Pokemon Red and Blue

Pokemon Red and Blue will not be like the series Origins or the games nor the Manga this story tells the tale of Red,Blue and Green on their adventures


1. Chapter 1 Red

(A big flash of light appears and shows 20 games with variety starting with Ultrasun and Ultramoon next Sun and Moon then X and Y then Black2 and White2 then Black and White then Platinium,Diamond and Pearl then Emerald,Ruby and Sapphiere then Crystal,Gold and Silver finally Red and Blue and Yellow then the journey starts..)

Announcer: Ohh thats a great Poison sting from Nidorino that hits Gengar critically

Red: Yeah go get em Nidorino

Mom: Red come down here

Red: Yeah mom

(Red runs down to his mother)

Red: Mom what

Mom: It's Prof.Oak he says....

Red: Nah i'm not gonna help that old bag

Mom: But he says he's gonna give you a Pokemon

(Red's stopped and ran up he zipped his shoes,wore his jacket and put on his cap and deposited a Potion from his PC)

Red: Right bye Mom

(He kissed his Mom in the cheek)

Mom: Bye Honey

Red: Finnaly i'm gonna get my Starter Pokemon!

(He runs to the lab and sees that Prof.Oak is'nt there)

Red: Oh where's the Professor

(He then sees his rival/friend Blue)

Red: Let me ask Blue.Hey Blue did you see the Professor

Blue: Red huh! So he asked you too

Red: Yeah! He said he's gonna give me a Pokemon

Blue: That's what he said to me!

Red: Well I better find him bye Blue

Blue: OK Red

(Red goes outside and finds the Oak residential see there are 2 houses in his town the peaceful Pallet Town he knows his house is the one on the right so he goes to the left)

Red: OK so this is Prof.Oak's house

(He peeks through the window and only sees one of Blue's sibling Daisy but no sign of the Professor)

Red: Aw man well I should look at the patch of grass

(He runs to Route 1 then suddenly)

Red: Ahhhhh it's a Pidgey

(Someone then throws a Pokeball but it hits directly to Red's face)

???: Sorry Red I did'nt see you clearly

Red: Professor!

Oak: Yes! It is me

Red: Are you really giving us a Pokemon?

Oak: Yes Red Let's now go to my Lab

(Red and Oak rush to the Lab)

Blue: Finally Red you found gramps

Red: Yeah!

Oak: Come Red

(There are three Pokeballs with different colors)

Oak: Pick your starter from these three

Charmander the Fire Pokemon

Squirtle the Water Pokemon

Bulbasaur the Grass Pokemon

Red: Hmmmm Ok I choose Charmander

(Red throws the Pokeball and reveals an Orange Lizard with a flaming tail)

Red: It's my Pokemon

Charmander: Rawwwr

Blue: Then I choose You

(Blue throws the Pokeball and reveals a Blue Turtle)

Blue: Yes my Pokemon

Squirtle: Squirt

???: Wait

(A mysterious girl with brown hair runs to the lab)

???: Hi sir i'm Green

Oak: Green huh hmm! Well you're just in time there's still one last Pokeball there that you can choose

Green: Yes my very own Pokemon

(Green throws the Pokeball and reveals a Blue-Green Frog with a bulb on it's back)

Green: Finally my Pokemon

Bulbasaur: Bulbaa!

Oak: Red,Blue and Green here is my task for you three.This is my invention the Pokedex it automatically records all your data on Pokemon

Red: Wow

Blue: Amazing

Green: Awesome

Oak: My task is for you three to complete the Pokedex first Record your Starters

(Red types the name Charmander then starts scanning for one then it automatically scanned Charmander's Data.

Red: Science is so amazing

Oak: Well run along you three

Red and Blue and Green: OK Professor

To be continued.....

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