Cookie Dough |Prinxiety|

Princey(Roman) x Anxiety [Thomas Sanders Emotions]
A bunch of one shots because i'm a piece of trash.


1. Cookie Dough

"Oh Virgil!" Roman called as he strode into the kitchen, "What's that you're making?"

Virgil turned to him, always apathetic face shadowed by the hood of his gray sweatshirt. His eyes narrowed at Roman's overly enthusiastic expression.

"What's it to you?" He replied cautiously. 

Knowing his boyfriend, he would be making a grab for whatever he was baking.

"Oh, come on, just tell me what you've got there!" Roman insisted, fluttering his eyelashes and grinning his more than difficult to resist grin. 

Virgil sighed, trying his hardest not to be persuaded by the handsome boy trying desperately to look flattering in front of him. But try he might, the hooded boy finally gave in. 

"I'm making cookies for Thomas' holiday party, alright?"

Roman's eyes immediately lit up, to Virgil's detestation(But what was he expecting?).

"Cookies, did you say?" 

"Yep," He drawled.

Roman took an excited step closer, entrancing Virgil in his best smolder, which he covertly was in love with.

"And would those cookies happen to be in the form of cookie dough, by any chance?"


Virgil sighed roughly, forcing his eyes away from Roman's entrancing brown ones, "And no, you may not have any."

Roman frowned. 

"Now, I'm going to set the timer, don't you try anything," He warned.

"Or what?" Roman countered.

Virgil shot him a glare before turning to set the timer without saying anything.

Roman crept closer to the bowl of cookie dough, careful to keep his footsteps as quiet as possible. He only wanted a little, maybe just a bit off the spoon...

He glanced at Virgil, who's back was turned to him. He hastily made a grab for the spoon, only to find he didn't have a good grip on it. It made a soft clattering against the bowl. Virgil spun around at the noise.

"Roman!" He scolded.

Roman quickly jumped away from the bowl, shoving his hands behind his back and puffing out his chest, hoping to seem as innocent as possible, although he wasn't doing a very good job of it(Not to mention that Virgil had already seen him).

"You can't have any!" Virgil stated angrily.

"But why?" 

"Because, Princey" Virgil sneered, "These aren't for you."

Roman gave him a puppy like pout, which he responded to with a roll of his eyes. 

"The answer is no."

"But I'm starving," Roman begged, placing his hands on the counter and leaning back on them in a dramatic way, "I need something to eat, something sweet, or I shall simply crumble to a handsome pile of ash and dust!"

He threw his head back.

"Oh the agony!"

Virgil looked on wry and slack jawed.

"Are you done?"

"Pretty much," Roman said with a shrug. 

Virgil let himself smirk, approaching his boyfriend, who looked up at him with sad eyes, resembling total defeat and mock depression. 

"You're to cute to stay mad at," The hooded boy chuckled, sliding his arms around Roman's waist. 

Roman grinned, setting his arms around the back of Virgil's neck. 

"Am I now?"

Virgil sniggered.

Roman looked up suddenly and Virgil followed his gaze. 

"Oh, look, mistletoe."

"Did you put that there?" Virgil asked.

Roman looked amused. 


"You big doofus," Virgil muttered, and their lips met. 

The collision was soft and Virgil's chapped lips fit perfectly into Roman's full ones. 

It wasn't long before Roman pulled away with a grin.

"Why do you taste like cookie dough? Don't tell me you've been eating it all this time?"

Virgil covered his mouth with his sleeve to suppress a laugh.


"Probably," He replied, just as the timer went off.





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