What if?

What would of happened if Hermione didn't end up with Ron and instead ended up with Draco. What struggles would them and there children have to overcome. Will Rose like Hogwarts or will everything be a massive mistake. Find out in this story.


1. Chapter 1

Draco's POV

She looks beautiful when she's asleep, so peaceful. One strand of hair falls in front of her eyes and I quickly brush it away. I don't want her to wake up. I place a soft kiss on her forehead and turn to face the other way when I suddenly hear a scream coming from the next room. On no scorpius is awake again, we just got him to go to sleep. Hermione's eyes flutter open slowly, she was obviously still tired. "Don't worry I will go this time" I told her. "Thanks Draco" she whispered in my ear and fell instantly back to sleep. I followed the screams into the babies room and peered over the side of the cot to see two beautiful blue eyes starring back at me. "Are you hungry?" I asked him. He stoped crying and looked up at me. "I'm guessing that's a yes" I laughed to myself. Picking scorpius up in one hand and a bottle in the other I wondered down stairs to the kitchen where I found a worried looking Rose sat at the table. "What are you doing up this late" I ask her, boiling the kettle for the babies milk. " I don't know, I couldn't sleep" Rose replies looking down at her glass of milk. " Is this all about tomorrow?" I looked at her waiting for a reply but all she could do was nod her head. " don't worry, you'll be fine" I told her. " but what if I get put in the wrong house or if I don't make any friends" she was on the verge of crying now. I put scorpius in his high chair and hugged her tight. "There is no need to be worried because whatever house you get put in will be fine with me and your mum. Anyway you already have a couple of friends because your cousins go to the same school, I'm sure James and Albus will be friends with you" I explained "yeah I guess so" she murmured. " now go up to bed we have to be up early, we don't want to miss the train" I picked up scorpius and gave him his bottle. " night dad, love you" Rose smiled her beautiful big smile. " love you too sweetheart" I kissed her on the head and she ran back up the stairs. "come on scorpius let's take you back to bed shall we" I picked him up and cradled him in my arms as we walk up the stairs of Malfoy Manor.

Authors note: Sorry for the short chapter just trying to get things started. Please tell me if I've made any spelling or punctuation mistakes anywhere. Hope you enjoy the rest off the story.

Emily xxx

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