If You Can See It


1. New Beginnings

Born of flesh and spirit , aren't we all ? Someone once said the spirit is unbreakable bending and changing for our ultimate survival. I've come to the conclusion their completely mad and like the physical body our spirits can break , be taken and be destroyed. Our spirits carry value like currency, this is why my mother told me never to even joke about selling my soul to the devil. She forgot to mention that my soul or spirit had already been claimed and that my destiny had been written out for me at birth.I didn't know this little fact until my fifteen birthday when a stranger came to our door to collect upon my mother’s debts.

I remember well that fateful day . Mother has sent me out to do my chores collecting the eggs from our chickens , milking the old cow and picking up flour from the miller’s daughter as well as the package of assorted cuts mother had order from the butcher earlier that month. When I came home the smell of cabbage soup and potatoes made my stomach grumble. I hadn't had a bite to eat all day and the evening was fast approaching .

“Smells delicious mama , is father home so we can sit down to eat ?”

“ No , child I'm afraid he won't be home for some time , he's gone out on important business and won't be back for two weeks ,”

“ pa didn't say goodbye when he left this morning , is everything all right ? “

“ don't worry , your Pa has a good head on his shoulders and he's taking care of the things that have come up , don't worry we will survive the coming winter ,”

The cool fall air swept through the crack under the door sending leaves and dirt about our feet . We were use to the intrusion this time of year , as a kid I'd collect the leaves and twist them into a crown to wear on my birthday and pretend I was royal for the day . By my fifteenth birthday I'd long grown out of that and the leaves scattered about our floor crunched under my feet . I'd already swept a pile that morning . We sat down to eat just my mother and I . We are in silence savoring every warm bite and and every spoon full that entered our mouths . We had been struggling financially since the last drought and food was becoming harder to come by. The fact that there were potatoes with tonight's soup meant that mom hadn't forgotten my birthday and her gift to me was a meal that would fill my stomach and ease the aches.

“The meal is wonderful mama, your very reserved tonight , what's on your mind?”

“I'm sorry , so sorry my Carnation ,”

“ mama your worrying me, what have you to be sorrowful about ? , or feel the need to apologize for?”

She didn't answer , the moment passed as soon as there was a knock at our door. My mother stood from her seat to answer the door I remained seated the heavy silence surrounding me.

“Evening Giles , come on in , I fear to mention she is not aware , you may have your hands full trying to complete your duties ,”

“ I'll manage , it's only a three days ride from here to port and a two weeks sea voyage, we'll be met by a carriage once docked , by then she will be well aware,” said the man mama had called Gilles .

Giles was like no other I had seen before . His rugged face featured deep emerald eyes with flecks of gold , a broad chin hidden behind his goatee , a narrow and pale scar just below his eye and above his cheek . His hair came to his shoulders but was plaited so it could easily be hidden in his cloak. His age was indiscernible with The peppering of white specks in his hair . I couldn't tell we're he was from , just that his beautiful olive complexion was far more beautiful than my own . He was like art carved from the elements .

He wore simple gray britches and a blue tunic. The tunic displayed an emblem just under his left shoulder a marking of his employers status. His cloak had two layers one of wool and one of satin, providing both protection as well as style .On his feet he wore boots that stopped at his knees. At his side he had both a sheathed sword and a dagger.

Giles looked directly at me shifting his weight as though he didn't know how to deal with my presence. I figured the best way to break the awkward silence was to introduce my self . “Good evening sir , sit and join us I can make up a plate while my mother speaks with you , I'm Aria daughter of Daren , warm your bones and feed your body,”

I left them alone for only a few minutes when I came back to the table I placed down our last loaf of bread a few slices of cheese and a steaming bowl of cabbage soup before the man. He nodded his thanks and began eating .

“ Aria , take your food into the next room , I must speak alone with our guest ,”

“ Mother dose pa know this man ? I fear his wrath if I were to leave you alone with a stranger,”

“ child , do not make me repeat my self , I gave you instructions now go ,” said Mama

I grabbed my quickly cooling meal and went to the next room shutting the door behind me . The two of them talked in hushed voices for the next hour . I couldn't make out a single word of there conversation. As I strained to listen I began to feel drowsy my eyes and my brain in a battle . Something was not right I'd been wide awake when I'd made the plate of food for our guest but not long after I began to doze off.

When I awoke I was on one of Pa’s carts surrounded by travel supplies , food , and a bag full of my own personal belongings . I wanted to scream but I couldn't find my voice . As Giles would latter explain the reason I was unable to scream was I had been charmed by my mother to only be able to communicate telepathically with Giles until we reached out Mr destination. So here I was the day after my fifteenth birthday unable to speak , taken against my will and on my way to where ever this stranger was from . I had no choice but to do as Giles instructed , because at the moment my life depended on it .

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