What if?

What would of happened if Hermione didn't end up with Ron and instead ended up with Draco. What struggles would them and there children have to overcome. Will Rose like Hogwarts or will everything be a massive mistake. Find out in this story.


2. Chapter 2

Rose's POV

I woke up with the sun streaming through the curtains in my bedroom. I checked my phone for the time, 9am. Today is the day, my whole life is about to change. "Morning" my mum chirped as she walked into the room throwing open my curtains.

"morning mum, how are you feeling today?" Knowing she was very tired yesterday. "Good thank you sweetheart, how are you? You excited?" She smiled at me and came to sit on my bed. " I'm ok, a bit nervous, but ok." Hermione stood up and went to the door. "Well I'm glad your ok, now go get ready and come down for breakfast" she left the room. "Ok mum" I called after her.

I walked to my bathroom to have a shower and I let the hot water run down my back and through my wet blonde hair. Once I had finished I get out and brushed my hair through and left it to hang at my natural curls, bouncing on my shoulders. I went into my room and pulled on a jumper and jeans from my draw making sure I don't take the jeans with the holes in. I slipped them on and went and checked I had everything in my trunk. "Clothes, books, quills, ink and underwear, that's everything" I said to myself. Slowly I crept down the stairs and into the kitchen. Scorpius was sat in his high chair and mum was feeding him baby food from a tin. There was a stack of pancakes on the table, drizzling with golden syrup. "I though you might want a treat today" dad said from over the other side of the kitchen. "Thanks dad" I said with a mouth full of food. "Are you sure you have everything?" Mum asked me. "Yeah, just need to charge my phone. It will only take ten minutes" I told her. "Ok, good girl" she answered putting another spoonful of food in scorpius' mouth. "I don't see why you need that phone thing anyway, why don't you just use an owl?" Dad said coming over to sit next to me. "Because you can sent a message in seconds, anyway everyone at my old school had one." I said taking a gulp of orange juice. He looked at me and smiled "ok."

Authors note: Sorry again for another short chapter. I promise to make it longer next time.

Emily xxx

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