Can See It


3. The High Lord -

Back during the conception days of our fair and young kingdom , eight men of no nobility nor stature left their home in the kingdom of Florin in search of a place they could start over. These eight men had come together by mistake but their determination and the love they showed for their young wives United them in their efforts. By coincidence all of their wives were about to bare children and they desired for their children to be more then peasants living under a tyrant. Using their diverse skill sets the eight men and their pregnant wives set out across the ocean.

It was a matter of months before they saw land again . All of the passengers on the boat had gone stir crazy during the long voyage they gave up almost all hope I've finding any unclaimed land . After three months aboard the vessel they made port on an island chain . For the first night they stayed on the big island discussing how they would divide up all the lands of their new found kingdom.

Three of the men Robert , James , and Christopher were given the smaller isles two of them would govern over the larger of the two isles (Robert and Christopher ). They named that portion of the kingdom Gardova . James was to govern the smallest part of the kingdom , he and his wife named it after their first born who was born on the voyage over . Austin Tempest Mahon son of James and Alice Mahon . With Gardova and Tempest given out five men remained to make claims on the main land. The main land of the kingdom was to be given the name Devicinq for the division of five . The isle of Devicinq was divided East , North , West and South with a capital City at the heart of the isle . Whoever earned the right to govern the capital city though small would Be crowned ruler of all , the king over nobility .

A test was derived by James Lord of a Tempest , this test was to determine who would be the strongest but also the most fair and honest when in power . The test wasn't perfect and by the end of the third day their were two strong candidates vying for the position . The three who had not been fit for the crown were given. The North , South , and East . To the North was given Issac Renton , who named the area Winthrow and he was given his title of the Lord of Winthrow . To the East was given Steven Mills who named his governing land Alexia after his wife who had just passed in child birth . His twins had survive but his wife had bled out aboard the ship. To the south was given Cameron wells, he called the place LaRona. The West was to be given to the man who wasn't to be King but the kings right man , the tittle High Lord was to be given and he would govern over all others in compliance with the king .

Peter Lowell would not be king for when it came down to the final challenge his wife went into labor and he could not spend a minute away from his wife. So he forfeited his chance and helped his young wife through a difficult labor . The High Lord and his wife named the area to the West Genvola and settle down to raise their son Sam . It was through Sam Lowell’s descendants that brought us to the High Lord of today . Ashton Lowell and his wife Wendy . If your curious who had been the first king ? Well when Peter forfeited his chance Landon Alston Borvekia was Crowned ruler of the isle . He named his kingdom and ruled for the next twenty – six years before passing the throne to his eldest son.

Ashton Lowell considered his governing to be just and righteous , and the people of Genvola respected him . Ashton kept good relations with the current king , but he rarely appeared in court . Though he always fulfilled his duties to the king. He spent most his days among his people and attending to his wife’s needs . He and Wendy had been married for some time now and no matter how much they tried to conceive a child , an heir Wendy had never been able to bring a child through pregnancy . Ashton was approaching 29 years of age when he and his wife decided to use a different garden to Grow their seeds . With little hope they turned to nine families that were financially burdened across the kingdom but showed a good record of health . When the women agreed . They removed both Eggs from Wendy and sperm from Ashton to fertilize the sergeant mothers .

9 months latter four of the woman had successfully given birth to children for the High Lord and his wife . The woman were to care for the children through the breast feeding stage. When the children were old enough to travel , the woman were instructed to send the children home to their parents . Three of the woman did as instructed sending home two sons and one daughter . Ashton held his children close to him loving them whole heartedly . But he had grown angry for one woman had gone back on their deal and had disappeared with his fourth child a daughter into the land of one of the other lords.

It took nearly 13 years for Ashton to track down his daughter as well as a full year of negotiations with the Lord over Tempest . He was given free reign over the woman . He could kill her if he so choose . The woman was after all a kidnaper . He watched his daughter for the next year planning how he would remove her from the home she'd been raised in for the past thirteen years . Ashton sent for his fathers most loyal guard a man nine years his senior , Sir Giles of LaRona. Giles had proven his loyalty to Ashton as well long ago and he loved the man like an older brother . He trusted no one else to bring home his daughter .

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