The Blood Knights

Jayden, a 16 year old lonely, orphaned, and socially awkward boy is finally being adopted. But things turn for the worse when his adoptive parents turn out to be more than "happy " to find him. Fortunately, two mysterious beings dressed in red armor come to aid him at the last second.


1. Running "Home"

I ran home crying, hoping for my parents to have open arms to let out all my sorrows and fears of the world. I hope my mother would have already taken the cookies out of the oven. I hope that my father would be sitting in his recliner, reading books about Greek mythology and telling me about them. Instead, when I busted through the door, there was no one there except two young boys that I absolutely feared the most.. There stood, Zackery and Denice along with their slaves behind them.      

“Where you goin, freak?” Zack asked in a sinister chuckle.

Zack and Denice, who are both 16,  are the oldest kids in the orphanage. They usually pick on the kids younger than them. I’m their favorite out of the hundred kids that are abandoned here.

       “Just going to my room, can you please leave me alone today.” I asked Zackery as I try to pass them by.

       Denice snatches my hand as soon as I pass by them, “Let us see your eyes first, then we will let you go.” he demanded.

       “No, I’m really tired, can you please let me go?” I say as I try to wiggle my hand loose.

    “Oh come on, I’ve already been paid by tons of people on the internet to see your true form.” Zackery complained as he pulled out his cellphone.

    “No, I don’t even know how to control it, plus you can’t just make forcefully record someone.” I said.

    “Watch us” Said Zack.

Denice grip tightened and started to drag me toward the bathroom.

    “No, stop, let go of me!” I yelled.

My serious demands slowly turned into desperate pleas as we inched towards the bathroom.

    “Yo, Denice, grab a bucket just in case.” Zack ordered his partner.

Denice ran into the janitor’s closet and came back out with a rusty old bucket. We barge into the bathroom, Zack held me down to the ground as Denice filled the bucket with water.

    “Ya done?” Zack asked.

    “Ya, just a minute.” Denice replied as he took down his shorts and took a little piss in the bucket.

    “Ah, that's better, ok find one with some ‘traffic’.” Denice asked Zack.

Zack nodded with a creepy grin and switched places with Denice. The slaves were all piled up at the door just watching, not even moving a finger. Some had their cell phones out to record the show. Then I heard a stall door open at the last few stalls. A greasy obese kid came out of the open  stall while holding his stomach.

    “Bingo” Zack chuckled.

“Sorry to break it to ya Jay, but this is going to be a shitty time for ya, literally” Denice chuckled as he sprang me up and pushed me towards the stall with his elbow to my back.

The stench was getting stronger as we crept closer to the stall. I felt weak and sore to the stomach, I thought I was going to pass out from the strong odor. Denice and Zack had their long sleeves against the noses to relieve some of the stench as we entered the stall. The toilet was so disgusting that I thought I just jumped into a horror film. Inside the bowl of the toilet was the most liquidly crap I’ve ever saw.

    “Time to dive in, Jay.” Denice said with a evil laugh.

Denice then forced my head into the toilet. I used all my strength to keep my face at least 3 inches away from the lid. As soon as I thought everything couldn't have gotten worse, Zack joined in. Both their strength was too much for me to hold, so I braced for the worst.

    “No, N-no, stop it!” I Pleaded.

​    "​I said, stop!" I yelled once more.

Then suddenly, everything went white for a moment, than the white flash turned into a blood  red color.

    “Ha, he’s turning, hurry, Denice get the camera!” I heard Zack.

I felt a tingling sensation around my eyes as if my eyes were numb and on fire at the same time, I felt no pain. Then my hair started to tingle also, it felt like as if something was grooming my hair. Then I could see again, but everything now was shaded with red.

Zack's grip still held me down but his hold was getting weaker. I soon took the opportunity to fight back by spinning around and grabbing Zack’s neck.

     "You think your punk ass can hurt me?" Zack said confidently.

A  surge of energy went through my body, it gave me enough strength to lift Zack of the ground. He quickly grabbed a hold of my arm to keep his weight from choking him.

​      "Ugh, w-when I get out of t-this you're d-dead, fuck face!" He managed to cough out.

​I squeezed his neck tighter as he tried to struggle out of my grasp. Zack started to gag and wheeze, his attempts to escape grew weaker by the second.

​      "Stop it, your going to kill him!" Denise yelled across the room.

​Zack's eyes started to slowly go under his eyelids as if he were possessed.

​      "P-please, l-let me g-go." Zack whimpered.

​Before Zack could pass out, Denise tackled me from the side. It didn't hurt me, but it was enough to stun me for a few seconds. I threw Zack's miserable snob ass across the bathroom, he landed on top of the sinks, destroying three of them. As I got rid of Zack, I turned around to Denise. I could sense fear coming from him, his limbs started to shake. As  Denise ran towards me in a second attempt to tackle me, I felt another surge of energy come through me. As soon as the energy swelled up within me, I let it all out. A ball of fire surrounded me which caught Denise's face on fire. Denise Screamed in agony as he tried to put out the flames on his face. I walked towards Denise to finish him off, but as I was getting there, The mirror next to me caught my attention. The reflection horrified me, my reflection horrified me. The mirror depicted me with silver hair and soft pale skin, but what horrified me the most, was my blood red pupils. It stared right back at me with a face full of hatred and anger. I turned to see the other children watching me, horrified with their faces filled to the brim with terror.

       "M-monster!" Denise screamed as he covered his face with his long sleeves.

      "​He's the devil!" A kid from the crowd that was watching from the bathroom doorway yelled.

​Then, suddenly, I felt energy from my body start to drain. My hair started to tingle again and everything turned back to it's normal color again. I felt weak, my whole body was shutting down, starting from my arms, then my legs, and then my consciousness.


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