If You Can See It


4. Aria -

It was greatly annoying that her voice had been repressed ! Aria sat on the cart staring daggers into the man called Sir Giles . She thought of horrendous things that could happen to him forgetting they were connected telepathically. Giles turned around to look her over before speaking . His voice like gravel cut deep and she felt almost guilty for her thoughts .

“ Girl I mean you no harm , If I did I'd surely lose my head , your father has been searching for you all this time , If you should be mad at anyone it's the woman who falsely claimed to be your mother for the past thirteen years ,”

Her connection with this man told her he wasn't lying. This saddened her to her core , how could she have been misled for so long . Her sadness didn't wash away her fear though , Aria’s life had been turned upside down . In a few weeks she would meet her parents and the idea scared her . What if they couldn't love her because of the person she'd been raised to be , what If she messed up and couldn't do a thing of what was asked of her .

Giles could sense her pain , he reached out to her patting her on the back when he stoped to let his horse drink water . “Cheer up ma’ lady your fathers a great man and your mother is a wise and kind hearted woman , they've desired for you to come home since the day you were born , it took thirteen years to track you down and a year of negotiations to arrange for your homecoming . If that's not love in the form of determination and dedication I don't know what love is ,”

Aria thought a message intended for her guard “Sir Giles must I be mute ? Is there a way for you to remove the charm she placed on me before the end of our journey ?” Aria looked up at him with anticipation in her eyes longing to hear her own voice it hadn't been but a few hours without her voice but she missed the freedom . It's amazing the things you take for granted .

“ I'm sorry miss , I wish I could ! It's less lonely when there is more then one voice , but I can't work magic, were about an hour out from the harbor , the ship will take two weeks during this time of year. The ice has started to form in the bays already so it takes longer to make open water, once we reach Devicinq it's only a day's ride to Genvola ,”Sair Giles

“What's my father like , Sir Giles? “

“ well to answer the question you posed , I'd have to tell you a story about the first time I met your father,”

“ id love to hear it ,” thought Aria

“ I was 23 at the time that would make your father 14 at the time, I had just been delivered a summons to come work for his father. With my own parents struggling to make end meet I happily joined the High Lord’s guard,”

“ your nine years my father's Elder ! Wow ,”

“Hush child ! As I was saying I had recently joined the guard ,as part of our training we were up before done running blitz trail designed and created in the hills just outside the city by General Royce . Within my first months my times gradually improved . After two month the trail no longer felt a challenge so my corporal set up bouts in the early morning with the King’s guard just outside the capital . They were brutal and courageous men having years of training and battle field experience . My first bout I didn't last more then 30 seconds . As I studied my opponents my skill grew as well as my judgment . After three months of getting my butt kicked I finally won my first bout. Word spread fast that I was the only one in Genvola that could best a kingsmen . Your father being the hot head that he was at fourteen challenged me to hand to hand combat. The night before our bout I made up my mind to let the kid have a few good punches for his honor sake , but I would not let him win for my honors sake.

I had just fallen asleep when my master came to my quarters to speak with me . He made mention of his son foolishness , and how he wished for things to have been different , he gave me his blessings to teach his son a lesson . He told me not to hold back. I obeyed , the next morning your father and I spared he lasted longer then I had thought but in the end I walked away with minor bruises while your father had three broken ribs , a bruised jaw , broken nose , and his left leg was swollen and bruised . I still like to think that most of his wounds were self inflicted , but I felt bad for the kid . I made several visits to see him while he was laid up in the infirmary. Each day I'd bring him a new paper creature and I'd fill him in on what was happening around the estate and the local villages. We became fast friends I even promised to train him once he was whole again . Your father was my first student and he learned quickly . It wasn't long after our first bout that I invited him on patrol with me ,”

“ are you telling me that was just the intro to the story you intended to tell ! “ thought Aria

“Do you want to know of your father or not ?”

“ I do !”

“Then hush now let me continue , where was I ? Oh yes ! Patrol , as part of the guard we were assigned different days to patrol the villages, there were two different patrol shifts , two guards for the daylight hours and two for the night time hours, your father had told me on many occasion how he had always been interested to see the villages at night so when my turn came around again for the night shift patrol I invited him to join me, we set out from the gates at 4:30pm to relieve the daytime patrol of their duty , they wished us luck ,happy to be off for sometime . The village was mostly quiet at the start of our shift , the villagers had gone home for supper or were packing up their shops , guest had made their way to the tavern that doubles as an inn . Your father and I did a lap around the village then stopped in at the tavern for a plate and a pint . The inn keepers wife brought us hearty portions to eat and drink , I wondered if your father might lose his senses on the ale , he didn't to my surprise , he confessed to me that he often spent time with the other Lords’ sons most of which were well skilled at drinking and often made it a sport, after our food had settled we made our second trip around the village keeping a vigilant eye on the crowds starting to emerge from their homes to enjoy the nights festivities , most of which were held at the end which help keep trouble to a minimum as it was localized to the areas surrounding the inn .

We sat at the fountain in the center of town watching the coming and going of people to and from the inn . What worries us the most were the stragglers , the young woman unaccompanied because their men sent them home early , it wasn't commonplace but on occasion their were cruel cowardly men that would rob , and rape the woman who walked alone in the village at night . The last case was Sally Groves , a fourteen year old who went to collect her father from the inn but never showed up they found her body the next morning in a shallow creak just outside of the village , her dress had been torn and their were signs that her innocence had been taken from her , once whoever had done this to her was satisfied he beat her to death leaving her body just outside of town. So we were on the alert for anything strange but we were optimistic the night would come and go smoothly.

It was our sixth time around the village when we first heard the cry for help . We ran fast rounding the street corners , following the sound . Before us stood a young girl and a tall figure cloaked in all black, he'd been pulling at her cloths , her hair anything he could grab to pull her closer into him. She struggled in his arms screaming for him to let her go . Your father and I drew our swords bracing our selves for attack . We ordered for the man to release the girl , when he didn't listen we charged him our blows were precise in order to avoid hurting the young girl , the man's grip on her loosened and your father pulled her to safety . I continued my attack on the man until I could secure him with shackles . When the girl was secure your father came back to help me together we pinned the cloak man to the ground and forced his hands behind his back shackling his wrist into place . Your father carried the girl back to the estate for medical observation and I led the perpetrator to the gates for holding . The girl recovered in a matter of days and your father made constant visits to her in the infirmary . The girl was only three years younger than your father and he took a quick liking to her . They became fast friends . When the girl turned 16 your father asked her father for her hand in marriage and they were married in a Matter of months . If your father hadn't been with me that night on patrol he would have never met his wife , your mother , if he hadn't been their idk if I would have been able to save her by my self or seek justice against her perpetrator ,”

“Your Story Sir Giles should be Called How I Met Your Mother ,”

“Maybe so but it still says a lot about your father's character ,”

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