If You Can See It


2. Sir Giles of LaRona –

The Lord and Lady of LaRona had put in a good word for the Young Alfred Giles . He had just finished his schooling and was ready to apprentice for anyone who would take him . His mother had fallen ill and his father could no longer provide for them as he had thrown out his back helping to build the church that now was so close to competition after eight years. Alfred's father was given compensation for his injuries but it wouldn't get them through the summer . Alfred was desperate for work. So it was a blessing when a summons from the High Lord of Genvola was left on his door step .

Dear Sir Alfred Giles ,

Upon the high regard and word of mouth of the Lord and Lady of LaRona as well as due course of your own actions . I request your loyal service to my house , you will demonstrate your ability to protect and serve as well as to represent my household in all that you do. Your reward will be great and your needs will always be met . Upon arrival you will be shown to your living quarters as well as given a list of your daily responsibilities . Ask for Sir Rowen he's in authority over all staff .

Fond regards , High Lord of Genvola

Alfred Giles departed with haste , taking with him only what was essential . He left a note for his parents but was gone before the first light touched the trees . His horse a young mare name Roni carried him safely and swiftly across grassy plains and up steep rolling hills only stopping on occasion to drink from a stream or eat an apple from a low hanging branch. Her main glistened in the sun as she ran , her mussels moved in away that was much like a dancer , strong and in time with her heart . Roni was loyal to Alfred , she came when he called and struggled on for her master when in the face of battle. Alfred had been 19 when he and his father had been called to the war front . It was how Giles had earned his tittle of Sir and gain the mark upon his cheek . Now at 23 and in a time of peace Alfred Giles mounted his horse and left his home of LaRona for the second time this time not for war but in response to the High Lord’s summons. It was a day and a half ride and just after night fall Alfred stopped to make camp not far from the Walhi river .

He let his horse wonder as he started a fire and made camp. Alfred pulled a small cast iron skillet from his satchel , unwrapped a cut of meat . With a bit of water to keep the meat from going hard he cooked his dinner over the fire. He cut from his loaf of bread two slices . He placed his meat and a slice of goat cheese between the slices before he took a bite . He hated it when Roni watched him eat , she'd lick her lips as though she wanted a taste . He through her some oats and she munch happily before wondering off again.

After he was content from his meal he unrolled his bed role next to the fire , he used his cloak as a blanket and his satchel as a pillow . He lay down starring up at the night sky countless stars shining above him in the night sky . It amazes him that no mater where he went the night sky always remained the same . So even when he missed home he never felt far away. It didn't take long for the day's travels to wear on him , slipping off into a dreamless sleep , Alfred was even closer to his new life .

In the morning Roni returned to the camp site . She waited for her master to stir chewing on the tall grasses as a pre breakfast snack . Sir Giles awoke not long after, having heard his horses hooves as she circled around him. He fed her more oats for the supply he kept in his satchel and packed his few belongings fastening them against Roni’s back . “Good girl, just a half days ride now ! We'll be in Genvola by tonight ,” he Mounted his horse and continued on the road that stretched on for miles and miles before him. They passed through several small villages , he wasn't anyone special but he enjoyed seeing the village children running behind his horse waving two him as if he were a nobleman or a knight , they could not know that he was only the son of a poor carpenter.

Sir Giles arrived at the gates of the High Lord just when the sun was still yet high in the sky . The heat of the afternoon sun left his brow sweaty , dust had plastered its self where ever sweat had begun to form. Alfred pulled up the edge of his tunic to wipe his face he wanted to look presentable. He wanted nothing more then to be presentable to the High Lord, second only unto the king . The High Lord had say over all the land given to the nobles , he facilitated all trade and he was the wealthiest as well as the most powerful man under the king . He spent years as the kings personal advisor. Working for the High Lord would be the greatest honor . The gates opened not long after his arrival , for Sir Rowen had met him at the gates and had given the order for the gates to open. With anticipation Giles followed Rowin through the gates . He was hopeful for his future .

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